Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 7

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Tina’s Sweetheart

I haven’t slept with Tina since the day of my rebirth.

Although it was not a big deal considering “I’m” a little child, within me resides the reborn soul of a 17-year-old guy, so naturally, I’m not comfortable.

Ah, it’s not like I can do anything with that 5-year-old body.

Now, I remember Tina’s lonely expression when I told her I wouldn’t sleep with her starting that night.

“You did say ‘anything’, right?

“Y, yeah, but are you really fine with just that?”

“Yes! If you can also permit me to hold you, then I’d be really happy.”

“…I don’t really mind.”

“Thank you very much!”

Tina suddenly squeezed me.

Wait, right now!?

I tried to push her away, but I noticed her body was shaking, so I stopped.

“I… I was so scared.”

“I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…”

I patted her head coz I thought it might calm her down. She stopped trembling after a while.

Tina released me.

“Sigh… I’m perfectly recharged, thanks to Halt-sama.”

“Then that’s good.”

“So, we’ll start tonight?”

“Will we?”

“Yes. Not only for tonight! From now on, it will be for always!”


“…I almost died because of Halt-sama’s magic, and my one and only treasure was also destroyed.”

“I, I got it already! I’ll sleep with you! Well, you can hug me too.”

“Thank you so much, fufufu.”

This might be the first time I saw Tina this happy.

What’s so good about sleeping with me?

Maybe, she’s comfortable using me as a pillow?

Ah, well, as long as she cheers up, anything’s fine.

“Tina, I have to apologize to Father immediately because of what happened to the wall—and, well—other stuff.”

“I agree. It would be good if you do that. Of course, I will accompany you to the Count.”

“Yeah, please.”


After that, I filed a report to the academy, and we returned to the Count’s mansion.

Because no harm was done toward the people with the added fact that I’m a Count’s son, the academy was quite lenient—I didn’t even receive a warning.

However, I was requested to prepare countermeasures from now on, as well as repair the damaged training hall, so I need to report and apologize to Father.

I totally didn’t expect I’d be going home within just two days of admission.


When I met with Father, I told him the ins-and-outs of the incident with my head deeply bowed. Father forgave me immediately. On the contrary, he even praised my growth. He did warn me to be careful with how I deal with my magic and to always be careful not to hurt the people around me or damage my surroundings.

Father then bowed to Tina.

He apologized profusely for how his son, I, exposed her to danger. He also wanted to reward Tina for saving the academy central from my magic attack.

Tina declined, saying she already received her reward. I caught her glancing at me as she said that.

I nodded my head, signaling ‘I know’. Tina smiled while brimming with satisfaction.


We returned to my mansion inside the Ifrus Academy of Magic. 

It normally takes approximately 3 hours when riding a carriage from the Count’s Mansion to the academy. Thanks to Tina’s flight magic, it only took us less than two hours since the time I met with Father until I reached the academy.

Father assured me he’d do something about the damaged training hall. He told us to stay for the night, but Tina said she has something to do in the academy, so here we are.

“What were you supposed to do?”

“Of course, it’s sleeping together with Halt-sama! There are a separate maid‘s quarters back in the Count’s mansion, so we can’t relax together with only the two of us there.”

We already finished taking a bath separately and prepping to sleep, so Tina and I lay down on the bed together.

“Why does Tina serve me?”

It was something that I really wanted to ask ever since a long time ago. Based on Tina’s ability, it wouldn’t be past her to attend to the Kingdom.

Father also has riches and power, but it was not enough to employ Tina. Not only that, Tina was being pressured to join the Kingdom’s Public Service, but she declined.

The current era doesn’t have Heroes summoned from the other worlds, and Tina possesses powers equivalent to that of a Hero, so the nation can’t freely manipulate her.

That same Tina currently attends to me as my personal maid.

I thought it was maybe because Tina was really fond of me.

“Is this asking me why I love Halt-sama? Well, I tell the story, but it would be late for bedtime, is that okay?”

“…Love… Thank you. I also like Tina very much.”

My face heated up unconsciously when Tina said that.

“Fufufu, thank you very much.”

“So it’s okay if we sleep a little later tonight, I want to hear Tina’s tale.”

“Understood. You already know the part about how the Heroes summoned from another world, and I defeated the Demon King in the past, right?”

“Yeah, I read it in a book, and we heard a bit about it from Leaffa.”

“Well, I felt a little embarrassed when Leaffa recounted my demon subjugation record, but what she said is relatively true.”

“Is that so…”

Yeah, that’s right, not everything in that story was how it really was.

Well, isn’t it impossible to defeat the Flame Dragon just by body-strengthening magic, without any weapon?

“Ah, by the way, the only correct piece of information in Leaffa’s story is the one about the Flame Dragon Subjugation.”

“Re, really…”

So that (Flame Dragon Subjugation) is true!?

“Ah, but even I can’t blast off the Ghost King with only my fists’ force.”

If you can do that, then you’re completely a MONSTER.

“So, let’s go back to the story. The truth is… I liked one of the Heroes.”

In the previous summoning, five people from another world came here and became the so-called Heroes.

Tina fell in love with one of them.

“That Hero wasn’t the central figure among them, but whenever the news of a village or a city being attacked by demons and monsters came, he was the first to respond.”

Summoned Heroes can return to their own world after they defeat the Demon King. It was a contract formed between this world and their world, and the Creation God supposedly gathers Heroes quite frequently.

So even if they are Heroes, they are not obligated to save countries and towns. They can ignore the suffering of the people in this world since, just by conquering the Demon King, they already achieved their purpose.

“I was encouraged every time I saw him facing the great armies of demons all by himself. He may not be the one that subjugated the Demon King, but I believe he is a true hero.”

I remember the picture book I read from long ago. The Hero who defeated the Demon King was depicted as powerful.

However, that Hero hardly appeared in the story unless the enemy was very powerful, and when his comrades were in a desperate situation.

The one who saved the cities and towns and earned the people’s gratitude was somebody else.

Probably, that person is the true hero in the eyes of Tina.

“We had many chances to spend time together. Without noticing when it began, I started to yearn for him.”


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