Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Information Disclosure

After lying for a bit I checked my status.

“I really did max out…”

I had boosted myself up to Lv 99 but considering the size of the monster I had just defeated it was only natural.

Great Sage Lv99

HP 2422/2422 2571/2571

MP ∞/∞

Strength 1182 1232

Defense 748 799

Magic Defense 1103 1205

Agility 1409 1460

Dexterity 1520 1570

Wisdom 2027 2176

Luck 921 1072

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS Title: Magician King

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank B

Mapping Rank C

Magic Library Rank D

Swordsmanship Rank C

Martial Arts Rank D

Forging Rank C

Dismantle Rank C

Plunder Rank D

Archery Rank B

Tame Rank SSS Title: Monster Overlord

Alchemy Rank D

Archive Rank F D

Magic Acquired: Thought Acceleration (I) x 2 SP Increase (I) x 1

My status went up around 700-800 in total… And the magic I acquired this time was Thought Acceleration and SP Increase… I was mostly as I had imagined… the problem was…

That I didn’t really understand the Archive Class Skill… I looked at my hands and started chanting ‘archive’ inside my head.

If this didn’t work then I’d be out of options. I had no other ideas on what to do with it after all… While those things were circulating in my head, in front of my hands a screen made of light appeared.

It was way bigger than the list that appears when I use Tame!

On top of the screen there was a projection of the world map. And there was something written on top of a number of countries… When I tried to get a better look…

Canada Rank B                                   America Rank S

Bolivia Rank C                                    Greenland Rank D

Russia Rank A                                     China Rank A

Japan Rank B                                      India Rank C

Georgia Rank D                                  France Rank A

England Rank S                                  Libya Rank D

Andorra Rank C                                Australia Rank B

Antarctic Rank ■■■

Several of the countries had Ranks associated to them. And some of them were displayed in grey. For example America and Japan were both in covered in grey. And those were the two places where I had destroyed the monsters… And Georgia as well. As far I remembered the Boss monster in Georgia was defeated as well, so that must mean…

“It’s a map showing the distribution of the monsters! On top of that it shows their difficulty, which is measured by these ranks.”

America and England’s Ranks were S… It was pretty accurate considering that both of them were known as the countries with the strongest monsters. So this map shouldn’t be wrong…

‘So I guess the Archive skill gives me information and updates about the situation of the world…?’

I also noticed that Andorra was covered in grey as well.

‘Andorra… I think it was in Africa right… Did someone defeat the boss monster there? And also what’s wrong with the Antarctic’s Rank…”

From now on this would definitely come in handy when choosing which country I would go to next. Just when I thinking of going back to Japan for a bit I remembered something.

‘Now that I think about it, when I killed The Immortal King, his core dropped didn’t it… This time I used Tame so there might not be anything but still…’

In the place where I had fought with Titan there was an enormous crater that had formed. When I got closer to it I could see that there was in fact something there.

“It’s really here…!”

I picked up the core and tried appraising it.

<Armor of Sin> SSR

Protects the wearer against magic attacks

‘Oooo… So it’s because of this that my magic didn’t work on him. It appears it raises it’s wearer’s Magic Defense by 5 times.’

I took out a wet tissue, wiped the candy like core and ate it. My complete status currently looked like this…

Great Sage Lv99

HP 2571/2571

MP ∞/∞

Strength 14,168

Defense 7,191

Magic Defense 12,050

Agility 3358

Dexterity 3297

Wisdom 3916

Luck 225,120

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS Title: Magician King

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank B

Mapping Rank C

Magic Library Rank D

Swordsmanship Rank C

Martial Arts Rank D

Forging Rank C

Dismantle Rank C

Plunder Rank D

Archery Rank B

Tame Rank SSS Title: Monster Overlord

Alchemy Rank D

Archive Rank D

[Unique Skills]

Space and Time Manipulation            Complete State Immunity         God Eyes

Infinite Magic Power              Barrier           Immortality

Gravity Manipulation                         Ultra Recovery            Armor of Sin

Goddess’s Blessing     Herculean Strength

[Skills]                                                                                                [Magic]

Appraisal (X)                                                                          Wind Magic (XVIII)

Detection (XVI)                                                                       Earth Magic (XVIII)

Strength Increase (XIII)                                                          Fire Magic (XVII)

Clairvoyance (XI)                                                                   Light Magic (VII)

SP Increase (VIII)                                                              Summoning Magic (XXX)

Cold and Heat Resistance (IX)                                           Lightning Magic (XVII)

Physical Resistance (VIII)                                                   Water Magic (XVIII)

Magic Resistance (X)                                                              Dark Magic (IX)

Magic Aptitude (XIII)                                                   Strengthening Magic (VIII)

Growth Speed (X)                                                                Healing Magic (XIX)

Stealth (XII)

Agility Increase (XIII)

Precise Repair (XI)

Coercion (VII)

Thought Acceleration (X)

Telepathy (VIII)

Hostility Detection (XIII)

Imitation (VIII)

Mind Defense (VI)

Divine Protection (XI)


Rock Giant Titan SSS

Metal Giant Gigas A

Metal Giant (Middle Rank) B

Rock Giant (Middle Rank) B

Human Giant (Middle Rank) B

Human Giant (Low Rank) C

Rock Giant (Low Rank) C

Human Giant (Low Rank) C

Human Giant (Low Rank) C

With this my trip to America came to an end… I didn’t even imagine that Titan would be that strong… I somehow managed to win this time, however from now on I must carefully choose which country I’ll go to next. No matter how many skills I might have, there is still the possibility that I may die…

I looked for one last time at the infinitely spanning land of destruction and afterwards went back to Japan using teleportation.

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