I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 55

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Entrance Exam

There were still 3 days left until the entrance exam. Since coming to China I had already killed over 2000 monsters. The monsters here were wild beasts that came in all kinds from monkeys and wolves, to bears and boars. Most of the beasts looked liked crazed, enlarged versions of their normal species.

While fighting with the monsters I finally realized how useful the [Unique Skill] God Eyes was!  It allows me to look several seconds into the future, which when combined with close hand combat makes me almost invincible.

I knew exactly how my opponent would move, which meant that I could easily find a way to avoid or counter attack. Up until now I had only used magic, so I hadn’t even noticed that I had a skill such as this.

And considering I can also stop time on top of all of that, I can become even stronger in close range combat…

With just 3 days left I already had maxed out all of the 10 Fighter Class Slates! My Class Skill rank was currently…

Fighter Lv99

Martial Arts Rank S → SSS Title: “Martial God”

Magic Acquired: Agility Increase (I) x11

With the Class Skill going up to rank SSS I acquired my 3rd title.

 ‘Martial God huh…’

And even though I had gotten it, currently without a weapon, and with my bare fists I still couldn’t inflict that much damage on the monsters.

I decided that I would go for the Monk Class next, so I took out a Monk Class Slate from my space region and tapped on it.

The [Class Skill] that came with it was…

Chi Control Rank F

‘Chi Control huh… It sounds like something that will come in use…’

There were still 3 days left until Suzaku’s entrance exam. Until then I would try to level up the Monk class as much as possible!

With a kick to the ground I flew towards the sky, and continued killing monsters!


China・Dalian・Day of the Entrance Exam

There was a huge crowd gathered in front of a building located in the Jinzhou District.

“It sure is popular…”

If you were able to enter the Mutant Organization Suzaku, you would be classified as a member of China’s army and would be promised a pretty stable way of life. To be honest considering the government is able to promise a “stable” way of life in the current state of the world, it’s no surprise that it attracts such a huge crowd…

As long as your skill is recognized, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a foreigner or not, you can enter. That’s why I could see a lot of foreigners around.

“We’ll begin giving out your numbers! After receiving your number and being placed in your designated group, you will each move to a designated room and take the test there.”

The number I received was B-186.

“Groups A and B are in the building over there! Groups C and D will take it here. Now go to your allocated destinations!”

We were divided into four groups based on our numbers, after which we all moved to our respective group’s rooms. The room that we went to was unbelievably large, and inside of it there was some kind of machine.

The same way I had done for America, before coming to China I learned Chinese. With the help of Thought Acceleration and Telepathy I was able to easily get to a level where I could talk freely.

“We will first Appraise all of you. If we see that you don’t even a Class you will be immediately sent back! Line up!!”

We lined up according to our numbers, afterwards they proceeded to appraise us one by one.

“Priest Lv28”

“Knight Lv40”

I wonder if it was because their Appraisal’s Skill level was low or not, but they could only see our Class and Level. In the midst of the appraising…

“Magic Knight! Lv21”

Looks of surprise could be seen throughout the room. It was probably due to the fact that a high rank Class had appeared. I could easily see the eyes filled with longing and jealousy of the people around me.

A high rank Class was indeed rare, but the more important thing was that you first needed to go through a number of normal Classes and acquire their Class Skills in order to unlock them.

Which in turn means that a person with a high rank Class will have a high Status as well, so those types of people were usually welcomed in Suzaku. Most of the people that were here to take the exam knew about that.

“Next! B-186, come forward!!”

It was my turn…

I proceeded to the centre of the room, and sat on a chair in front of the appraiser. He was an elderly person with white hair, that looked like he was in his seventies.

‘I guess his age doesn’t matter as long as he can do his work…’

“You’re a… Monk right. And your level is 3.”

I could once again see surprise in the other candidates’ eyes.

“Even though his level is low, he still has a high grade Class… I’m so jealous!”

“A Monk huh… It isn’t as great as a Magic Knight but it’s still a famous Class…”

I could hear a number of voices from the surroundings… The truth is I had already maxed out one Monk Class Slate before coming here.

Monk Lv99

Chi Control F C

Magic Acquired: Strengthening Magic (I) x 3

And also Chi Control’s rank was already up to C. The thing that shocked me was that I actually got Strengthening Magic.

‘Is it necessary for Chi Control I wonder…? It’s one question after another…’

And so currently I was using another Monk Class Slate.

‘But still the Magic Knight sure is popular… Guess I’ll try becoming one next time.’

“Next we’ll be measuring your strength! You just need to hit this measuring machine with everything you’ve got!! We’ll be starting from B-1.”

We once again got into a line and began punching the machine one after another.

‘What should I do… If I hit it with my true strength I’ll probably destroy it. But even so if I don’t hit it hard enough I’ll be disqualified.’

I had no choice so I just used Imitation to gauge the strength of the guy in front of me. When my turn came I just hit the machine with a bit more force than the last person.



After the machine let out its sound my turn was over.


In a place slightly separated from the machine a researcher was looking over the data with a shocked expression.

“Please look at this. What do you think?”

“The Monk guy huh. If I remember correctly he was Japanese right…”

The two researchers were sharing their opinions while looking over the data.

“He’s weaker than I though. Even though his level is low, he’s still a Monk so I though he’d be stronger but…”

“The person before him was the weakest out of everyone in the room, so I guess that makes him the second weakest.”

It didn’t matter how amazing your class was, if you were weak you wouldn’t be allowed into Suzaku. While the researchers were talking, a tall woman standing behind them quietly muttered.

“He’s interesting…”

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