I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 54

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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The Land of Martial Arts


I had come to Huangshan City of the Anhui Province. China was a country that was overflowing with beast like monsters.

It was easy to tell just by looking at the enormous boar charging towards me!! I got into position and in the next instant buried my fist into its head! While letting a loud roar of pain the beast was blown off. After falling to the ground it didn’t move any more.

And with that I maxed out the 4th Fighter Class Slate.

Fighter Lv99

[Class Skills]

Martial Arts Rank D → S

Magic Acquired: Agility Increase (I) x 7

I was leveling in this place for a number of reasons.

First was that I wanted polish my Martial Arts, and if it comes to Martial Arts then there’s no better place than China. If I didn’t train them here, where would I?

Even so there were no close-range weapons that could actually withstand my power… I was currently using some Mithril Knuckle type weapons, which I had made by using the Magic Library Class Skill. However after defeating a number of monster they would usually break, so I would have to repair them using Forging. Honestly they were pretty bad!

Still if I’m able to polish my Martial Arts I’ll probably be able to fight without even needing to use a weapon. After all there still might be enemies like Titan that are immune to magic.

And the second reason was that after 10 days the entry trials for a group of people with supernatural powers called Suzaku were going to be held.

The reason I was planning to try and enter Suzaku, was because I was asked by Shimizu and the others after coming back to Japan.


1 Week ago

I had already came back to Japan, and was currently discussing with Shimizu and the others to which country I would go to next. Since Sakamoto was apparently in Osaka on some kind of business, the people who were currently in the room were Shimizu and Sakamoto’s subordinate Sakuragi.

I had used Archive in order to lay out the light board on top of the desk.

“What’s this?”

Sakuragi had her eyes wide open looking at the world map.

“It’s the Great Sage’s Class Skill. It shows the distribution and strength of monsters throughout the world.”

“Great Sage? Mr. Gojo wasn’t your class a Great Magician?”

Sakuragi asked with confusion.

“After reaching Lv99 I can then freely change between any Class I want!  I’m currently using Great Sage however I think I’ll be changing it soon…”

“That’s just…”

Shimizu was quietly laughing while looking at Sakuragi’s dumbfounded expression.

“It’s not like Gojo’s been normal from the start! That aside shouldn’t we first decide to which country he should go next?”

“I’m actually thinking of first going to China…”

“I don’t see anything wrong with going to China, it’s become pretty hot topic recently as well.”

“A hot topic?”

Shimizu proceeded to tell me about the rumours of people with superpowers appearing after The Calamity. How some had awakened to magic, some could lift up stones with just one hand and so on…

Apparently those people became known as Mutants throughout the world. And apparently in China there was an organization formed of those Mutants.

“In other words there are a lot of people with superhuman powers just like you Gojo! See!! It sparked your interest didn’t it!?”

Shimizu was talking really excitedly about it, however Sakuragi later told me that the reason he had been able obtain all of that information in the first place, was because the density of Magic Particles in Japan had fallen a lot, which had made communication possible again.

“I’ve also heard that the leader of Suzaku, a woman by the name of Wan Xin Yi, is a really powerful Mutant! If everything goes well, she might even become your companion and help you in your battles later on!!”

“A companion huh…”

The boss monster in China was yet to be found… The goal of this organization was apparently to find it and defeat it, so we had the same goal.

In the end we decided to ask the Japanese government to talk with the Chinese government to see if they could get me inside of Suzaku. However the response we got was that because it endangers one’s life, in order to be able to get into Suzaku you must first show the necessary ability.

So I had no option but to agree to participate in Suzaku’s entrance test…


“Oh by the way I brought souvenirs…”


I brought us to an open space outside of the base.

“I guess this will do…”

In the next moment…



A mountain that was giving off a silvery light appeared in front of us.

“It’s Magic Steel. I think there’s around a hundred tons so just use it as you please…”

I could now make (Low Purity) Mithril with Alchemy, so I just gave them some. Still they would have to mine it so it would still take a bit of effort.

“…Wait what? What in the??”

“This is way too unreasonable…”

Both of them were completely dumbfounded.


‘….Well then! The Fighter’s Class Skill went up to Rank S, but I’ve still got 5 more Class Slates. I wonder how many can I max out in 10 days!’

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  1. If he didn’t take that mithril, then most probably no-one else could have taken it. America dropped 7 nukes on that titan, so most probably that entire area has deadly high radiation levels. Although Gojo would be fine thanks to his perfect immunity.

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