The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 32

Translator/Editor: TastefulSardine

I Won’t Worship That[1]

I entered the Millard tent, located in the plaza in front of the southern gate of Sutherland. There, I saw Sieg, sitting down with his arms crossed and scowling as if he had stepped into enemy territory.

“Did I make you wait?” I asked.

“No, I just got here.”

“Then I’ll jump into the explanation now.”

I placed the details of the main plan on the table in the center of the tent and began my presentation.

“Do you actually think this is possible?” Sieg asked after I finished.

He dubiously stared at me as if he didn’t trust my sanity, but I confidently replied, “I assure you I am sane.”

“Sorry, but no matter how cornered we are, I can’t get on board with your delusions if you don’t have anything to support it.”

Makes sense. It’s a normal reaction for those in this world who don’t know of gunpowder.

In the first place, the reason I thought of this plan (experiment) was to none other than to raise the safety of mines and public works by advance Sagami Co.’s research and development of explosives.

My gift, Magic Blueprint, allows me to create grimoires, but the number I can create is limited by the rank of the magic. I’d dry up in an instant if I gave a grimoire to each and every coal miner—it was vital that we developed magic that could change the mines and public works.

“Then I’ll just have to make you believe me.”

I snapped, activating my teleportation as a magic circle rose up from around us.

“T-this is—” Sieg said as he stood up, shocked.

I just glanced back as I teleported us in front of an abandoned mine that Sagami Co. managed.

“T-this is……”

As Sieg frantically looked around at the changed scenery while gaping, Judo suddenly walked up to us, as was arranged prior.

“Boss, the preparations for the experiment are complete,” he said.

“Good job. Then, let’s start.”

I glanced back at Sieg, who was still dumbfounded, and motioned for the engineer staff on-site to begin a certain experiment.

Once it ended, Sieg wiped off the sweat streaming down his face, which was drained of all color, and slowly opened his mouth.

“You……are you a wanderer like the hero?

A wanderer, I feel like I’ve heard that term before. [2] If I’m the same as the hero, then it probably means a person from another world.

Now, how should I respond. I feel like it’ll only be annoying if I say yes here.

“I don’t know what you mean by a wanderer. I’m Grey Millard, you know,” I said.

“So you won’t answer……I see. There’s reason to hide it, too. So that’s how it is.”

No, I should have given you a sufficient answer. I guess he’s just made me out to be a person from another world.

“My answer doesn’t change,” I said.

“You have a reason, right? I don’t really care, then.”

In the end, he just up and concluded the conversation on his own. Whatever, just think what you want.

“So, can I count on your support?”

“Just answer me one thing,” Sieg began.

“What is it?”

“What are you trying to achieve?”

What am I trying to achieve, huh. From his intense, unblinking stare, I wouldn’t get any results with a half-assed reply. I’m tired of keeping up the act, anyways.

“Old man, my only craving is to reach the truth—the source of knowledge. Nothing more, nothing less.”

It was scientists’ (our) instinct of sorts, to desire the source of knowledge. Even if it were a time where it was divided into increasingly smaller fields and scientists were given status and fame in proportion to their achievements, scientists (we) put their lives on the line to seek out knowledge in the end. It was the purest desire in the world that pleasure didn’t even hold a candle to. There was no way that I could explain that driving force, but that desire is always smoking inside me and continues to burn to this day.

“The source of knowledge? That’s impossible!!” Sieg yelled.


From the start, many prominent and excellent minds across the world have already been crushed before they were able to achieve this desire of mine. The same would probably happen to me, but that didn’t mean it was for naught. No matter how unfavorable it looked, there wasn’t any reason to not aim for it.

“You’re completely broken……”

“I won’t deny that,” I said. “But look, old man, there’s already people like me in this world.”

Leroy and Pause, as well as their disciples, have already been ensnared by knowledge. Once you taste the sweet nectar known as the search for knowledge, you’re done for. Even if I disappeared, they would continue to seek it out. Yes, no matter what they had to sacrifice.

“If that’s a joke it’s not funny,” he said.

“It’s not. I haven’t told any lies, after all,” I replied. “Anyways, the conversation has gone astray. In any case, I’m thinking to conduct several experiments during the undead invasion.”

“Experiments!? During the empire’s biggest crisis!?”

“They’re just mindless undead being controlled by someone. Perfect subjects for an experiment.”

Well, I’m also curious about the undead ecology, but I fear that I really would be treated as a monster if I voiced that curiosity. I should restrain myself here.

“That’s not the problem here!!” Sieg yelled as he squatted.

“Don’t get so depressed now. The empire will be saved in the end. Also, Sutherland will serve as my base from here on out. It would be preposterous for those crude lesser lifeforms who don’t even have a lick of intelligence to trample us.”

“You—! ……No, it’s fine. I now understand how messed up you are.”

“That’s good to hear. So, will you help me or not?”

“Is there even another path!?” Sieg yelled.

“Don’t get so angry. Haste makes waste, right? Getting all worked up will only make you age faster, you know.”

“Hmph! Whatever. So how long will it take to restructure everything?”

“Hm, I plan to finish everything in 14 days. I’ll give you the specifics later.”

I’ll have to work day and night, but this will be my biggest experiment since forming Sagami Co. Moreover, I’ve the headline of saving the empire from a crisis, so I won’t get criticized for going too far. What a fascinating composition we have here.

“I’m always interested in other worlds, but I won’t worship a world rampant with lunatics like you who even offer their own country for their curiosity,” Sieg muttered in a worn-out voice before quietly saying, “Just send it to me.”

The title is written like how Sieg talks

From the prologue:  “Hmmmm. This time it’s a middle-aged man, huh.”

In the raws the term was used here but it sounded a bit unnatural, so I cut it out at the time. Now that I have this chapter’s context, if I were to go back and translate the prologue I would write, “This time the wanderer’s a middle-aged man, huh.”

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  1. Call him wanderer is not wrong too since he didnt reincarnated, God just transfer his soul to the dead body of grey millard.
    That insident in the forest i bet someone want to get rid of grey millard but ended the body become vessel.

    Thankyou for the feast!! <3

  2. WAnderer is not wrong to since he not reincarnated but got mind transferred. Since grey millard already dead and become vessel of him. I wonder who push grey which ended he in valey of dead forest???

    Thankyouuu dor the feastt!! <3

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