I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 52

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


Titan was defeated… That information was slowly starting to make it way throughout the world.

United States Department of Defense ・ The Pentagon

Due to the initial attack from the Giants the facilities above the ground were almost all destroyed, forcing the survivors to hide in the underground shelter and think of a way to deal with the situation.

The people there had completely focused their attention on Titan and his movements. They would find ways to always inform the US Army and the countless shelters scattered throughout the country of Titan’s movements.

The reason for that was because around the places where Titan visited there would always form a thick cluster of Magic Particles and new Giants would spawn from there.

While doing their regular work the people at the Pentagon suddenly received shocking news.

“…Is this real? It’s not just my imagination right!?”

The news of Titan disappearing struck them. After first feeling the ground shake twice as if hit by an explosion, they had decided to check up on Titan, however he was nowhere to be found.

They immediately spread the news to the shelters throughout the country. Most of the people that received the news were dubious. While some didn’t believe them at all. Still thinking back to the horrors they had to suffer because of Titan, no one blamed them.

In the midst of that there was only one place that had a completely different reaction to the news…


“Titan… disappeared!?”

“It couldn’t have been…”

Joshua was looking at the other soldiers. Most of the people that had received the news of Titan’s disappearance had no idea how it could have happened, however the people here had a slight hunch.

“Could it have been that person? The one who controlled the Giants to help us, Gojo was it…”

“I can’t think of anyone else doing it…”

Ell who was helping the soldiers nearby happened to hear their conversation.

“Is that really true!!?”


After hearing the news from Joshua and the others I hurried to where Michelle was!

I had to tell her as soon as possible!

‘Because I was jealous of him I even made it so that he was banished from the shelter. And even so! He came back and helped us, he even healed my wounds… I still haven’t been able to properly thank him. Next time I meet him, for sure…’


Michelle who was doing the laundry with the other girls turned towards me smiling.

“Ell what’s up?”

“Titan disappeared… I just heard about it from Joshua and the others.”

Everyone was looking at me, not being able to comprehend what I had just said.

“It can’t have been… Mr. Gojo!? … Was it really him?”

“It must have been! He actually did it!!”

Michelle hugged me lightly. After which she began crying. And following her I began crying as well! Everyone around us was looking, however we didn’t care at all.

We were just shedding our tears of happiness…

That day, for the first time since The Calamity, the survivors felt hope again.


Japan ・ Gifu Airbase

Shimizu came into my office all smiles, like she had something good to tell me.

“Sakamoto! Did you hear?”

“I did… He actually did it!”

“He really did! Well it’s not like I doubted him at all…”

The news spread around the Self-Defense Force bases, and with it a lot of speculations popped up as well. But in the end the guess that everyone talked about was that the Explosion Magician had done it.


Osaka ・  Prime Minister’s Official Residence

“And those were the news that the Ministry of Defense received from the US.”

“I see… So the US is finally safe as well. They are a strong country, so I have no doubt that they’ll be able to recover…”

After receiving the new from the under-secretary I sat down on the chair in my office.

 ‘To imagine that after Japan he went ahead and saved the US as well… While I am grateful to him, I am also a bit scared…

Where will he head to next… That will be thing that will decide the world’s fate.’

That was the feeling I got.


China ・ Russia ・ Europe the news spread throughout all of them. Numerous speculations in regards to Titan’s disappearance had been brought forth, but none of them were true.

However one thing was certain. The world was starting to be pulled into a miracle. A miracle cause by the hands of only one person…

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  1. No more ordinary life for MC then. He is a veritable weapon of mass destruction.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Aww… It’s too short, this chapter can be summarized as “Titan’s disappearance and the world’s reaction to it”
    So next our MC gonna go travel around the wold again eh? Guess it gonna be easy mode considering he have the strongest monster Titan as his pet( lol)

    Thanks translator for the chapter

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