Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 5

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

The True Strength of Comrades (Part 2)

Ryuushin strode towards the target while pulling his sleeve up his right arm.


With Ryuushin’s roar, black dragon scales emerged and wrapped his right arm.

His arm transformed entirely into that of a dragon in just a few seconds. He raised his arm and —

Dragon Claw!”

He swung his arm diagonally, and the slashing strike rushed out with great force.

The attack hacked the target as if it was butter and left a glaringly huge crack on the wall.

“Not only did you succeed in splitting the target, you even manage to inflict such damage on the wall of this securely protected training hall. Truly remarkable, as expected of a dragonoid!”

“No big deal.”

Ryuushin looked a little smug as he retracted the [Dragonize] spell on his arm. Leaffa, on the other hand, look frustrated that the target she wasn’t able to damage that much was destroyed that easily- almost effortlessly.

“Teacher, the target…”

“Yes, it’s in the state suitable for Ryuka to work on, just as she wished.”

“In this case, I would like to be the next one to proceed.”

“Yes, please do.”

Ryuka walked towards the target’s side.

Will she use short-range attack magic?

As I was contemplating, Ryuka’s whole body started to glow.


In contrast to Ryuushin’s transformation, Ryuka’s whole body was covered with white scales that gradually increased by the second. At the same time, the aggregated amount of magical power she was clad in rose explosively.



The target that was pierced by Leaffa’s arrow, then tattered by Mai and Mei, afterwards dealt with what can be considered as a final blow when Ryuushin split it in half – that same target foamed over as it gradually returned to its original form.

Within approximately 30 seconds, the target reverted to its former state before Leaffa’s attack.

“So this is the [Restoration Magic of the Dragon’s Shrine Maiden].”

“….Teacher, you already knew about it, right.”

“Professor Tina, why did the target return to how it was before? Isn’t [Resurrection] a spell for the revival of the dead?”

Leaffa probed Tina.

“Yes, as you have said, [Resurrection] is a magic that saves -or binds- the life of someone who passed away. There are only very few who can utilize this magic, but Ryuka is special. She has the ability to revert any object back to how it originally was before it was damaged or destroyed. She can do this as long as that item is permeated with magic.”

Normally the effects of [Resurrection] manifests within an hour of the revival of the dead.

However, in this world, whether they are humans or demons, some magical power remains in their corpse within a day, so normally a person who passed away should be resuscitated with an hour. Those who normally won’t make it in time still have a chance to be revived if they are brought to Ryuka.

Moreover —

“The skin of a Maho Gnome was used for the target, and this demon is known for its extremely high resistance to magic. If I process the hide and continuously imbue it with my magic, it is possible to give it a resistance that is on par with that of a Maho Gnome.”

In other words, even if the target technically doesn’t have a life of its own, because it’s an object permeated with magic, she was able to revert to it to its initial condition.

Presumably, as long as there are traces of magic any magical tool can also be restored.

Isn’t this a cheat-like ability already!?

“Since the target is repaired, I’m going next ~.”

“The next turn’s mine!”

Merdie the beastman raised her hand.

“Can I join you as a support, Merdie?”

Luna also raised her hand.

During dinner yesterday, Luna explained to us about her ability to elevate and improve the magic of her allies. Although she can utilize almost all kinds of support and auxiliary magic, her magical attack abilities are not so high.

“Oh yes, that’s right. Among the remaining students, I believe your partnership is the best combination. Is that alright with you, Merdie-san?”

“Yup yup, that’s fine with me! I’m in your care, Luna!”

“Yes, I’ll support you with all my might!”

Luna and Merdie stood before the restored target.

“Okay, here we go.”

Luna took a deep breath while manipulating her magic.

And then ——-

Magic Up! Over Magic! Max Magic! Physical Up! Power Up! Speed ​​Up! Concentration Up!”

“Eh? Eh!? ——-Whoaahhh!”

Varying colors of aura enveloped Merdie’s body.

Merdie was initially confused, but soon enough she realized her stats were being reinforced.

“Hey, it’s hot!”

Merdie faced the target and assumed a stance with one leg bent and the other leg stretched backwards. She readied her fist, and then concentrated her magic.

Flying Fist!

The moment Merdie shouted, the target disappeared.

The poor thing, which was firmly fixed to its pedestal, flew and violently slammed against the wall. It crumbled into dust because of the impact.

Merdie stood rooted to the spot with her fist still outstretched.

“O, oops… I over did it.”

“A, amazing.”

Merdie, who released the magic from her fist and Luna, who enhanced Merdie’s stats, were stunned. They didn’t think their power would be to this extent.

“Seriously? I lost…”

Ryuushin, who stopped earlier when the target split into two, seemed disappointed as he looked at the target that was crushed to powder.

“It is as I thought- your compatibility is really perfect! You’ve done well.”

Tina appeared so satisfied.

Tina clapped her hand, and a new target emerged from under the floor.

“So that leaves you two. So who wants to go first?”

Without my consent, I felt myself move forward. I felt something’s wrong with Tina’s words, but——-

It might just be my imagination.

It’s only Luke and me left.

As I was thinking about how I don’t want to be the last man standing —-

“I’ll go!”

Luke got ahead of me.

“Halt was taught magic personally by Teacher Tina, right? You’re definitely strong, man. Spare me from being the last, will yah? That’s why, just lemme go first!”

“Wait, no, I’m—-“

‘just Level 1’—- Is what I was gonna say, but he won’t believe me anyway.

“Alright. The next one will be Luke-san, right. Please go on.”


Prompted by Tina, Luke stood in front of the new target.

“Okay, here I go!”

Magic accumulated around Luke. He began chanting.

Destruction is my desire

With the seed of thunder

My strength I sacrifice

Bestow upon me

According to thine oath

Thou, my servant,

Lend me thy strength

Release thy power henceforth!”

What!! This is bad!! What’s this magic!?

I glanced at Tina, and she also noticed, so she strengthened the defense magic surrounding us.

Ultimate Thunder!!!”

Thunderbolts several meters wide relentlessly fell from the sky—

— and destroyed the target.

A storm brewed within the training hall.

When the whirling dust settled, we were able to see the target’s location.

Not mentioning the target, the pedestal and part of the floor were obliterated.

“Professor Tina….Luke’s magic…is it the [Ultimate magic]?”

“Yes. Luke’s full name is Luke-Ver-Ifrus. He is the grandson of the head of the Ifrus Academy of Magic, the venerable Sage Luarno-Ver-Ifrus. Luke, just like Headmaster Luarno, is among the very few magicians who wield the [Ultimate Magic].”

I can’t believe the person I acknowledged as my best friend was an ultimate magic practitioner, moreover, he is said to be the son of the highest authority in this academy – such an outrageously strong magician.

Oy, wait…Is it my turn to do a magic demo now?

I feel so pressured, like, suffocated.

Hey, I can only use the lowest level of magic.

I can’t fire a piercing one-shot attack like Leaffa, nor can I release flashy destructive magic like Ryuushin and Luke.

I can also do auxiliary magic somewhat, but I can’t cast anything as complicated and high level as Luna’s [Max Magic].

That’s why I desperately tried to devise a plan to cover up my shortcomings. It was at that time.

“Halt-kun, you’re the last. Ah, please do not release your full magic. Around 30% is fine.”


I can’t understand what Tina said.


T/N corner: Hi guys! Hope you’re enjoying Level 1- Strongest Sage so far. ☺  Just a trivial thought – while translating this chapter, I discovered the name “Ryuka” can also be read as Lyka (based on an asteroid). I contemplated on whether I should use Lyka, or retain Ryuka. I just thought Ryuka is more suitable because of the “Ryu” in it which means “dragon” in Japanese, given that she’s a dragonoid. So, now that you’ve seen their powers, who are you rooting for? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! You can also join us in the Inoveltranslation’s discord! See you around! ☺



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