I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 51

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Bringing Him Down

I had already been to New York once in order to meet Titan, so I could now easily teleport there. However before doing that I had to take care of some things.

If I were somehow able to defeat Titan I’d probably get a huge amount of EXP… In order to fully maximize that gain I needed to pick the appropriate Class. With that in mind I took out a Class Slate from my space region.

“Great Sage” … I was finally able to use it after maxing out the Alchemist. Taking that into consideration it meant that it was definitely higher ranked than the Alchemist class.

With this I would be able to fully maximize the EXP gain, and if I failed I would just max out normally and challenge Titan again! I finished everything I needed to do, so now I could finally teleport.

I wonder if it was because a dense cluster of Magic Particles was enshrouding the sky, however even though it was mid day, not a single ray of light could be seen and the whole sky was covered with thick black clouds, couple with them the light coming out of the magma produced by Titan was giving me and eerie feeling as well.

And even so the one that had caused this scene was leisurely moving through the continent, just looking down at the destruction that he had caused.

‘If I remember correctly Titan was a name that came up in Greek mythology. They were huge Giants who fought besides Zeus against the gods. However in the end they were imprisoned in hell’s prison Tartarus.’

To be honest if someone told me that the thing standing in front of me right now was a God I’d probably believe them. That was how huge of an amount of pressure it was giving off!

I landed before Titan… Compared to before this time it seemed like he had perceived me as his enemy. I could easily tell by the slight killing intent that he was giving off.

“Let’s finish this Titan!!”

Titan slowly reached out his hand towards the lava that was flowing beneath it’s feet… He put strength into his hand as if he was trying to pull out something from there. Thunderous sounds continued running through the continent as he was slowly pulling that thing out.

What thing he pulled out was an axe that was nearly 100 meters long. I tried using Appraisal on that axe.

Giant Axe of Destruction Rank SSS

A weapon told to be able to split mountains with just one strike.

A weapon of the legends.

“…Do you plan to hit me with that?”

Titan brought down his axe. At the moment…

The ground exploded and started flying everywhere, the surrounding land that had already fused with the magma in the region was blow out everywhere as well. No one could possibly survive a blow from that…

If I hadn’t moved out with teleportation I would have definitely died, but the strange thing was that I was actually happy that he had tried to kill me.

“Next it’s my turn!”

I used teleportation in order to teleport to the edge of the atmosphere. If I went any further I’d be in space. I’m currently using Wind Magic in order to create layers around my body and protect myself, however going to space really seemed dangerous… This place was the limit.

From my space region I took out the enormous Mithril ball that I made before. It already had Strengthening Magic cast on it, so it’s hardness had went up a couple of times.

And on top of that, this place was right above Titan. The ball began obeying gravity and was slowly falling down, while I was following behind it.

In normal circumstances the Mithril ball’s drop speed would be slowed down by the air pressure, however I was carefully using Wind Magic to redirect that wind pressure so that it wouldn’t affect the ball at all.. With that I could increase the ball’s drop speed to a maximum.

Furthermore I cast Gravity Manipulation on the ball, increasing its weight by a 100 times.

Casting Gravity Manipulation on Titan is impossible, but if it’s a ball of this size, then it’s no big deal.

The ball pierced through the thick layer of clouds with a speed that sound couldn’t even follow. Titan noticed that something was coming above him so he brought up his right hand that was holding the axe.

This was the most powerful attack that I had at the moment…

“Meteor Impact!!!!!!”

At the moment of collision an indescribable explosion, followed by huge shock waves covered the surroundings.

It was a scene as if watching a nuclear explosion… Just before the collision I had used teleportation to move to a place 10 kilometres away and was watching it all unfold from there.

Due to the smoke screen that had appeared I couldn’t see Titan at all… Even so it was hard to believe that even he would be left unscratched after an attack like that…

After the smoke finally began dispersing, Titan’s huge frame became visible again.

He had lost his right hand, and his body was covered in wound, but even so he was still leisurely standing…

‘Can I really beat that thing…?’

However just as I thought that…

The Giant slowly fell to his knees, sending shock waves through the ground.

The Giant who hadn’t fallen despite taking hits from 7 nuclear weapons before, was now kneeling, probably for the time ever, in front of the strength of an enemy’s attack. Even though I was standing 10 kilometres away from him I could still clearly feel his strong killing intent being aimed at me.

“Your weak point is that huge body of yours!!”

I once again used teleportation in order to move next to the highest point of the atmosphere again. I didn’t only have 1 Mithril ball prepared after all. In order to defeat Titan I had carefully prepared 4 Mithril balls.

If it was to beat him I’d shoot him numerous times if I had to.

I once again followed the falling Mithril ball.

‘If I don’t hit him precisely it’s probably gonna be hard to defeat him…’

Using Wind Magic again this time I tried creating an even more accurate tunnel through which the ball could pass through.

While also taking into consideration the ball’s change of trajectory due to the air pressure I aimed at the fallen Titan’s back!!

I proceeded to slam the ball with high speed at Titan, who was currently standing in a crawling position!!

‘Try withstanding this if you can!!!”

“Meteor Impact!!!!!!”

The ball hit right on the money! An explosion sound that also seemed to have shrieks and cries mixed inside of it erupted. Titan’s body was scattered into pieces, and following that was the appearance of a huge cloud of dust that coved the surroundings…


A huge magic circle appeared on the ground, from which huge pillars of light formed. I stared at the light board that had appeared on top of my hand. If Tame was a success then Titan’s name would appear on top of this list.

Tame was already at the SSS rank, and my Luck stat had also been boosted by Divine Protection and Goddess’s Blessing. Tame’s success rate was close to a 100%…

I could feel a huge amount of EXP begin flowing into my body that was distanced from the scene.

While watching the curtain of dust raising to the sky I could finally feel the tiredness creeping up to me, so I sat down.

“It’s over… I finally did it…”

I fell to the ground leaving the huge feeling of accomplishment envelop me.

On the list that was floating on my right hand, Titan’s name could clearly been seen… Tame had succeeded!!

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  1. Holy shit he tamed the Titan. I guess next would be monsters from the sea huh? That’s the only place that’s large enough to contain something that could rival Titan imo. Oh, I forgot about dungeons. If dungeons space worked like another world, then the size of the dungeon could be much bigger than earth itself. If it’s so, then there should be more Titan class enemies. Real dragons, Leviathans, Phoenix, etc.


    1. We will for sure be seeing other monsters that rival Titan in the future, so look forward to those :3

  2. Whoa awesome. He tamed a boss. It’s such a shame he didn’t tame the undead king from Japan’s dungeon.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. wow , huh? Mithril Meteor Impact!!! Also isn’t suposed to be Kronos instead of Zeus that fought with the Titan agaisn’t the rebellion of Zeus? I am not sure tho.

    Thank for the chapter!

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