Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 4

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The True Strength of Comrades (Part 1)

My baby-face exclusive maid turned out to be one of the great Heroes who had defeated the Demon King 100 years ago.

“Tina… how old are you really?”

“It’s Professor Tina. And besides, Halt-kun, it’s a taboo to ask a woman regarding her age.”

“Ma’am, I have a question!”

Leaffa raised her hand vigorously.

“You’re Leaffa, yes? What is it?”

“Tina Harivell-sama is a legendary heroine even among the clan of Elves. After defeating the Demon King by fighting alongside the Heroes, who came from another world, she had supposedly gone missing. Can Professor Tina prove your identity as that Tina Harivell-sama?”

“Well, you’ll understand faster if I show my Status Board to you.”

So saying, Tina conjured her Status Board so we can look at it.

“I, it’s the real deal…”

“Level 250!?”

“Eh, Tina-san is that strong?”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Luke and Luna, who had eaten the delicious food made by the baby-faced maid Tina yesterday, never expected that person to have such monstrous status.

“This Person also has something to ask of you. Is this all right?”

“Yes please, Youko.”

“Why did a high-level person such as you even considered teaching novices like us? There is no merit in doing this.”

“Hmm… I don’t have a deep reason, but I do have free time as a caretaker, so maybe that’s why.”


Youko apparently did not understand.

Perhaps Tina thought it would be boring to stay alone at the mansion while I’m in class, so she decided to be a teacher instead.

But is it really that easy to become a teacher in a magical academy? The question-and-answer period with Tina ended as I mulled over this.

“Well, I believe everyone understood by now that I am qualified to be your teacher since you’ve already seen my Status Board. Let’s move to the training hall immediately to start the lesson.”


Tina led the ten of us into the annex training hall connected to the classroom. The facilities are top-notch, as expected of being near the center of the academy.

Aside from that, strong defense magic was cast to secure the entire training facility. Even if high-level magic is used, this will not have any effect outside the training area.

“Everyone will experience battling with your fellow classmates, as well as students from higher grade levels. Because your classroom is near the center, this class will be involved in many competitions.”

Ifrus Academy of Magic has an inter-class competition system. Rules of matches as well as prizes that are awarded to those who emerge victorious are all determined prior to the event. The type of magic-related battles and races that will occur are also decided in advance.

Interchanging the classrooms is also possible, depending on the outcomes of the contest. The classes who got schoolrooms near the center will definitely have to compete against other classes within a certain period.

“The competition quota for this classroom is once a month. There are delicious cake shops and bakeries in this area, and you have access to the largest library in the academy. That’s why, please, do your best to win the competitions so you can keep this place.”

Though Tina said that quite lightly, a once-a-month competition quota seems severe. Luke realized something and spoke.

“If several classes wanted to compete for a classroom, the upperclassmen are prioritized, right?”

“That’s right, Luke.”

“Seniors will probably target our class, so we might have to fight upperclassmen every month.”

“Well, that’s going to happen.”

“…Isn’t it a little too hard for us freshmen to keep this classroom?”

“First of all, there is practically no chance of dying even if you lose, so I don’t think you have to be on the edge all the time. Besides, I am here to guide you, so I don’t think anyone among you will lose.”

 Well, I wonder where Tina got all that confidence.

“By the way, did you do your self-introduction before I came?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Leaffa answered as our representative. If we were to decide on a class leader, it would definitely be Leaffa. She takes the initiative, and I think she’ll be willing to manage the class.

“Is that so. Alright, next, please introduce your magic to each other.”

While speaking, Tina tapped the floor lightly with the staff she was holding, and at the farthest side of the training hall, the magic training target that I’m most familiar with appeared. 

“Please aim and release your strongest magical attack towards that target.”

“Is it really alright to use full force?” asked Ryuushin.

“Yes, please use all your power. From now on, you will be facing the competitions as a class, no, a group. Unless you cooperate with each other and make the best use of your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses, you won’t be able to win against the upperclassmen. Knowing the full strength of your comrades is the first step to deeper understanding of each other.”

“I understand. Would it be acceptable if I go first?”

Leaffa raised her hand.

“Thank you. Then, Leaffa, please stand right here. The rest of you stay behind me.”

When we stood at the place, Tina directed us, a transparent film of magic surrounded us. It was Tina’s defense magic.

“Leaffa, you can go as soon as you are ready.”


Leaffa stood in a stance, with one leg bent in front and the other extended behind her. She thrust her left hand forward, and a green bow appeared. As the string was being pulled, magical power began to accumulate and was formed into the shape of an arrow.

The arrow was already formed fully, but Leaffa showed no signs of shooting it. The magical power continued to gather from the space into the arrow.

Due to the colossal amount of magical power being concentrated in an area, fluctuations began to occur in the surrounding space.

Wind Arrow!”

Leaffa released the arrow.

The arrow wrapped with swirling wind flew towards the target at ultra-high-speed.


A deafening, crashing sound echoed throughout the room with the arrow’s impact on the target.

Although the arrow did not pass through the target completely, it was able to impale half of the supposedly impenetrable intermediate-level target.

“Notwithstanding your concentration on just a single point, to be able to pierce that target in itself is truly a great feat! Thanks for the hard work.”

“Thank you very much.”

Gathering magic from the surrounding space is a characteristic of the Elves. Among them, Leaffa’s able to gather more power than usual.

“Who would like to go next?”

“We volunteer.”

Mai and Mei raised their hands simultaneously.

“Mai and Mei, right. Well, go ahead.”

“Will the two of them use magic together?”

“Yes, both of them are special, so they have to use magic at the same time.”

Tina answered Youko’s question.

It seems like Tina has a good grasp of the circumstances surrounding all her students.

Mai and Mei linked their hands together, and they stretched their other hands towards the target.

Hot air from Mai’s side and icy air from Mei’s side overflowed.

Unison Ray!”

The block of ice with trailing flames shot from their hands towards the target.


As soon as the ice-flame bundle hit the target, a great explosion occurred, and white smoke rose. Due to the instantaneous warming of the ice and the extreme differences in temperature, a phreatic explosion* occurred.

“To be capable of fusing antithesis elemental magic to this extent… I can’t say anything except bravo.”

Just like when it was Leaffa’s turn, Tina also praised their magic. It was truly astounding. The target retained its shape, but its surface was tattered.

 “Okay, next.”

“My turn.”

Ryuushin stepped forward.


TL note: A phreatic explosion or eruption is usually associated with volcanoes and it occurs when magma comes into contact with ground or surface water. The difference in the extremely high temperature of magma and the water results in the latter’s near-instantaneous evaporation to steam. See Mr. Google or Sir. Wiki for more info. 😀



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