I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 50

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


In this battle I managed to max out two of the Archer Class Slates.

Archer Lv99

[Class Skills]

Archery Rank D → B

Magic Acquired: Clairvoyance (I) x 2

I headed towards Joshua and the others. I went next to Michelle who has holding her wounded brother and looked at him. If I left him the way he was, he would definitely die.

“You helped us once again… However this time I don’t think my brother’s going to make it.”

Michelle said to me while looking at her brother with a sad expression. I turned my sight towards Ell and grabbed his hand. Upon grabbing his hand I could feel that his internal organs were in a really bad state.

“Perfect Heal”

Ell’s body was enveloped in light. Upon seeing that Michelle, Joshua and the others couldn’t hide their shock. The pale face of the young boy gradually began regaining its color, and the wounds across his body slowly began healing one after another.

Michelle was lost for words upon seeing her brother getting better while still being held in her arms.

“What’s this! How could his wounds heal like that!?”

Joshua was screaming with a complicated expression on his face. The soldiers in the surrounding had all gathered their eyes here in order to witness this miracle. After The Calamity, people with strange powers were know to have started appearing throughout the world, however I assume today was their first time actually seeing one of those people.




“Why… my body…!?”

Ell took a look at his own body. He couldn’t comprehend what had happened to his wounds. After looking through his whole body he raised his head to look at his sister’s face.

“Mr. Gojo healed you!!”

Upon hearing the Ell turned around, and behind him he was the person controlling Giants, who had saved them before. That same person that had been banished because of Ell.

Ell, while making a complicated expression opened his mouth.

“Why did you save me? I… was the one who…”

After that Ell’s words completely stopped and he didn’t continue any more.

“Do I need a reason to save anyone? If there’s anyone that needs help you help them right. I just did the obvious. You don’t need to worry about it…”


In the next moment, from the side, Joshua suddenly entered our conversation.

“I-I’m! I’m the one that banished you. So I’m the one that should apologize! Also there are still a lot of Giants in the vicinity, I’m ashamed to ask this but would you come with us?  We need your strength, I beg of you!!”

“No can do.”

Upon hearing my answer Joshua head sank to the ground.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not leaving you to die. I plan on taking care of the Giants in the area. When I’m done with that I need to go and defeat Titan! That’s why I can’t come with you.”


Is this guy sane? Was the expression that Joshua had on his face, even so I was dead serious. I didn’t have any more doubts. The only way I could beat Titan was by getting stronger!  And for that…

I went around healing the wounded and after that was done with I send all of them off to the nearest shelter. After everything was taken care of I took to the skies and left. Everyone was looking at me with their mouths wide open, however I couldn’t waste time to worrying about those minor stuff. I had to level up!  And after that level up even more!!

I took out a Class Slate from my space region.

“Out of the SSR Class Slates that I have, this is the only one I can use at the moment… I have no choice but to bet on it!”

The Class Slate that I had taken out was the Alchemist one…

I probably became able to use it because I had already maxed out the Sage and Blacksmith classes…

Afterwards I proceeded to hunt over a hundred Giants, but still leveling up the SSR classes really wasn’t easy. The high rank classes really took up a lot of time to max out…

The Alchemist’s [Class Skill] turned out to be Alchemy, which to be honest wasn’t a surprise at all.

“I guess that was to be expected… Still I appears that since its rank is low I cannot do anything with it currently.”

3 days and thousands of Giants later I finally did it…

Alchemist Lv99

HP 2290/2290 → 2422/2422

MP ∞/∞

Strength 1,144 1,182

Defense 718 → 748

Magic Defense 1075 1103

Agility 1,389 1,409

Dexterity 1,249 1,520

Wisdom 1,910 2,027

Luck 770 921

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS  Title: Magician King

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank B

Mapping Rank C

Magic Library Rank D

Swordsmanship Rank C

Martial Arts Rank D

Forging Rank C

Dismantle Rank C

Plunder Rank D

Archery Rank B

Tame Rank SSS  Title: Monster Overlord

Alchemy Rank F → D

Magic Acquired: Divine Protection (I) x 2

If I exclude the MP gain, my whole status went up with around 700 in total. Out of all the classes up until now, this was my highest status gain, and of top of that I also got Divine Protection… It was obvious that this class wasn’t a fighting one…

I immediately tried testing out the ranked up Alchemy skill.

“Let’s first start with this…”

I was standing in front of a part of the darkish blue land. It was the same as the one that had appeared in Japan.

 ‘I think they used the name Magic Ore for it in Japan… And the thing that can be mined from this Magic Ore is the Magic Steel metal, or in other words Mithril.’

Alchemy was a skill that let me change the substance of a material, however that didn’t mean that I could just change anything.

I could only change it to a substance that was similar to the original. For example changing Magic Ore to Magic Steel.

“Earth Magic: Rock Manipulation!”

The darkish blue land began giving off crushing noises, and slowly changed its shape. While imagining that it was turning into a huge ball I slowly continued molding it into shape.

After a bit a giant darkish blue rock with a diameter of 10 meters was formed. It was around 2 times bigger than the rocks that I had used for the giant extermination before. I placed my hand on that newly formed ball.


A huge magic circle appeared beneath the boulder. In the next moment light started shooting off from the magic circle and enveloping the boulder… After the light died off from underneath it a boulder with a dull silvery gloss could be seen. I immediately used Appraisal…

Mithril (Low Purity) R

A success… Even though it had Low Purity the fact that I could now produce Mithril was unbelievable!

After that I tried it out a couple more times, however while some of them were successes, there were some failures as well.

‘So it has a success rate after all huh… I guess it isn’t that high since its only at Rank D. Still I guess the reason that I’m getting this many results despite it being only Rank D is probably because of my enormous Luck.’

Another downside was that the skill consumed a lot of MP per use. But because I had infinite MP that didn’t affect me at all.

Now I could finally produce the strongest weapon in order to fight Titan…

‘Wait for me Titan, I’ll be right there!!’

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