I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 49

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Giants VS Giants

We took on our wounded and began running… The Giants who had suddenly appeared began capturing and killing my comrades one after another. We tried to hold them off with rifles, but unfortunately they had no effect.  It was at that moment that the frame of that Giant entered my view.

It was a lone, enormous Iron Giant!! Its whole body was covered in a silver light. It was moving in a really slow manner, as if trying to show off its enormous frame.


“Joshua!! “What should we do!?”

“The biggest one showed itself!!”

This wasn’t the time to be worrying!! We had to save as much people as possible!

“Split intro groups and run in different directions!! Even if it’s slight it might raise our chance of survival!!!”

After hearing my orders each soldier gathered 10-30 people and started running in different directions! However they were blocked by the small Giants who had already surrounded us.

And behind them the bigger Metal Giants were slowly making their way towards us.

I could feel our hope slowly dwindling away… I had once again failed…

We didn’t have anywhere to run, nor did any of us have any strength left to even put up a gun… Looking at my brethren, I could see that all of them had already given up, ready to except their fate. It was at that moment…

A flash of light appeared, followed by thunderous sounds…

3 of the small giants were engulfed by an explosion and were sent flying away… I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened, however I could see a lone man standing in front of me.


I managed to find Joshua and the siblings, however Ell’s condition was pretty dire.

“Are you okay? I’ll take care of it so just stay still!”


I turned around to face the Giants and deployed my summoning circle.

‘I’ll first take care of there ones…’


After the giants had come out of the circle I immediately ordered them to charge. Even though the opponent was a group of dozens of Giants which were surrounding their huge leader, my three 20 metal tall Giants fearlessly charged straight through the see of Giants, slowly making their way towards the leader of the group.

In the meantime the remaining two 10 meter Giants that I had summoned were taking care of the surrounding small Giants.

And I pulled out my bow and started withering their numbers from the back!  The scene that I had envisioned would happen against Titan was unfolding here… How ironic that was.

‘I wonder if there are even bigger Giants…’

 The leader of their group was the biggest Metal type Giant that I had seen up until now, towering at an amazing 30 meters. I of course tried using Appraisal on it.

The Giant Gigas

Knight Lv1923

HP 24,238

MP 402

Strength 37,234

Defense 20,963

Magic Defense 22,057

Agility 182

Dexterity 42

Wisdom 43

Luck 61


Regeneration (V)

Strength Increase (III)

Physical Resistance (II)

Magic Resistance (IV)

Coercion (I)

‘So it has a name!? Excluding Titan, that’s a first… However after seeing Titan, this one doesn’t seem that big.’

“Go!! Pin them down!!!”

My three Giants charged towards the 30 metal tall Giant.


I was dumbfounded by the scene unfolding in front of me. The man in front of me was the one who just 2 days ago had come to seek shelter with the siblings. And he was also the man that I banished…

Still that man had come back and was now helping us… Why was he doing this…?

Another strange thing were the Giants that suddenly appeared and started fighting the other Giants. On top of that that man also pulled out a bow and started shooting at the Giants. To top it all of whenever a Giant was shot it would explode and burn down… I was completely lost for words at the unexplainable scenery.


My three Giants managed to get a hold of the 30 meter leader!  However they were soon pushed back. Even though it was only 10 meters taller, it’s strength was numerous times that of my Giants.

I pulled on my bow imbued with magic and set my sights on my target… I already knew the Gigas’s weakness.

“Roaring Thunder!!”

Upon colliding with the Gigas, my arrow exploded and thunder covered its whole body. In the next moment the 30 meter Giant fell to the ground.

Even though my power output drops a bit when I imbue magic into my arrows, I can shoot them in rapid succession and also the damage of the arrow itself is also included, so in the end it turns into a pretty powerful means of attack!

And I already knew that the Metal type Giants weaknesses were Fire and Lightning. So using Combination Magic to combine both of them I proceeded to shoot my arrow.

“Eat this! Blazing Thunder!!”

I shot 3 arrows in succession. Upon hitting the Gigas they immediately covered him in light, and in the next moment that light turned to flames engulfing him and his painful shrieks.


Following I used Strengthening Magic on my three Giants which hardened them. With this my Giants’ Strength and Defense was increased and they could finally grab a hold of Gigas… And after they got him…


Gigas turned in specks of light and after that his name appeared on my summoning list.

Tame had succeeded

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  1. Uwoah. Awesome. A named pet.
    He should change the name to Pochi or Rover. It would show other humans that it was harmless now.

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