Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 3

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

The Homeroom Teacher is a Former Legend

We headed to the classroom indicated on the bulletin board. At Ifrus Academy of Magic, even if students are in the same grade level, their classrooms are not necessarily adjacent to each other.

A class comprises one teacher and ten students.

Advanced-level magic is used during lessons, so the classrooms—the primary location where magic classes are held—are scattered throughout the academy’s premises as a countermeasure to explosions that can occur.

Prime buildings are located near the center of the academy. Libraries, training facilities, and other amenities available for students’ use become higher in quality, and life becomes more convenient as you go nearer to the center. 

Classes that achieve excellent results in tests and practical exams will be transferred to classrooms near the center (capital) of the academy.

Of course, the opposite is also possible.

Job applications after graduation are also affected by your status as a class—how close your class was to the capital during your studies.

Therefore, all students forge a strong bond within their class, and they compete with the other classes with the aim to transfer to classrooms as close to the center as possible before they graduate.

That’s why the farthest classrooms are allocated to freshmen because they do not have any achievements yet. But the schoolroom written on the bulletin board for our class was right next to the academy’s center.

“Dude, you sure you didn’t pull any strings with the Count’s help? We’re almost at the center, yah know.”

“The people around this area do look like they are upperclassmen or researchers.”

Luke and Luna seemed uneasy that they were here. It was just like what Luna said. We were surrounded by seniors and dignified magicians.

With the conspicuous freshmen robes we were wearing, our existence here is ostentatious enough. Despite that, in the information board we passed earlier on our way here, it was clearly stated that this beautiful (and looking like it was just newly built) building right before our eyes is indeed our classroom.

“Hey, I already told you I didn’t do anything. Maybe our homeroom teacher is an incredible magician?”

Classes relocate depending on the students’ grades, but if the class adviser has considerable accomplishments, a class transfer is also possible.

In other words, if the homeroom teacher is a famous magician, that in itself will allow the class to qualify for a classroom near the center. Ah, but in reality, that kind of situation where prominent magicians handle freshmen students rarely happens. 

“Anyway, let’s enter first.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“A, alright.”

I led the way towards the establishment. Stone knight statues stood at the left and right sides of the entrance.

“Stop, only those who are qualified can enter this facility.”


When I tried to touch the gates, the stone statues suddenly moved and blocked my entrance. These sculptures are probably similar to those gargoyles guarding magicians’ mansions. 

However, these statues moved so smoothly and fluently conversed with us that I was taken aback.

Luke and Luna were also shocked.

“What do you mean by qualifications? It was written that our classroom is here.”

“Got it. Then state your name.”

”Name? Mine’s Halt.”

“Hmm… And those two behind you?”


“I, I’m L, Luna.”

“Everyone’s voiceprint is confirmed. All of you are eligible to enter. Come in.”

The stone statues turned sideways to clear the path, and the gates opened automatically. Afterwards, the statues remained still.

“We can enter now, right? What the heck’s with these guys?”

Luke prodded the sculptures.

“Don’t touch that randomly. You might anger it. They look pretty strong in combat.”

“I agree. I don’t think a magician can win against them unless he’s high-level.”

“Halt and Luna, how did you know that?”

“First, the movement of the statues had been really smooth. Most probably, magical circles of earth and water magic were used on their joints. Gargoyles and synthetic demons such as stone statues have a weakness- their inability to do tight turns- but that’s not the case for these statues due to those talismans.”

“Just like what Halt said, advanced-level magical circles are widely used on them. However, I can hardly feel the power of magical circles. In other words, there’s a possibility that a crystal or ore called Magic Canceller had been used on their bodies.”

“You’re right. It might also depend on the quality of Magic Cancellers, but if it’s only intermediate-level of magic, they can be disabled.”

“Eh, then isn’t this guy amazing?”

“Yeah, that’s why before it gets angry with Luke’s poking, let’s quickly enter.”

“Ah! Wait for me!”

Luna and I hurriedly entered the building. Luke, flustered, followed immediately. I’m anticipating what kind of lessons we’ll be having in this establishment guarded by advanced-level man-made demons. 

Honestly, because Tina’s exceptionally great, I thought there’s nothing worth learning even from the world’s leading magical institutions. Instead of enrolling there, it’ll definitely be better if I receive my lessons from Tina. I’m sure I’ll get stronger by that.

Nevertheless, whether I want to join a guild and organize my own party (team) or have an adventure in the future, my reputation or status as a graduate of the Ifrus Academy of Magic will prove to be extremely beneficial.


We arrived at the classroom.

There were seven students already seated inside.

“You’re the last batch, I guess. Hi, I’m Leaffa, nice to meet you.”

A blue-eyed blonde beauty that seemed to be an elf stood from her seat and invited us into the room.

“I’m Halt, nice to meet you.”

“My name is Luna. Please take care of me.”

“Name’s Luke, glad to meet yah.”

“Hi! I’m Merdie, let’s get along~”

From the seat beside the window, a girl whose beast ears peeked from her orange hair waved energetically. Apparently, she’s from the beastmen tribe. Beastmen are known for their high physical abilities, and they mostly work as warriors and soldiers and in related jobs. So to see a beastman like Merdie in the academy is something quite uncommon.

“I’m Ryuushin, and this is Ryuka.”

Ryuushin and Ryuka’s existence is even rarer than the beastman tribe. They belong to the dragon clan. In other words, they are dragonoids, and the dragon scales on their arms and forehead are evidence of that.

Dragonoids are species said to inherit the blood of the Dragon God. Ryuka seems to be the shy-type, as she kept hiding behind Ryuushin.

“This One is named Youko. Please treat this One favorably.” 

The girl Youko, who referred to herself as “this one”, was not wearing the academy’s uniform. Instead, she was donned in a kimono. I have the ability to see other people’s magical powers, albeit vaguely, but I can see the bundle of nine long cylindrical magical powers behind Youko.

Luke and the others seem to perceive only the difference in our clothes, so it’s highly probable that only I can see those tails. Maybe Youko purposely hid her tails, so I pretended I hadn’t seen them either.

 “We are Mai and Mei. Kindly treat us well.”

The two girls introduced themselves in perfect synchronization. I didn’t get which one is Mai and which one is Mei.

At any rate, they’re our classmates.

“Uh, excuse me, Halt-sama? I assume you are the esteemed son of an Earl?”

Different from the easy-going attitude with which she invited us over, Leaffa suddenly switched to a formal style of speaking. It looks like she noticed the motif on my robe, which signified my status as a child of a Count.

“Yeah, I’m the third son of the Count’s residence, Halt-Vie-Silveray. Ah, but I prefer to be Halt, just a normal student, while in this class. You don’t have to mind it so much. From here on, please take care of me.”

“Thank you very much for that. Once again, I’m in your care.”

After everyone’s done with the self-introductions, Luke, Luna, and I took the vacant seats in the front row.

“Because you’re here, is it possible that we also received preferential treatment and were assigned to this class?” 

Youko said from behind me. She was seated in the second row.

“Hmm… I didn’t do anything. But there’s a possibility Father’s behind this.”

I started to think that way. If that’s not the case, there’s no way for a freshman to be assigned to a classroom this near to the academy’s center.

Besides, he would have arranged a famous magician to be our class adviser. So, who will it be? While I was thinking about these, the door of the classroom opened.


The one who opened the door and came in was my exclusive maid. She was also wearing a set of clothes that is different from her usual maid outfit. In fact, she looked like she could be a teacher.

“Please call me Professor Tina, Halt-kun.”


“Hello, everyone. My name is Tina Harivell. I will be handling your lessons starting from today. Best regards to all of you.”

“Did you say Tina Harivell? Oho, you have a namesake. The one who led the heroes a hundred years ago. The heroine who defeated the Demon King.”

“Ah, that person is me.”



Translator’s corner: Hello guys, Kyat Kyat here! I hope you’re enjoying Level 1 Strongest Sage. Thanks for your continuous support (morally and otherwise hehe). As you have noticed, our characters have increased, and they have their own way of speaking that is very clear in Japanese but quite difficult to carry-over to English. Still, I tried to vary the way the characters talk. Youko, in particular, speaks quite arrogantly, and she uses archaic/ old-fashioned Japanese. I was debating between using “thou” and “you”. But for the sake of readability, I opted for “you”. I hope I was able to capture their personalities somehow. 😀 Let me know what you think: D Till next chapter!



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  2. I CALLED IT. I will now predict that Tina is the one who did most of the moving and there is a chance that the father does not know of her actions entirely which could could imply that rather than using a Counts authority, she used her own status

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