I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 48

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


After getting away from Titan I continued to aimlessly fry through the skies.

‘How should I defeat that? Should I just give up and go to another country?’

 Were the thoughts that were circulating in my head. While pondering about what I would do next my Detection suddenly reacted to a huge group of people.

It appears there were a lot of people hiding in something that looked like a car factory. I flew down in order to check up on the situation of the refugees there. When I got closer someone suddenly called out to me.

“Are you a refugee as well? That’s strange…”

A guy standing beside a giant shutter called out to me. It seems like this place didn’t have any soldiers and was mainly run by civilians.

“We used to get a lot of refugees before, but currently there almost been none you see.”

“Did the Giants get more active perhaps?”

“There’s that as well but I think it’s mostly because the people have almost lost all hope… When the world first became like this we thought that since America is a strong country, that the government would take care of it somehow but now a couple of months have already passed and the situation hasn’t changed at all, rather it’s gotten even worse.”

“You mean that everyone’s beginning to give up?”

“There’s nothing we can do… We keep hearing that people are getting fewer and fewer… And just some time ago the refugees at Miller Park were also attacked, so that became a huge commotion.”

I felt shivers run down my spine…

“Miller Park was!? Did the Giants attacks it, when was it!!?”

“Hmph… The communication network isn’t that great so I cannot tell you the exactly… I hear that the shelters around here were able to somehow get into contact with them so I can ask around of you wa… Wait what? He disappeared…!??”


I immediately teleported to Miller Park. The surrounding here were completely in ruin and the inside had turned into a scene of copses and blood.

‘I was focused too much on Titan… I should have given more thought about the safety of the people here…”

The guilt was slowly getting to me.

That nasty feeling was spreading throughout my whole body…

I used Clairvoyance and Detection to see if I could find any survivors. Around 10 km away I could feel a response. I immediately flew to that place.


Michelle was a complete mess… She had cried so much that no more tears were coming out.


In front of her was her sleeping brother who from now on wouldn’t be able to walk… His face was pale and his body was in tatters. Even though he had first-aid done, it was even mystery how he was still alive with his wounds.

“He doesn’t have much left…”

The one who said that was the soldier Joshua who had managed to run away with them. There were only around 200 lucky people who were able to escape with their lives from the Giant’s attack.

“If only we knew if there were any other survivors… Still as long as that Giant group is over there it’s almost impossible to run…”

The ones who had attacked them were a group led by a single Giant. It was rare to see Giants forming groups, and it could even be seen as the worst possible thing.


The closest shelter to here was a certain public museum so we all headed there. Even the shelters that were originally created by the people, weren’t made close to each other, so it wasn’t that close. It was made in this way so that even if one shelter was attacked, it would affect the others.

However due to it being that way, we weren’t able to ask for help and the only thing we could do was try to get to the closest shelter by ourselves. And even if by some chance we manage to get there, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to help all of us… Every shelter is doing it’s best to just take care of it’s own after all…

“Joshua, how much until we get there?”

Michelle was asking me with a worried expression. It was obvious that she wanted to help her brother, however moving right now was dangerous!

When night falls the Giants stop moving. If possible I wanted to move after the sun had set…


I turned back at the sound of a falling rock. On top of one the ruined buildings there was a 3 meter tall Giant standing there. In the next moment it opened it’s mouth and let out an unpleasant shriek.


“We’re screwed! It’s a scout!!”

They had found us…!!

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  1. so they’re still alive, huh? Ell really lucky i guess. and Michelle… well let just look where this is going.

    Thank for the chapter!

  2. I can’t believe I found someone who doesn’t know the difference between “would” and “wouldn’t.” I also can’t believe how, despite there being an editor, such obvious mistakes were left unnoticed.

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