Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 2

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Luke and Luna

“Fr, friends!?”

“Yup, friends. I’m Halt, third son of the House of Count Silveray. Would you be my friend?”

“Well, ahm, even if you tell me to be friends with an aristocrat… that is…”

“Oh, then I’ll just report the matter of being called an idiot to Father.”

“Please do not do that! Oy, you shouldn’t blackmail someone to be your pal–oops, pl, please pardon me!”

“Ohh, so you’re okay with being friends, yes? And that’s how you normally speak, right? Let’s drop the formalities since we’re pals.”

“Ahh… can’t help this… Yep, I get it. I’m Luke, nice to meet yah.”

“Yeah, likewise.”

When I reached out my hand, Luke rubbed his hand on his robe first before shaking mine.

Somehow, he’s a really great guy who pays attention to details.

“Ahm, excuse me… I also want to get along with both of you.”

Hesitatingly, the female student I helped earlier tried to converse with us, albeit a little shyly.

Of course, there’s no reason to refuse.

“You also want to be friends with us, right. I’m Halt, and this is my best friend, Luke.”

“Oy, why are you the one introducing me!? And what’s this about best friends!?”

I just got to know Luke’s name but I dunno why, I called him my best friend. Our interactions were amusing, so I guess it slipped.

Being called that way, Luke looked flustered and embarrassed, but since there’s no malicious intent in his words, there’s no problem.

“I am called Luna. Please take care of me.”

“Yeah, nice to meet you, too.”

“Hey, nice to meet you.”

With this, I made two friends. If Tina were to hear about this, I’m sure she’d be extremely happy. Tina’s worried whether I could make friends in school.

With that in mind, I headed to the entrance ceremony hall with Luke and Luna.


The entrance ceremony ended quite early.

With Luke and Luna in tow, I hurried towards the area of the school grounds where my house was supposedly built. I wanted to introduce them to Tina as soon as possible, so I walked hurriedly in large strides.

“Whoa, the Count’s Residence is truly incredible. To be able to build a house on the school grounds—they’re quite something.”

“And there is a maid, too. If I’m not mistaken, not even parents can enter the school premises aside from the students.”

“Hehe, isn’t it amazing?”

I may sound like I’m bragging, but I’m getting anxious in my heart. It’s because I can’t find my house. It’s supposed to be near this area according to the map Tina gave me but…

“Hey, Halt, not sure about this, but is that your house?”


In the direction Luke pointed to, there stood a mansion large enough to accommodate a few dozens students. Though its size was only 1/5 of the Silveray Mansion where I lived, it was a stately mansion complete with a garden—completely different from the buildings in the school premises.

The word [Silveray] was engraved on the gates.


I thought I would be given a small bungalow, something similar to what I had lived in my previous world. Even if it had many rooms, it would be approximately the size of two LDK (living room with a dining room-kitchen area).

“Wow, the Count is marvelous!”

Luna was stunned.

I’m shocked, too.

Since there’s nothing to be done about it even if we stand outside, I took Luke and Luna and headed to the mansion. I rang the bell at the gate, and Tina appeared from inside after a while.

“Welcome home, Halt-sama.”

“I’m home, Tina.”

“Halt-sama, may I know who these people are?”

“Ah, I’ll introduce them to you. They’re new friends I made today. This is Luke, and she’s Luna.”

“My name is Luke. Please take care of me.”

“It is nice to be your acquaintance. My name is Luna.”

“Wow, Halt-sama, you were able to make new friends. Congratulations!”

“Yeah, thanks! Well, since we’re already here, is it okay for Luke and Luna to join us for dinner?”

“Why, of course. I will prepare it immediately. Please enjoy yourselves in the living room.”


When Tina went off to the kitchen, I realized I don’t know where the living room is, so we walked through the mansion and checked out the rooms. Finally, when we found a room that looked like it would be the living room, we sat down. But Tina came right then and called us for dinner.

The mansion is too huge.

Since only Tina and I live in this mansion, there will definitely be rooms that will not be used, so I contemplated suggesting that Luke and Luna live here.

The dinner Tina made was still as delicious as ever.

Luke and Luna look satisfied, too.

After dinner, Luke and Luna said they needed to return to their dormitories, so I promised them we’ll to go to our classrooms together. A lot of things happened, but it was a fulfilling first day in the academy of magic. Tomorrow, magic lessons will commence.

I’m excited.

But prior to that event, there will be a class announcement. I hope I’ll become classmates with Luke and Luna, if possible. After expressing that to Tina, she went out to go somewhere.

It took almost an hour before she returned, and even if I asked her where she went, she just smiled mysteriously and refused to answer.

The next morning, when I reached our meeting place, Luke and Luna were already waiting.

“Sorry I’m late.”

“Nope, you’re right on time.”

“Yes, I also just arrived.”

“I’m relieved if that’s the case. I hope we’ll be in the same class.”

“It might be difficult for all three of us to be together. There are 30 classes.”

There are 300 students admitted this year. Since each class has ten students, the number of classes became 30. It might really be hopeless for the three of us to be in the same class.

“Can Halt do something about this with the Count’s influence?”

“Hmm, it’s impossible. It’s just yesterday that we became friends. I didn’t have enough time to prepare for that.”

“Yeah, that’s possible.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

I think if I request Father, who spoils me and even built a stately mansion within the school premises just for me, he can probably tamper the class’s roster.

But, as expected, nothing can be done since it was just yesterday. With that in mind, we headed to the bulletin board where the classes are posted.


Let me say the result.

All three of us landed in the same class.

It seems like somebody erased the other students’ names and then rewrote ours—all three of us—right on top. I could read the name written previously.

One of the erased names suspiciously looked like Nard, that son of Baron Zordee, who was involved in the incident with Luna yesterday.

Ah, well, let’s just leave the small details be.

I just need to be happy now since I’m in the same class with Luke and Luna.

“For all three of us to be in the same class… You did use the Count’s power after all, right?”

“I didn’t do anything. Besides, why is it only our class that doesn’t have a homeroom teacher?”

“Oh, you’re right. The other classes have their respective advisers written on the roster.”

It’s as if our class’s homeroom teacher’s name had been erased.

I have a feeling that something’s going to happen.

But, there’s no use thinking about it now.

Anyway, when the lesson starts, we’ll know who our adviser is. Together with Luke and Luna, we walked towards the classroom.



  1. I’m really curious where the author is going with this. It could be another blessed by the heavens milquetoast protagonist with a connect the dots plot. Or he could play it for laughs and do a comedy.

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