I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 47

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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I was flying towards New York at high speeds in order to finally fight with Titan. I of course thought that I had good chances of success. My plan was that I would first summon 3 Giants and make them charge at Titan, forcing him into close-range combat.

After all fighting Giants in close-range combat wasn’t smart, so I would leave that part to my summoned Giants, while I would provide support from the rear with my bow.

Using that I would slowly whittle down Titan’s health.

I had high hopes for this tactic of mine. From all of the Giants that I had met up until now I had already used Tame on the strongest ones, and I had also risen Archery’s rank.

I believed that that would be enough… That was until I met Titan that is…

“What in the world is that!?”

It was a Rock type Giant… However, it was way bigger than what I had imagined. It easily exceeded 300 meters in height, and magma could be seen erupting from it’s frame.

Everywhere Titan passed through the ground would be covered in lava, and would be devoid of all life, being turned into scorched earth.

I tried using Appraisal on it.

Titan (Giant)

Knight Lv 4573

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

“He doesn’t even come close to the other Giants… Is this a joke?”

I summoned my 3 Giants and had them charge at Titan, however…

One of them, a human type Giant, died before even reaching Titan. Due to the earth being covered in lava, it’s legs were burned by the intense heat. With that I understood that the magma being produced from Titan’s body was definitely a couple thousand degrees hot.

Following the human type giant, the other Rock and Metal Giants that I had prepared actually managed to get to Titan, however I could see that the Metal Giant’s body was slowly melting.

The only one that was in a kind of a decent shape was the Rock Giant. However it couldn’t even compare to Titan. I tried having it attack Titan’s legs, but that didn’t even make him tickle.

I decided I would try attacking Titan with my bow. I tried imbuing a lot of different types of magic in my arrows like Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Water Magic and so on, however none of them had any effect.

I even tried attacking with different kinds of offensive magic after equipping my Magic Staff. For starters besides Water Magic nothing else usually worked on Rock type Giants. However since Titan was always producing high heat magma from his body normal Water Magic did nothing whatsoever.

‘Still considering it’s a Rock Giant, the fact that Water Magic is its weak point shouldn’t change!’

I used teleportation and teleported right next to the ocean. Afterwards I used Water Magic and began controlling the ocean’s water.

The enormous amount of water started spinning, slowly turning into a swirl, which in the next moment started rising towards the skies, turning into something resembling a water tornado which just kept rising.

‘Titan is only a couple of kilometres away. Normal Water Magic didn’t work, but if I just make it bigger it should at least do something, hopefully!’

The water that had gathered in the sky took the form of an enormous dragon, which after being formed flew towards the skies.

I followed it by flying right next to it and began dumping MP into it. The dragon’s body began being enveloped by lightning, transforming it into a golden dragon which headed straight towards Titan!!


In terms of size, they were definitely equal!

‘With this maybe…’

After the water dragon collided with Titan, the whole area was instantly covered in water vapor. However after looking closely I found out that the the water was being evaporated before even touching Titan’s body!!

‘How fucking hot is that thing’s body!!?’

In the end it didn’t work at all… Combination Magic turned out to be useless as well… It was evident that no magic attacks worked on Titan.

I thought that I would maybe be able to stop it in its tracks by using Gravity Manipulation, but that failed as well. Gravity Manipulation’s effect is severely dependent on the area’s range.

If it was a small area I would easily be able to increase gravity up to a 100 times, however considering Titan’s size, I could only increase it a couple of times.

Even the Giant crushing boulder tactic that I had used before was useless as well. After dropping the boulder it immediately broke into pieces upon contact with Titan’s body, not causing any damage at all.

“It’s way too strong… It’s way too abnormal!”

This Giant didn’t consider me as an enemy… To be honest it probably didn’t even know I was here at all!!

I had gotten way to over my head… Just because I had obtained a bit of power I though that I would be able to win. However it was way too soon… I should have challenged it after obtaining more experience.

The strongest monster… I finally understood what those words truly meant.

While looking at the picture of the enormous Giant, slowly making its way through the scorching hot earth I decided to retreat. Ever since stumbling upon the gacha and gaining power from it, this was my first defeat…

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    1. It might have know it was being attacked, but the attacks were so weak it did not consider them a threat or even feel them. It probably fust considered the MC a fly. Annoying but that’s it, though I like that this was added since it would not really make sense if he could beat it since he was having trouble with regular giants and I highly doubt Japan had that strong of monsters.

  1. Meowthank, i think lvl 99 is max for him. Kinda like how in WoW max for players is like lvl 80 and in rs3 and osrs the combat level capped at 138 and 126 respectively.

  2. Why about Ice Magic think it would do better? 🙂Thanks for the Chapter!!! Lookin forward to the next Update!🙂

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