I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 46

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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Today marked the third day that I was helping in the clinic. At first I though that I wouldn’t stay that long in this place, but after working here for a bit and getting to know one of the doctors Dr. Scott and Michele I ended up missing my opportunity to leave.

Although I got along with the other two I felt like Michelle’s brother, Ell didn’t seem to like me for some reason…

“Oh, thanks. Gojo you should go and rest a bit as well.”

“I’m fine! I may not look like it but I’m pretty strong.”

I could see that Dr. Scott was worried for me. He really was a kind person.

“Just up until a while go this area was swarming with Giants, however in the recent days almost all of them have disappeared, I wonder what happened… Either way I hope that it stays like this.”

Apart from Dr. Scott and Michelle, all of the other people were starting to open themselves up to me. While helping one of the patients and secretly using Healing Magic on him

I heard Michelle calling me.

“Mr. Gojo I still haven’t been able to repay you for helping me, so if there’s anything that I can help you with please tell me!”

“It’s okay! You don’t need to worry about that… Just be careful not to tell about my secret to the others okay?”

“Okay! I won’t tell anyone. You must have your own circumstances after all…”

Ell was quietly watching my conversation with Michelle from a bit further away. At that time I didn’t pay him any mind, little did I know…


Ell couldn’t understand why Michelle was acting so friendly with such a suspicious man.

If that Gojo guy really turns out to be a dangerous guy, the only one who’ll have to save Michele will be me, is what Ell thought. Recently those were the only thoughts that were going through Ell’s mind.

“Excuse me…”

Ell, believing his decision was the right one decided to speak to Joshua…


While talking with the refugees I was suddenly surrounded by a number of soldiers.

“Can we ask you to come with us…”

“Is something wrong?”

I was taken to a place that was devoid of almost all people. The person waiting there for me was Joshua.

“I heard rumors that you were travelling alongside Giants. Is it true?”

‘Those siblings told on me huh… Oh well I guess it’s fine.’

“That’s correct. But it’s not like we’re friends or anything.”

“Still if that’s the case then I can’t have you wandering around here. I’m gonna be forced to banish you. Don’t hate me for this.”

“I understand. It’s what anyone would do. And I wasn’t planning on leaving soon either way.”

After being escorted to the exit I said my goodbyes to Miller Park. The only way I could guarantee that the residents here along with those siblings would be able to live peacefully was by defeating Titan.

I rose to the skies and headed towards New York.


“Joshua… is only banishing him enough? He may come back along with the Giants you know!”

“I’ve heard that there people that awakened to some kind of mysterious powers after the world became like this. There’s no guarantee that he’s an enemy…”

‘He didn’t look like a bad person, but I also cannot just leave him be…’

After going back inside Miller Park I was called in by Dr. Scott from the clinic.

“Joshua can I have a moment? There’s been a problem.”

“A problem? What happened?”

“It’s the patients I’m currently looking after… All of them suddenly started recovering really fast, and look like they’ll be completely recovered in time…”

“Isn’t that great news!? What problem is there in that?”

“Its way too fast! Even people who weren’t supposed to recover at all, are all almost completely recovered. It’s strange no matter how you look at it!!”

“What do you mean? Why is something like that…!?”


One of the soldiers was frantically running towards me.

“Numerous Giants are heading this way from the South! They might be after this place!!”

“What!? Didn’t the number of Giants drop significantly these past few days?”

‘South is the opposite of the direction Gojo went to… Damn it!! What’s the hell’s going on! It’s one after another…’

“Take up defense positions immediately! And gather everyone that can fight to the entrance!!”

Miller Park had suddenly become a mess. None of the residents inside could hide their worried expressions.


“What’s going on… Did the Giants come?”

“Michelle! It seems like the Giants are heading here. Let’s go and hide in the residential area with everyone!!”

Ell was grabbing and pulling on Michele’s hand trying to take her with him…

“That’s right! Won’t it be fine if we just ask Mr. Gojo to help us!? Ell do you know where Mr. Gojo is?”


“What happened?”

That day it didn’t that long for the Giants to break through the doors and trample down all of the people inside the dome.

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  1. Well it kinda sad, isn’t it? Even though we didn’t know them for long michele and dr.scott were really nice people. Guess that what happen when you act out of jalousy.

    Thank for the chapter!

  2. Damn man I hate how scummy these people are. I feel like I’m reading a Chinese/Korean novel with all these unappreciative people. If I was the MC I wouldn’t be such a nice guy, then again that’s what reminds me this is a Japanese novel because the MC is a beta

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    1. Completely forgot to check through it before uploading. Thanks for the notice again meow, it’s fixed now. Will try not to forget to edit it in for chapters further on!

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