Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 1 – Chapter 6

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Grimoires and Secret Magic Training

Half a month has passed since I was reincarnated into this world.

I’ve been concealing my daily magic training sessions from Tina. It has also been part of my routine to sneak into my father’s study and read the stored grimoires.

I wasn’t prohibited from entering the study, so I guess it’s alright.

Maybe it’s because of a Sage’s ability, or perhaps it’s a privilege for being reincarnated, but I can read the words of this world just fine.

The sorcery books in my father’s study would be incomprehensible for the original 5-year-old Halt, but because my profession is a Sage, I can understand what I read.

Some books were written in languages even I can’t read. There were some words that I can decipher, and I can slowly, little by little, grasp their meaning through comparison with other books.

The other day, I finally finished reading a book cover to cover, and apparently, it’s an esoteric book written in Ancient Runes to boot.

I’m progressing!

I was ecstatic when I realized I’m growing up.

Because the Evil God cursed me, my status got locked. And so, no matter how much I train, there will never be progress with my status. However, by studying, I can increase my wisdom and knowledge.

The book I decided to read next is written in Elvish. However, since there is only one copy related to this subject, it is very difficult to decipher.

I’ll probably get something if I ask my nanny, Tina, a half-Elf, to teach me something about it. But looking back, in this world, it’s highly unusual for children born in the human race to learn how to read Elvish

Even if it’s not as difficult as Ancient Runes, it’s still very hard for humans to understand the language of Elves.

That’s why I gave up on asking Tina.

When I’m older, let’s just use the excuse of “interest in learning her language” to ask Tina to teach me. 

Besides, there are a lot of other grimoires in Father’s study, so I don’t really have to forcibly study Elvish right now.

“So, what am I gonna read today?”

There are hundreds of books stored in the study. And the “me” right now is interested in each and every one of them.

As I was pondering on which one to choose, a book caught my eye.

“Oh, this is quite nostalgic… Fundamentals of Magic, right.”

I remember when I—Halt—was around four, Tina read this book aloud to me. Even if I reincarnated to this body when Halt was five years old, I do have memories of his life prior to the rebirth.

Halt couldn’t read this book at that time. 

“Yeah, I can read this.”

The information in the book is a bit difficult to comprehend, but I can read it somehow. Judging from its title, I thought it’s an introductory book to magic, but I was mistaken.

Its pages explained in great detail the elements, or constituents, of magic in this world. Even as a Sage, I had difficulty understanding its contents.

Tina was able to extract the most important information from this book, and she explained it in such a way that even a four-year-old could understand. Once again, I’m amazed at Tina’s ability.

Because Tina read the book to me, somehow, the current me has a basis for my knowledge of magic.

Apparently, there is a world of difference in one’s future magical abilities based on whether they can read this book. That’s how important this book is.

“This book’s really amazing. Who in the world—“

I became curious about the author. Thus, I looked at the last page.

At that moment, I understood the reason behind her perfect comprehension of the book, and why she could easily explain it so clearly that even a four-year-old could understand its contents. 

Author: Tina Harivell



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