I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 45

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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“Can you keep it a secret that I have Giants with me?”

After asking the siblings to keep my secret we entered Miller Park. There were numerous people who had put up tents one right next to the other, and were living inside the dome.

Just by looking at this I could guess what kind of situation America was in.

“We cannot offer the best of support here, however we can at least offer the bare minimum. Make yourselves at home.”

The siblings looked like they relaxed a bit after hearing the soldier’s words… My purpose for coming here was to gather information regarding Titan so I parted ways with the siblings for the time being.

“Michelle… Can we really trust him? It’s strange that he can control Giants like that!”

“Ell! He saved us you know!! If he hadn’t shown up, we’d currently be dead.”



After going around and asking the soldiers I managed to find out several things.

“Anyone who’s fought against Titan huh… In here I think it’s only Joshua. He’s the one supervising this place. He’s also the one that guided you here.”

It seemed like most of the people that had fought with Titan had died… In here the only survivor of that battle was Joshua. So I decided to go and talk with him.

“I did in fact participate in the battle, however, I was in the back lines. So I didn’t even manage to see Titan.

And the ones who were in front all died.”

“Do you know anything else about Titan?”

“Why are you so interested in that Giant? I feel sick just by thinking of that battle!”

‘It seems like I won’t be able to get a lot of information here… I guess I’ll leave after asking some of the soldiers about the current state of America…’

While thinking that my eyes caught a glimpse of something.

“It seems like people are being carried over there, what’s going on?”

“That’s the clinic. We treat the wounded and the sick over there. Would you like to take a look?”

I decided to follow Joshua to the clinic. After arriving I was surprised at the number of patients that were inside. Before this place had apparently been used as the player’s waiting room, however, they had broken down the walls turning it into a wide open area.

There were a number of doctors but they were lacking the necessary equipment. I could also see soldiers and civilians running around and helping manage the place.

“Did Giants cause all of this?”

After hearing my question Joshua made a troubled expression, but afterwards answered.

“Most of them yea… They’re the ones who managed to run with their lives after being attacked by Giants… They’re the same as you. The rest are ones who had caught light diseases, but due to the lack of food and appropriate equipment their illnesses just got worse… There are a lot of cases like that.”

I could easily go around and heal them using my Healing Magic, but that would probably create a commotion… And If I stand out too much it might lead to a replay of what happened with the Self-Defense Forces.

“Can you let me help as well? After seeing this I can’t just sit around and do nothing.”

“Really? That’ll be great. I’ll go talk with the person in charge, so you just wait here!”

Michelle who was a bit further away from us had apparently heard in on our conversation.

“E-excuse me. I want to help out as well!!”

“Michelle was it. Sure! The more the better!”

From that day onward myself and Michelle ended up helping with in clinic. Even though I call it helping we were just changing bandages, giving a shoulder to people who had a hard time walking or helping people who couldn’t move at all, wash themselves.

I wasn’t a doctor so I wasn’t allowed to do any treatment… However

“Does your eye hurt?”

“Hm? A newbie huh… No, it’s fine. However since it’s been completely smashed they told me that I won’t be able to see with it again…”

While wiping the bodies of the patients I was directly touching them so I could tell exactly where they had been injured.

I decided to try using Healing Magic.

‘If I completely restore it then it will probably create a panic. However, if I just restore it a bit and strengthen the body’s regenerative functions, it should be able to heal completely by itself. I guess I’ll do that…’

Since my Healing was at rank SS I could do now do a lot of complicated stuff with it.

After that I went around and cast Healing Magic on a number of patients. Afterwards I went back to the residence area with Michelle. The residence area had been built by placing wooden planks along the passages in the dome to create small rooms.

The rooms weren’t that spacious but it was just enough for one person to fit inside. I was told take a good rest, however before doing that I had something else to care of…

Using teleportation I went outside of Miller Park. While I was inside I had gotten some signals on my Detection so I though that I would take care of the nearby monsters.

If Miller Park was suddenly attacked that’d be pretty bad for me after all..!

Afterwards I proceeded taking care of the Giants around the area while trying not to be noticed by anyone.

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    1. /spoiler/ Many of the refugees die to giants after he leaves due to betrayal. He goes to Titan but has to retreat in shame because its defenses too stronk. /spoiler/

    2. I’m sorry you feel that way, however as I said in the previous chapter spoiling content is a matter of my own principles so I cannot do that. I cannot deny that chapters are currently pretty short, however as a translator and not the author I cannot change that fact. I can say that they do become longer further on in the novel, some of which even being double the size of the current ones. However, we are currently stuck with these. You are completely free to take a break from the novel for now and wait for it to build up chapters which you can read through later. I would rather you have a pleasant experience rather than a bad one. Sincerely Jiro <3

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