Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 1 – Chapter 5

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

The Evil God’s Curse

Let’s use magic while looking at the Status Board.

Fire Lance!”

Magic power: 10/10 [Fixed]

Just like what I thought! My magic did not lessen one bit.

Fire Lance! Fire Lance! Fire Lance!”

Magic power: 10/10 [Fixed]

I repeatedly cast the spell, but my magical power did not decrease at all.

…My theory was correct!

The curse cast by the Evil God did not lock the powers to their maximum value. Instead, the status itself was sealed. In other words, no matter how much magic I use, it will never be exhausted.’

“Hey, does this mean it’s possible to get stronger depending on how I handle this?”

Let’s compare the magic practice target Tina destroyed to the one I burned a while ago. While I wasn’t able to destroy mine completely, I was able to use the same magic as Tina. Considerable damage was inflicted on the target.

The overwhelming difference in our attack powers is already a given since I am at Level 1 and Tina’s at Level 250. However, with repetitive magical attacks, it is possible to be on par with someone who has a high level of attack power.

Even if my status is locked at Level 1, there is a way for me to get stronger. It seems I discovered something that will enable me to fully enjoy this “other world” life:

  1. Being able to shoot repeatedly at high speed.
  2. Having the ability to raise the power of each shot.

Regarding (1), even though I can shoot smoothly at the moment, I have a hunch I’ll be able to increase my firing speed if I practice and refine my control over magic.

As for (2), I haven’t confirmed this yet, but I think it’ll be possible to increase each shot’s power by combining several properties of magic.

Let’s take [Fire Lance] as an example. Maybe it’s possible to increase the power and speed if I use wind magic.

In my previous world, there was a ninja manga that depicted Fire Ninjutsu being strengthened by Wind Ninjutsu. I think I’ll try different experiments using the training techniques in that manga as reference.

Sooooo, let’s start the high-speed magic activation training!


It’s already noon, eh? For almost two hours, I’ve been shooting [Fire Lance] at the target nonstop. Of course, my magic didn’t diminish, and my body condition is fine.

Even though the Evil God said he wouldn’t let me live well in this world, maybe he’s really a nice guy since he even gave me a cheat skill in the form of a curse.

I began to think that way.

“I’m hungry…”

It was already noon, but Tina hadn’t returned yet.

“Hmm, will she come back if I ring this bell?”

There’s the bell she left behind. 

I tried to ring it nonchalantly.


Approximately 10 seconds after I rang the bell, Tina came flying at a tremendous speed.

“Halt-sama! Are you alright?”

“Well, I’m okay, but.. you..”

Dumbfounded, I watched Tina as she drew closer after landing softly by my side. Oh, she did say she would come flying immediately should I ring the bell.

Of course, I thought she meant she’d rush back, but she literally flew.

Ah, speaking of which, I seem to recall Tina saying she learned flight magic a long time ago. But because it consumes too much magic power, she doesn’t use it that often.

Most probably, she flew all the way here just like that.

“Is your body well? Did you force yourself? Why did you ring the bell?”

‘I, I’m hungry so..”

“Oh! It is already noon! Please pardon me, I was late. I will prepare it immediately.”

I rang the bell for such a trivial reason as lunch, but Tina just hurriedly returned to the mansion without uttering a word of complaint.


“Hey, didn’t you say [Flight Magic] consumes too much power, so you rarely use it?”

I asked while eating the lunch that Tina prepared.

Father and Mother were frequently out during the day, and my brothers and sister are either at work or at school, so I always eat my meals with Tina.

“I utilize it if it’s an emergency. If something were to happen to Halt-sama, it would be the most severe emergency in my life.”

“I’m sorry I rang the bell just for the sake of having a meal.”

“Please do not worry about that. I will hand you another bell later, so please do not hesitate to use it if something happens.”

Even if Tina said that I decided to use it only in a real emergency.

“Oh, by the way, Halt-sama, were you able to invoke intermediate-level magic?”

“Hmm, why?”

“I examined the magic attack target in the training center earlier, and I noticed there were traces showing it was hit with a considerable amount of magic.“

Oops, looks like Tina saw the target I used during practice. I did not expect Tina to return so swiftly, so I did not have the time to clean it up.

“Nope, it’s just the same [Fire Lance] as yesterday. Though I think it’s kinda more powerful than yesterday.”

“Is that so? But are you truly alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine, so you shouldn’t worry.”

Tina didn’t pry any deeper. I have to be more careful next time with how I train. Even if I confess about the curse to Tina, I’m sure she’ll remain my ally. But I think it’s still too early to reveal everything.

I don’t even know a lot of things about curses. So I have to research it on my own. And I have to plan my magic training without getting caught by Tina.



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