Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 1 – Chapter 4

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Infinite Magic

At the training center…

I stood at the center of the magic circle drawn by Tina as I practiced controlling my magical powers.

Usually, training begins with feeling out the existence of magic within oneself, but because I’m a Sage by profession, I can already confirm my magical powers right from the start.

I can vaguely sense the weight and movement of other people’s magic aside from my own. And Sages not only see, but they can also manipulate and supplement magical powers.

“Like this?”

“Yes, you’re doing great, Halt-sama! Being able to suddenly control your powers was truly unexpected.”

First, the magical force felt in the body’s core is diffused throughout the body.

The force is then slowly transferred to the outstretched hand.

The magic accumulates there.

From here on, the magical force is supposed to be released from the body, but I couldn’t do that.

The convergence stopped midway, and the gathered power dispersed. Well, just like how I wanted it to look like, so I manipulated it.

‘Tina might wonder too much if I did too well.’

“It’s because your magical circle is effective.”

I passed it off using the magical formation as the reason.

It’s a fact that magical formations make it easier to control magic. But actually, I know I can control my magic without using one.

“This magical formation can only help to a small extent. Being able to move your magic extremely smoothly is proof of Halt-sama’s abilities.”

Tina looked so happy when she said that. It seems that she believes I’m doing great, and this is my usual abilities.

Oh, right, my elder sister is also proficient in magical arts. When she entered the Magic Academy, she was able to use intermediate level magic already.

Tina’s aware of that nature, so even if I can suddenly control my magical powers, it’s not really a big deal. All thanks to my brilliant sister.

“Thanks. I’ll practice some more.”

“Yes. By the way, the magic you dispersed inside your body recovers quickly, but if it is released outwardly, that portion takes longer to recover.”

“Is that so?”

“Because it’s Halt-sama, you might be able to release your magic externally next time. It’s possible to feel exhausted right after, so please take care.”


“As for the method of releasing magic, you have to accumulate magic on your hand, just like you did previously. Then imagine your hand extending from the tip of your finger. Try to gather your magic power there.”

“Understood, Teacher.”

It seems like it is now possible for me to release magic, so I decided to do that.

Just like previously, I dispersed my magic throughout my body. Then I accumulated them to my outstretched right hand.

I directed my consciousness from my palm to my fingertips.

“Looking good! If it’s possible, please try to imagine a blazing fire.”


I already saw a flame. We’re approximately 5 meters apart from each other, but I can sense Tina’s fire magic that is so hot it’s as if I can feel it on my face… even imagining is easy-peasy.


The magic at my fingertips began to transform into flames.

It’s right there on my hand, but it doesn’t even feel hot.

Such a wondrous feeling!

Then, let’s try to form the flames into a spear just like Tina.

Fire Lance!”

I imitated Tina and chanted as I threw the spear towards a newly prepared target.

The flaming spear flew straight towards the target and hit it. After burning up a little, the flames died down.

There was a scorch mark on the target.

“Unbelievable! To be able to conjure such a perfect form of magic right off the bat…” Tina stared at the slightly charred target with a shocked expression.

I already thought it might be possible to change the nature of my magic into fire attribute, but I wasn’t expecting I’d be able to invoke a perfect form of [Fire Lance].

I’m somewhat happy. Tina was astounded.

Since I came to another world, I wanted to be told: “Eh, what’s with this guy, he’s so amazing!”.

Oh, but because of my [Static Status] curse, even if I spend the rest of my life training, I can only amount to this.

“Halt-sama, does your body feel sluggish?”

“Nope, I don’t feel that way.”

“Usually, when using magic for the first time, there are a lot of people who consume too much, and they run out of power just by casting a low-level spell such as [Fire Lance].“

[Fire Lance], one of the lowest-grade magic, consumes 2 points of Magical Power.

Since I have 10, based on calculations, I can shoot [Fire Lance] up to 5 times. However, it seems it would be difficult to use up 2 points precisely if you do not have firm control of your magic.

It certainly felt like strength was sucked up from my body, but not to the extent that I feel languid. Is it because of the compensation of being a Sage?

“I think I can shoot more, is it okay to continue practicing?”

“Of course. But please do not overexert yourself.”


After that, I managed to shoot three more Fire Lances, then our training ended.

Actually, I could have done more, but by the third time, Tina was so anxious and kept nagging me about my body’s condition that I decided to stop my goal of shooting 5 times.


The next day, I went to the training room alone.

Tina went shopping in town.

When I told her I’d practice on my own, she looked so nervous, heh.

“Would that be alright? Please, do not overexert yourself no matter what. If you feel even a little bit unwell, just ring this bell.”

She then handed me a bell with a drawing of a small magic circle—one that I have never seen before.

“What will happen if I ring this bell?”

“I’ll come flying right away.”

“You’ll know I rang it even if you’re far away?”

“Something like that. So please don’t overdo it.”

Tina then went out after saying she’ll be back right after she finished her errands.

“Okay, now it’s time to test the limits.”

Without Tina’s prying eyes, I decided to shoot [Fire Lance] until I’m at my limit.

I ended at the fourth attempt yesterday, but I had a feeling I would still be fine even if I continued.

Face the target.

Release the magic in my hands and turn them into flames.

Transform the flames into a spear—

Fire Lance!”

The flaming spear flew.

As soon as I released one, I began to conjure another.

Fire Lance!”

Second shot. I can still go on without a hitch.

Fire Lance! Fire Lance!”

I shot twice in a row. Not a single problem.

 “Fire Lance, Fire Lance, Fire Lance, Fire Lance!”

This is odd…

No matter how many times I shoot, I never feel tired.

In contrast, my magic powers were released smoothly; even my timing sped up.

After firing around 30 [Fire Lances], I finally ran out of breath and temporarily stopped.

Even if one shot’s power is weak because it’s the lowest-grade magic spell, because I fired 30 the target was, as expected, burnt black.

Why is it like this? I don’t feel my power decreasing.

Hmm, if only there’s a way to check my magic power consumption…


It was then that it dawned on me.

[Open Status]


Name: Halt – Vie – Silveray

Race: Human

Divine Protection: None (Fixed)

Occupation: Sage (Level 1)

Strength: 30/30 (Fixed)

Magical Power: 10/10 (Fixed)

Physical Attack Power: 10 (Fixed)

Magical Attack Power: 10 (Fixed)

Defense Power: 10 (Fixed)

Speed: 10 (Fixed)

Dexterity: 10 (Fixed)

Skill: None (Fixed)

Condition: Cursed [Static Curse] (Fixed)

Since I brought out my Status Board, supposed to be, I can see how much magic I consumed when I used my powers.

However, there was one thing that bothered me on my status board—Magical Power: 10/10 (Fixed). It was clearly stated.

Even though I’ve been shooting more than 30 points of magic all this time, nevertheless, my magic power hasn’t diminished at all.

A theory passed through my mind. If my guess is correct, it is really possible for me to live as a true Sage in this world.

To test my hypothesis, let’s start shooting [Fire Lance] with the Status Board in full view!



    1. It wasn’t about making the MC suffer. It was about getting in the way of Creator God summoning heroes to thwart the Demon King.

      That being said, the evil god doesn’t look like he has any more energy or control over where the MC ended up…

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