I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 44

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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Miller Park

A boy and girl pair, both in their teens were running through a ruined city. Behind them there was a 10 meter Giant chasing them at a pace that didn’t match it’s size at all.

“Ell! Don’t give up! We’re almost there!!”

The girl was screaming while holding the hand of the wounded boy.

“It’s over for me Michele! Leave me and go, if not it’ll catch both of us!!”

“But it’s just there… Miller Park is just there…”

The siblings Michelle and Ell had lost their parents when a Giant had smashed the car they were trying to escape in. After somehow managing to stay alive and escape, the siblings headed towards their original destination of Miller Park, however on the way to had stumbled upon a Giant, and were currently running for their lives.

After finding a ruined building, the siblings entered inside with the hopes of hiding, however the Giant began to slowly make its way inside by breaking down the walls. The giant reached out it’s hand, and was just about the grab the siblings when…


The Giant who was just about the grab the kids was suddenly pulled out of the building with astonishing force! In the next moment he collided with another building, and after letting out a miserable shriek it fell to the ground! After falling down it wasn’t able to get up….

The siblings had no idea what had just happened. From the hole in the roof of the building Michelle could see the enormous silver colored frame of a Giant…

It was an Iron Giant! It looked like it was covered in shining silver armor. Out of all of the types of Giants it was said to be strongest.

‘Is it the one that saved us from the other Giant? Are they fighting amongst themselves?’

Were the things that Michelle was thinking.

She wasn’t able to grasp their current situation at all

“Are you okay?”

Behind the Iron Giant, there were 2 more Rock Giants, whose frames were even bigger than the Iron Giant’s one. And one top of one of the Giants’ hands there was a man.

“I’m an ally! An ally! Can you understand me?”


Before going to New York I went to several places in order to get used to fighting with my new tamed Giants. The thing I noticed during my trips was that I still hadn’t encountered any people…

I thought that maybe all of America’s population was killed by the Giants, however that was hard to believe. Still not meeting any people got me worried.

So I decided to look around using Clairvoyance, and the thing I found were these two kids.

“Do you live around here?”

I was probably frightening them by talking on top of a Giant’s hand, so I unsummoned my Giants and went down to talk with them.

“No… We were trying to evacuate and… Were those Giants yours!?”

“That’s right, they’re fighting alongside me.”

At least we were able to understand one another. When I came to America before I had brought an English text book with me, which I had used to study. To be honest English had never been my strong point, however with the help of Thought Acceleration I had somehow managed to learn it at that time.


“That’s Miller Park!”

I was brought to a huge Baseball Stadium. As the Park in it’s name implied, it was building situated in the middle of a park.

According to the girl it was apparently used as one of America’s many shelters, where people gathered to escape from the Giants.

Apparently there were some shelters that were protected by the military, while others had to rely on civilians for protection. The shelter where the kids were staying in before had been of the latter kind. After it had been attacked by the Giants, they were forced to retreat.

The shelter that we’re heading to now, Miller Park, is known to be protect by the military and apparently boosts a high degree of safety.

“Excuse me! We still don’t know your name. I’m Michelle and this is my brother Ell. Thank you for saving us.”

“I’m Gojo! And I’m the one that must thank you for bringing me to the shelter. Thanks.”

Just as the three of us were about to enter into Miller Park someone called out to us.

“Stop! Are you refugees?”

Two soldiers were holding their guns and looking towards us from one of the windows above the entrance.

“Yes! Me and my brother ran away and came here…”

“And the guy behind you!?”

“Y-yea…I’m a refugee too.”

“….Okay, we’ll open the door, so just wait there!”

After we had our belongings inspected we were let inside. After witnessing the sight inside I was lost for words…

Inside of the stadium there were over 3000 people.

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    1. I would love to tell you 😀 however, that would mean I’d be spoiling the story, which is against my principles so I’m afraid I cannot do that.

  2. Michelle? I think it’s Michelle with two ‘l’s

    I also feel like Ell doesn’t seem like an American name, but my best guess that’s close to it is Al, and I’m not sure whether that’s a legitimate nickname/name.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Will take care to change Michelle’s name. As far as I looked for Ell’s name I didn’t come up with anything else, and that’s how the author said it in the original. The other thing I could find was Elle, however that is a female name that is usually used in French so it wouldn’t suffice.

  3. They release every é days but the chapters r so short… Its a nice novel though

    1. I’m glad you like it. I cannot deny that chapters in this ark are relatively short. However further on in the story they do become longer, by no means do they triple in size or something, however some of the chapters go up to double the size of the current ones, so you can look forward to that in the future.

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