I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 43

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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Monster Overlord

Just as one of the Giants was at death’s door after being crushed by my boulder…


A magic circle appeared beneath the Giant. If the skill succeeded the Giant would appear on the Display List that was hovering on top of my hand.

“A failure huh…”

Tame’s success rate was influenced by its rank… Due to it being only Rank C its success rate wasn’t that high. Still up until now I had already managed to tame 2 Giants, who were now being displayed on that List.

One was a Human type while the other one was a Rock type, both of them however were on the smaller side.

At first when I saw Tame I thought that the tamed beasts would travel alongside me, however I was wrong.

After completely defeating a monster I could then tame it, after which it would appear in my List, and by using Summoning Magic I could summon it from there. Up until now the familiars that came out after I used Summoning Magic were picked at random, so it wasn’t that useful.

However with the appearance of Tame, I can currently pick what monster I want to summon, so it’s become really useful. And by raising the rank of Summoning Magic, the duration of the summoned familiars also increases, so in the future it will become even more useful.

And the best part of it all is that I have 10 of the Beast Master Class Slates. It will be possible to raise the Class Skill’s rank to SSS. And if I play my hands right I might even be able to tame the strongest giant Titan.

With those thoughts in mind I continued hunting down Giants one after another.

After coming to America I got used to putting up tents in the wilderness and just sleeping there. The Giants didn’t usually move at night, so I was glad that I could sleep peacefully.

But to be honest since I can use teleportation to go back to Japan at any time I never had any worries about being able to sleep peacefully from the start.

‘Teleportation is way too useful…’

“Phew… it sure took a while, but I finally raised Tame’s success chance…”

In the span of 5 days I had managed to max out 4 Class Slates.

Beast Master Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Tame Rank C → S

Magic Acquired: Summoning Magic (I) x 9

In total I had tamed 7 Giants. I appears that there is a limit to the number of monsters that can be displayed on my list at once. After I raised Tame’s rank to S, currently the max number of monsters that could be displayed was 7.

There was also a limit to the number of monsters I could summon at once. Currently I was able to summon up to 3. I could probably summon more if the monsters were weaker, but that was something that I needed to test out first.

And I wonder if it’s because I raised Summoning Magic’s rank or not, but I could now even tame the 20 meter Giants. Afterwards I just continued my grind.

And after a week…

I had maxed out all of the 10 Class Slates…

Beast Master Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Title Rank S → SSS Title: “Monster Overlord”

Magic Acquired: Summoning Magic (I) x 9

I finally managed to max out the Beast Master class completely.

‘A Monster Overlord huh…’

After Tame’s rank had gone up to SSS, I could now have up to 12 monsters displayed on the List at once. And I could summon up to 5 or 6 monsters at once.

In addition, with Tame now being SSS rank, and considering I also had Goddess’s Blessing, the current success chance of Tame was basically 100%.

Also, Summoning Magic’s rank went up to (XXX).

‘Considering the number of candies I got from leveling up the Class Slates it should have been higher. I guess the rank for skills and magic is capped at (XXX)… Will need to keep that in mind.’

And finally, the summoning time was now over 30 minutes.

 ‘Out of everything I have, this should currently be the strongest… It will without a doubt become my trump card in the upcoming fights…’

With this I could now Tame a number of powerful Giants and have them attack Titan.

 ‘The plan is decided! Now I just need to make my preparations!!’

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