Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 1 – Chapter 3

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Magic Training

Saijō Haruto walked to the mansion’s training grounds while thinking,‘Five days have passed since my birthday. In other words, it has been three days since I reincarnated as Halt.’ 

In the House of Count Silveray, a child would begin their training in magic and swordsmanship when they reached five years of age.

‘Today is supposed to be my first swordsmanship training. However, nobody else is at the training grounds except for Tina and me. When it was my elder brothers’ turn, several famous Magicians and Knights were summoned to train them.

‘I have two elder brothers and one older sister. Our ages are quite far apart, eh? The eldest brother is already serving the kingdom as a Knight. My sister attends Magic Academy, and my second brother is enrolled at the Knight Training Center.

‘All of my siblings are elite, so it is rumored that the House of Silveray’s future is already secured. Being the third son, my father and mother let me live freely as I wish.

‘For that reason, I do not have any professors to teach me magic and swordsmanship.

‘Uh, there is but—’

“Halt-sama, let’s begin with the magic training first.”

Tina stood before Haruto wearing an outfit suitable for moving around, different from her usual maid clothing. Whether it was magic or swordsmanship, Tina was responsible for his training.

‘It’s not like I don’t like this, but I can’t reconcile the image of baby-faced Tina, who usually spoils me, with that of her fighting with sword and magic.’ Haruto was a little anxious.

‘Well, there’s really no meaning in training since I won’t be able to raise my status anyway.

‘I can’t earn using knowledge-cheats, but since I’m the third son of the House of Count Silveray, I shouldn’t really have to worry about money.’

Haruto started thinking about how nice it would be if he could just live his life without bothering his parents and siblings or training and studying properly. In the future, ideally he would work somewhere his parents arranged for him.

‘However, this is a different world—a fantasy world with weapons and magic.

‘I also possess magic, albeit a small amount considering I’m only at Level 1. In other words, I can use magic!’ Haruto was really excited to use magic for the first time.

“Please take care of me!”

“Yes, please take care of me too.”

“I have a question for you, Teacher Tina!”

“T, teacher? Ye, yes, what is it?”

‘I teased Tina by calling her teacher, and she became a little bit shy. It did not give the impression that she disliked it however, so I’ll be calling her teacher during training.’

“How much magic can Teacher use?”

‘How much power could a teacher of magic possess?

“Right, I haven’t shown my Status Board to Halt-sama. Here, please take a look,” said Tina and she revealed her status board.


Name: Tina Harivell

Race: Half-Elf

Divine Protection: Descendant of the Heroes

Occupation: Magic Knight (Level 250)

Skill: Maid (Extreme)

Condition: Healthy

“Huh? Le, level 250!?”

It was not an exaggeration to say that she was the strongest maid. Thus, Tina stood before Haruto a little proudly.

The Status Board allowed one to control the data being shown to other people. Tina wanted to show Haruto just her level, so her Magic and Attack Power had not appeared on the panel.

‘She will probably show them to me if I ask, but it’s better not to since I’ll only frighten myself with the difference in our abilities.’

“How was it? Am I not good enough as your teacher?”

“No, it’s not like that! Tina, you… are strong.”

Tina’s level was several times higher than the level of the Knights and Magicians who had trained Haruto’s siblings. 

‘Since that kind of person is willing to teach me, I don’t have any complaints.’

“Fufufu, it’s because I’m Haruto-sama’s exclusive maid and bodyguard.”

“I, is that so?”

‘No, even as a bodyguard, she is too strong. Should Tina want to, it’s highly possible she can single-handedly defeat this kingdom’s knight army. That’s how high her level is.’

In the Kingdom of Grendale the Knight Commander was considered to be the strongest person, and it was rumored he was at Level 130. His level was the basic requirement to defeat A-rank Demons, such as Orc Kings and Ogres, unaccompanied. Undoubtedly, he was of high caliber.

However, when one surpassed Level 150, it was a different story. In the first place, ordinary people of this world could not exceed Level 150 and reach the third rank.

Tina’s occupation, which was a Magic Knight, was a tertiary job that could only be given to those who reached the maximum level of magic and sword skills. In order to obtain tertiary jobs, humans needed to reach Level 150, which was the highest limit. Afterwards, they needed to pass God’s Trial.

First off, few people could reach Level 150. But there were some people among those possessing tertiary jobs that were Level 150 right from the start.

These were the Heroes who came from another world.

Reborn Heroes would obtain Level 150 tertiary jobs, such as Sages and Holy Knights, the moment they came into this world. Being a Hero was considered a tertiary occupation. Aside from that, those Heroes would level up faster. 

With this, subjugating a Demon King was a given.

If one set aside the Heroes’ case, Tina’s status was a problem. In this world, when one defeated Demons and monsters, the level of their profession would increase. When that happened, stats such as offensive power would also increase.

Since defeating stronger monsters was a prerequisite in raising levels, it was more difficult to level up for those who were already high-level. Given that situation, honestly, Tina’s Level 250 was considered monstrous.

“Tina, so you are a descendant of a Hero?”

“Yes, it is said that my great-grandfather was a Hero who came from another world. Because of the inherited Hero’s blood, leveling up is quite easy for me.”

“That’s amazing!”

“Thank you very much. Alright, it is about time we start your training.”

Haruto was still wondering why Tina had been hired to be his exclusive maid, but since they were going to start the most awaited lessons on how to use magic, he decided to leave that matter aside for the time being.

“Since Halt-sama’s profession is Wizard Apprentice, you have an aptitude for magic.”

‘I guess Tina already looked at Halt’s Status Board before my rebirth. She doesn’t know I’m cursed, nor does she know my profession is a Sage.

‘My status was cursed the moment I reincarnated into Halt’s body, and on top of that, my rebirth was a Hero’s privilege. As such, my status is stuck at Level 1 despite my profession being set as [Sage].

‘That’s why Tina still thinks my profession is Wizard Apprentice. For some reason, I think it’s better not to explain the curse.

‘I’d be troubled if she thought I’m a reincarnated Hero. I can’t get stronger because I can’t level up. I can’t fight. She might get disappointed later on if her incompetent student is having a hard time.’

“Does Halt-sama prefer an aptitude for swordsmanship?” Tina asked since Haruto was preoccupied with his thoughts.

“No, it’s okay. I want to use magic!”

“I understand. So first, let me demonstrate.”

Tina then faced the furthermost corner of the training grounds where the targets used for magic were located. She stretched her arm, and magic power gathered on Tina’s outstretched hand.

The gathered magical power moved up a little further away from her hand and hovered in midair. A flame materialized, gradually elongating and taking the shape of a spear.

Fire Lance!”

Tina thrust her hand as she chanted, and the spear of fire flew at a great speed towards the target.


The target burst into huge flames the moment the spear of fire collided with it. The heat was so intense, Haruto subconsciously covered his face with his arm.

The blaze died down immediately.

A large, gaping hole could be seen on the black, heavily charred magic target as it emerged into view. Originally, this target should have been able to withstand magical attacks that were of intermediate and higher levels. Now, it had a miserable appearance.

‘Neither the Knight, nor the Magician, who trained my siblings, could destroy the target to this extent.’

[Fire Lance] was the lowest-ranked magic spell under the fire attribute.

“Ah, I wanted to show Halt-sama something good, but I guess I went overboard.”

Haruto found Tina’s deceptive smile a little bit cute, but he was more interested in Tina’s magical attack power, which could destroy an advanced-class target just by using the lowest-ranked magic spell.



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