I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 42

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


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“Next up is the Fighter…”

I used Clairvoyance to scout for Giants, and proceeded to kill each one that I found. After killing around 40 I maxed out.

Fighter Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Martial Arts Rank F → C

Magic Acquired: Agility (I) x 2

The Class Skill and the skills I acquired were all within my expectations… However this class as well wouldn’t help me defeat the Giants.

Afterwards I started using the other class slates that I had, and began class changing one after the other. I managed to max out the Blacksmith, the Hunter and the Thief. The Class Skills I acquired after maxing out the three of them were these.

Thief Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Forging Rank F → C

Dismantle Rank F → C

Plunder Rank F → C

Magic Acquired Precise Repair (I) x 3 Detection (I) x 2

Imitation (I) x 2 Hostility Detection (I) x 1

The first class that I maxed out, the Blacksmith, only increased my status by around 200 in total. It wasn’t a combat class so I guess that was to be expected though. However, the Class Skill Forging that came with it definitely covered up for the lack in status increase.

Using it I could create a magic circle and if I put the necessary materials in the circle and concentrated it would produce weapons or armor. There wasn’t any need to hammer the metal, and I could easily create equipment.

And with this I finally found a use for the Sage’s Magic Library. The blueprints stored in it, allowed me to easily create an image of the equipment I wanted.

At first I didn’t get how to use the Hunter’s Dismantle, but after killing several dozen Giants, I finally found out how to use it.

Magic Cores in the form of candies could be found next to the bodies of the Giants I had killed. When I tried appraising them, this popped up…

Strength +1

They turned out to be Magic Cores that directly increased one’s stats.

‘This might turn out to be an amazing skill… If I raise its rank the change of Magic Cores dropping will probably increase as well.’

And if it came to drop chances, considering Goddess’s Blessing was raising my Luck stat to unimaginable levels, it was almost sure that they would have a huge drop chance.

‘If that’s the case I’ll probably be able to increase my stats like crazy…’

Similar to the Hunter case, at first I didn’t get how the Thief’s Plunder skill worked. However one time when I struck a Giants with my sword I felt an awkward sensation so I decided to try something out. I first let the Giant attack me and lower my HP a bit, after which I tried striking it with my sword again.

And just as I had thought I was able to lifesteal a bit of my lost HP back…

‘So close-range attacks now have a lifestealing property huh.’

And on top of that I also got Imitation from the maxing out the class as well… I was happy because after all it had proved to be of great help during my fight with The Immortal King.

However, in the end none of them served me any major purpose in coming up with a tactic against the Giants…

I headed towards New York. It was the place where Titan was said to be in, so the monsters were concentrated in the area.

Another proof of that was that the Magic Particle density increased the closer I got.

Currently I was using the Archer class. To be honest I didn’t even have a bow to begin with, however, I could easily make one using the Magic Library and the Forging skills.

The only thing I needed were the materials, so I decided to use the Mithril Sword I had gotten before. I felt a bit bad about using it as a material, but I could always use Forging to turn it back again so it was fine.

The stats of the bow that I made looked like this…

Mithril Bow Rank B

A bow made with Mithril. It has a low durability

Another plus of the Archer class was its Class Skill Archery. Why you may ask. That’s because I didn’t need to have arrows!! I could use my MP to create arrows, and considering I had Infinite Magic Power I could shoot as many of them as I wanted.

On top of that I could embed magic into the arrows I shot. Which meant that by embedding Fire or Explosion Magic into my arrows I could increase their strength.

Instead of normally using magic I could now focus it into a single point and increase its speed all with just one thought so I was really helpful. Currently this had become my best counter-measure against the Giants.

My Archer’s Class Skill currently looked like this…

Archer Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Archery Rank F → D

Magic Acquired: Clairvoyance (I) x 2

It had gone up to D.

‘Well then, I wonder if there are any other useful classes… For now I decided that I’d max out all of the R classes at least once so next is the Beast Master.’

This was the last one of the R classes. As I expected the Beast Master’s Class Skill turned out to be Tame. To be honest I had high expectations for Tame. After all it was always a staple in any fantasy novel.

After class changing to Beast Master I set out to find other counter-measures against the Giants. One of the the tactics that I came up with was to drop an enormous boulder on top of the Giant’s heads… However, I would just be dropping it, I would also be using Gravity Manipulation.

I would first use Gravity Manipulation in order to make the boulder lighter and put it in my space region. Afterwards I would use teleportation to teleport above the Giants heads, after which I would take out the lightened boulder and use Gravity Press on it, and drop it on the Giants’ heads!!

Considering the weight of the boulder and the fact that it had its weight multiplied by a 100 times, it would definitely cause a fatal wound.

When I first tried carrying out the plan, the boulder I used crumbled to pieces, so after that I had a hard time finding another one, but it was then that I hit me that I could use Earth Magic to just create one.

After strengthening it Strengthening Magic it became much harder becoming as solid as a metal ball, which made it really easy to use. Originally, Strengthening Magic would usually lose it’s effect after a bit of time, however since I had put the boulder in my space region were time was stopped, it didn’t lose it effect and I could use it over and over again.

The best thing was that this tactic worked against all types of Giants, whether I’d be the Human, Rock, or Metal ones.

And with that I managed to increase my Giants killing proficiency, which allowed me to level up even faster. I managed to max out the Beast Master class in no time.

Beast Master Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Tame Rank F → C

Magic Acquired: Summoning Magic (I) x 2

The Beast Master wasn’t directly a combat type class as well so the stat gain from it wasn’t that great, in total it was close to 200. However, it compensated for it with its Class Skill.

It was precisely this Class that would greatly influence the fighting style that I would be using from now on.

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  1. Well he’s being a bit greedy and shortsighted i think. The small stat increases wouldn’t be of much help for him, however if he were to give these to some elite soldiers of countries they could become strike forces to keep monsters in check that he can’t since he can’t be everywhere.
    thanks for the chapter

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