Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 1 – Chapter 2

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Status Confirmation

Saijō Haruto was lying down when he came to his senses.

‘My body is somewhat heavy.

‘It’s dark all around, and I can’t even see anything.

‘It feels as if my body is wrapped in something soft.

‘I’ll try moving my hand.

‘…It moved. But for some reason, I can’t move freely.’

After that, he tried to move his body, but Haruto couldn’t move as he would like.

‘Since I can’t move, I’ll use my head instead.

‘I’m Saijō Haruto. 17 years old. And I have an understanding of my previous life.

‘I even remember the Evil God.

‘In the end, I didn’t manage to ask the reason why he reincarnated me. Am I really reborn?

‘And it seems I even got cursed but… I don’t have a way to confirm this.

‘Why did he cast a curse on me?

‘Does this mean anything?

‘Since the status has been fixed, there is no way to level up and become peerless. Staying at Level 1 means I might even lose against small fries.

‘But because I have the knowledge from my original world, this could be used as the so-called knowledge-cheat. It might come in handy one way or another compared to ordinary folks… right?

‘In a web-novel, even if the protagonist possesses weak skills, he will create mayonnaise and the like using his knowledge–cheat. Afterward, he would accumulate great wealth and then build his own harem.

‘I can also be like that for sure!

‘But first, I have to confirm my curse. It’s difficult, but I can somehow move.’

Haruto tried stretching his hand forward forcefully.


He felt something very soft. At the same time, he heard a seductive woman’s voice above his head.

‘Eh? Wha, what’s this?’

When Haruto thought he felt the thing, wrapping him, rub against him as it moved, the surroundings suddenly became very bright.

Maybe, because his eyes were open in the dark, Haruto was dazzled and couldn’t see in front of him.

As the upper half body pressing against Haruto disappeared, he tried to block the light with his hands and vaguely saw the silhouette of someone in front of him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Halt-sama. Were you hurt?”

‘A beautiful woman with short black hair anxiously peered into my face. Her face that still retained its innocence contrasted her ample chest that was puffed out before me, and the result was surprisingly very erotic.

‘She is Tina,  my exclusive maid.

Tina came from the race of half-Elves, and the tips of her pointed ears are slightly visible through her short hair.

‘It’s as if she is someone I have known since a few years back.

‘…No, I know her!

‘It’s because she’s the maid who has been taking care of me for five years since I was born in this world.

‘My memories came back. It’s actually odd saying I got my memories back. The “me” right now has the recollection of previously living in this world.

‘Probably, I was reborn sometime ago into this 5-year-old body, called Halt.

‘Me living in a different world as Saijō Haruto and then talking with the Evil God in the Heavenly Realm—it’s as if those events were merely dreams.

‘It may seem as if they occurred in a dream, but I also clearly remember the knowledge from my original world.

‘Halt – Vie – Silveray.

‘That is my name now.

‘Silveray is a Count in the country I live in—the [Grendell Kingdom]. I am the third son of the Count. Two days ago, I celebrated my 5th birthday.

‘Tina is my nanny, and as I was often lonely, she would sleep together with me every day. Because I forcefully extended my arm, I touched her chest and woke her up unintentionally.’

“Sorry, it felt like I had a bad dream.”

“Is that so… so, did you calm down?

‘Tina hugged me to her chest. I was enveloped by a gentle scent and felt something very soft…’

“I will always be beside Halt-sama.”

“Ye, yeah.”

‘It really calms me down.’

Tina cuddled Haruto, and his 5-year-old body fell asleep in an instant.


The next morning, after Haruto finished the breakfast Tina had prepared for him, he went to the inner courtyard of the mansion.

Tina was cleaning up after breakfast.

‘First, I must confirm the curse the Evil God was talking about.’

“Open Status!” He chanted, stretched his hand forward, and a semi-transparent board emerged. Any human in that world could check their own status from the Status Board.

‘I have memories of Tina’s teachings, so I know how to take out my Status Board. But first, let’s see the contents of the status board.’


Name: Halt – Vie – Silveray

Race: Human

Divine Protection: None (Fixed)

Occupation: Sage (Level 1)

Strength: 30/30 (Fixed)

Magical Power: 10/10 (Fixed)

Physical Attack Power: 10 (Fixed)

Magical Attack Power: 10 (Fixed)

Defense Power: 10 (Fixed)

Speed: 10 (Fixed)

Dexterity: 10 (Fixed)

Skill: None (Fixed)

Condition: Cursed [Static Curse] (Fixed)


‘So, it’s true. I received a curse.

‘The curse is [Static Status], but even this curse seems fixed.

‘[Race] is not fixed, so it’s possible to evolve into non-human beings. But wait, so what will I become aside from human? Is it even possible to change your race!?

‘[Divine Protection] is also set as [None], so I can’t even get a blessing from other Gods aside from the Evil God.

‘Not only am I Level 1, but my Physical Strength, Magic, Attack, and Defense Powers are also fixed.

‘Becoming the strongest in this world is hopeless.

‘Without explaining the reason behind my rebirth, and then casting such a curse…

‘Suddenly, I feel murderous towards the Evil God!

‘What’s more, there is another reason to despair—there is mayonnaise in this world!’

The salad Tina had made for breakfast had mayonnaise. This world was a different one. Many things and knowledge had already been introduced in this world by Heroes, who had previously come from Haruto’s original world.

‘About 100 years, before I was born, there was a Demon King who had been terrorizing and assaulting the world. A group of five Heroes, who had come from the other world, defeated him.

‘One of them introduced mayonnaise into this world. With the mysterious ability he possessed, that fella took out different items that did not exist before, and made the people’s livelihood prosper.’

When Haruto learned about that, his plan to make a fortune with his knowledge-cheat crumbled to dust!



  1. First I think the Strength 30/30 should either be Health, or HP. Don’t know the raws so I could be wrong there, but that fits a lot better.
    Second, I can already guess how the Evil God screwed up… if Health and Magic Power are fixed, then no matter how much mana he uses, or how much damage he takes, they will not go down, meaning effectively infinite mana + invincibility, LOL.

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