I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 41

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Land of Giants

Using teleportation I got to America in no time. The place I teleported to was Seattle.

I had already come here a couple of times before The Calamity so the teleportation went smoothly.

Apparently the so called Titan was in New York, however I wasn’t so stupid as to go right there immediately. After all it known as the strongest Giant.

I’m planning to go meet it after I have a come up with a good plan. While flying through Seattle’s sky I was searching for Giants.

Looking from above I could see that the town had been turned into a huge mess. The buildings were leveled with the ground, it seemed as if a war had just ended.

After flying for a bit I stumbled upon 2 Giants.

“So those are…”

They were completely naked and looked like humans, however they were around 10 meters tall.

I first tried to see if my powers would have any effect on the Giants. I took out the stuff I had gained after killing The Immortal King from my space region.

Magic Staff Rank A

A staff used by Magicians. Increases the power of offensive magic.

I finally had obtained a decent weapon. Up until now I had always fought barehanded… I was planing on using this staff and the sword I got from Sakamoto to take care of the Giants.

“But before doing that… I should first change my Class…”

I took out a Class Slate from my space region and tapped on it.

Knight Lv1

[Class Skills]

Swordsmanship Rank F

I decided on the Knight…

‘It’s Class Skill is Swordsmanship huh… Just as expected…’

While flying I kept in thinking of strategies on how to take care of the Giants. After all out of all of the countries where monsters had appeared the Giants in America were known as the strongest.

If I didn’t prepare thoroughly it would probably turn into a tough battle…

That’s why I had first decided on changing my Class. The strategy that I had come up with involved first maxing out the rear Classes with the highest efficiency.

The status boost I got from the SR or SSR Classes wasn’t that great so I had decided to leave those for later.

I used Appraisal on the Giants, who looked like they were looking for something.

Giant (Low Rank)

Lv 44

HP 1463

MP 0

Strength 1200

Defense 963

Magic Defense 855

Agility 65

Dexterity 9

Wisdom 17

Luck 7


Regeneration (III)

Strength Increase (I)

‘The Low Rank Giants have these kinds of stats…!? No wonder the American army couldn’t do anything against them…’

I lifted up my staff and fired off magic. I felt kind of awkward because even though I had become a Knight I was still using magic…

I hit one of the Giants with my Fire Magic and it instantly burned up, however it didn’t die…


Even though it was turning and screaming it still didn’t die. I guess it was because the effect of it’s Regeneration which was allowing it to heal while being burned.

After a while the flames disappeared and the Giant got up while groaning.

After that I shot it a couple of times with my Combination Magic Exploding Shells until it finally died for good.

‘I can definitely feel the increase of power of my offensive magic due to the Magic Staff… Up until now I just used my bard hands to cast magic, but now this feels much better.’

I tried using Gravity Press on the remaining Giant, but to my surprise it was able to withstand it.

I thought that since Giants were ridiculously heavy to being with, Gravity Manipulation would be pretty useful but it appears that their strength was even more ridiculous. I was really shocked by what I had seen.

In the end I tried slashing it with my sword, however, due to it being that big I couldn’t cause it any fatal wounds.

And that wasn’t something that would change even if raised the rank of my Swordsmanship.

‘I’m having this much trouble with just the Low Ranks huh… I don’t want to imagine what the other ones are like…’

I continued flying through the sky in search for Giants, and killed any I could find. After killing some dozen of them I had already maxed out…

‘Compared to the Undeads this EXP gain really is amazing.’

After maxing out my Class Skill changed like this…

Knight Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Swordsmanship Rank F → C

Magic Acquired: Strength Increase (I) x 2

The thing I acquired this time was the Strength Increase skill.

 ‘Not bad, however I don’t have any intention of challenging the Giants to a strength match.’

After killing some dozen of them I had found out something. There were different types of Giants. There were ones that looked like people and there were others that were completely made out of rocks, as well as some that were completely covered in metal. They heights also varied from 5 metal tall ones to others that were close to 20 meters.

Magic was also affected by their types. For example it would work fine on the human like Giants, however, if it came to the rock ones it would hardly have any effect. The only one that worked on the rock type ones was Water Magic.

The magic types that worked on the metal Giants were Lightning and Fire, however, anything besides those was useless. And even though they worked I still had to shoot them a couple of times before I could kill them.

‘I definitely need to find a better way to take care of them…’

 While thinking that I continued flying past the ruined lands…

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  1. I thought that since Giants were ridiculously heavy to being with …
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