I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Bonus Chapter

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

[Unique Skills] Explanation

[Space and Time Manipulation]

(Active skill)

Allows the caster to stop time until they run out of MP. The caster is able to freely travel within the stopped time, however he isn’t able to wind it back or speed it up.

If a substance or energy leaves the caster’s body while time is stopped, they will lose their power completely. This includes magic and a handful of spells.

While time is stopped, the caster may freely open a space region and put in or take out anything from the inside. While inside the space region, the caster can open an exit to any other place, allowing for the use of teleportation. The caster may link the entrance and the exit of the space region, allowing for teleportation without actually entering the space region. While teleporting, the caster may also use magic or spells.

[Gravity Manipulation]

(Active skill)

The caster can control the gravity in a specific region. He can freely change the gravity within that region, reducing it to either 0 or increasing it by up to a 100 times. If the caster concentrates, he can reduce the region of use for Gravity Manipulation, allowing him to exceed the 100 times gravity increase limit.

If things don’t exceed a certain size, it’s able to change their gravity by simply touching them.

[Infinite Magic Power]

(Passive Skill)

The owner’s MP become infinite

[Goddess’s Blessing]

(Passive Skill)

Increases the owner’s luck, and probability of things occurring.

[Complete State Immunity]

(Passive Skill)

・Anything that would usually harm the owner’s health is completely negated. Bacteria, Viruses, Poisons, Radiation don’t have any effect on the caster.


(Passive Skill)

Creates a barrier with a 2 meter radius around the caster, blocking any ranged attacks. The durability of the Barrier is the combined total of the caster’s Defense and Magic Defense multiplied by 5. It cannot prevent attacks from close-range.

[Ultra Recovery]

(Passive Skill)

・Even if the owner loses 90% of his body, he’ll be able to completely regenerate with super speed. However the restoration consumes a certain amount of HP and MP. If the owner doesn’t have the necessary amount of HP or MP, the recovery won’t occur. If the owner is hit by an attack with an effect which prevents recovery, the caster won’t be able to recover.

[Herculean Strength]

(Passive Skill)

・Increases the owner’s Strength and Defense by 5 times.

[God Eyes]

(Active Skill)

The caster can see a bit of the future and the past of anything he has directly seen with his eyes. If used at long-range with the help of another skill like Clairvoyance the effect above won’t activate.

Due to not being really useful to Gojo during his last magic fight, he has yet to use it.


(Passive Skill)

・The owner gains infinite life, and doesn’t age. The owner can still be killed by other external factors, so it cannot be considered as a perfect Immortality.



  1. The ultra recovery explanation just raise a flag, looks like there will be enemy with attack that makes recovery impossible, sounds like a last boss to me
    Thanks for the chapter

    1. None as of yet. We only just got a proper cover page like 2 days ago as well. The author has said that the novel is getting a book cover printing on the 15th of July, so upon it’s release we may get some other illustrations.

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