I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 40

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Setting Off

I used teleportation in order to go back to the Gifu Airbase while still in my beaten up state.


It seems like Sakamoto and Shimizu were really worried, however, they calmed down after I told them that I had successfully cleared the dungeon.

“Was he really that strong?”

“So much as to surprise even me… It might have been a bit dangerous.”

While we were talking a number of Self-Defense Force members surrounded us.

“Colonel Sakamoto! We just got news from Fukuoka. The number of monsters that they were fighting against dropped significantly!”

“There have also been reports from other regions saying that monster numbers have dropped significantly as well!”

‘It appears that defeating The Immortal King had an effect after all.’

 Later I heard from Sakamoto that the density of Magic Particles in Japan had begun to drop which had finally allowed for communication to go through.

I was still half naked so I dropped by the Self-Defense Force’s housing to get a change of clothes after which I went back and continued my talk with Sakamoto and the others.

“From now on the Self-Defense Force will probably do everything we can with Japan’s restoration… Gojo it all became possible because of you.”

“Thankfully Japan in an island country. We don’t have to worry about monster coming from other continents. In the west there have been news that monsters have been coming in from different countries… After all we cannot expect monsters to understand the concept of borders.”

“Even if monsters came in from China Japan has Gojo so we’ll be fine!”

After thinking for a while I decided to say the thing that had been on my mind for a while.

“In regards to that… I’m actually thinking of leaving Japan for a while in order to take care of the monsters in other countries.”

Sakamoto and Shimizu were shocked at first when they heard me, but then they began thinking.

“You have a point… If we take the whole world into consideration that would be for the best.”

“Agreed. We will support you with everything we can.”

Everything after that proceeded smoothly.

With the Self-Defense Force’s help I was able to gather everything I would need for my trip. Even though water and food in Japan were currently scarce and needed as well I was still told to take as much as I wanted.

When I was asked how I would carry all of the things, I opened my space region and in just the blink of an eye I put everything inside.

“I guess you can do anything…”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Major General Yamamoto was looking at me with unpleasant expression, but since I had already gotten the ok from the official residence he didn’t say anything.

With a smile on her face Shimizu told me that Yamamoto was scheduled to be sent to a sinecure post. Honestly I felt kind of bad for him.

“Mr. Gojo take this with you as well.”

After saying that Shimizu handed a sword to me.

“This is…!?”

“It’s a sword made from Magic Steel. I thought that it might come in use…”

‘So this is a Magic Steel weapon huh…’

 I immediately used Appraisal on it.

Mithril Sword Rank B

It has a low purity, however it was made with metal that has a good number of Magic Particles

‘Mithril came up in the name… I see so this metal was called Mithril…!’

“Thank you, it will definitely come in handy!”

After discussing with Shimizu and others for a bit to which country I should head to first, in the end we decided that it would best to go to the country with the highest amount of casualties and which was swarming with Giants, the so called strongest monsters. The country I was about to head to was America!

The boss over there was known as Titan. Apparently even after being shot with 7 nuclear missiles it hadn’t been wounded at all.

“By the way Gojo, how do you plan on going to America? Are you just going to disappear like you always do?”

“This time it’s a bit far so I was planning on flying there. I think it will take me a bit of time though.”

“I see… Take care.”

“Thank you for everything up until now. From one the Self-Defense Force will do everything it can to protect Japan so please rest assured.”

After that Shimizu and Sakamoto said in unison.

“You’re our saviour… We’ll never forget what you did for us. We leave the world to you!!”

With I smile on my face I departed.

I had already been to America before so I could just used teleportation in order to there instantly, but I didn’t want to use it in front of Shimizu and Sakamoto.

If they knew that I could come back at any time they would probably feel at ease and maybe slack off so I decided to keep it a secret.

After defeating The Immortal King I had maxed out the Sage. And my status had changed like this…

Sage Lv 99

HP 1416/1416 → 1512/1512

MP ∞/∞

Strength 554 → 582

Defense 378 411

Magic Defense 780 860

Agility 420 441

Dexterity 711 731

Wisdom 1568 1649

Luck 563 604

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS Title: Magician King

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank B

Mapping Rank C

Magic Library Rank F → D

Magic Acquired Magic Aptitude (I) x 2 Telepathy (I) x 2

Magic Library had gone up to rank D. If I wished for it on top of my hand a 3D book similar to a dictionary would appear on top of my hand. Inside of it I could find explanations as well as blueprints for Weapons, Armor, Items and so on.

Currently only the earliest pages of the book had something on them, however it looked like a fun skill. But if I have to be honest I still didn’t know how to actually use it.

Even if I had the blueprints I didn’t have the materials, and even if I did I didn’t know how to make them in the first place… It might come in handy later further on, but for now it didn’t look like it would be of use.

‘I guess I’ll postpone leveling this one up for now.’

After summarizing all of the stuff that I had gotten up until now, my status looked like this.

Sage Lv 99

HP 1512/1512

MP ∞/∞

Strength 6111

Defense 3699

Magic Defense 1720

Agility 882

Dexterity 1316

Wisdom 2803

Luck 114760

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS Title: Magician King

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank B

Mapping Rank C

Magic Library Rank D

[Unique Skills]

Space and Time

 Manipulation Complete State Immunity

 God Eyes

Infinite Magic Power



Gravity Manipulation

Ultra Recovery

Goddess’s Blessing

Herculean Strength

[Skills]                                                                                    [Magic]

Clairvoyance (VII)                                                      Wind Magic (XVIII)

SP Increase (VII)                                                        Earth Magic (XVIII)

Growth Speed (X)                                                        Fire Magic (XVII)

Thought Acceleration (VIII)                                         Light Magic (VII)

Imitation (VI)                                                          Summoning Magic (X)

Divine Protection (IX)                                           Lightning Magic (XVII)

Appraisal (X)                                                          Water Magic (XVIII)

Detection (XIV)                                                           Dark Magic (IX)

Strength Increase (XI)                                       Strengthening Magic (VIII)

Cold and Heat Resistance (IX)                              Healing Magic (XIX)

Physical Resistance (VIII)

Magic Resistance (X)

Magic Aptitude (XIII)

Stealth (XII)

Agility Increase (X)

Precise Repair (VIII)

Coercion (VII)

Telepathy (VIII)

Hostility Detection (XII)

Mind Defense (VI)

‘Immortality really is an amazing skill… It says I can still die from external sources, however my Ultra Recovery and Complete State Immunity have me covered in that aspect, so does that mean that I’m basically immortal? I’m still not been able to process it.’

Even though I was headed towards a new battlefield I didn’t feel any fear. It might have been because of the ridiculous amount of skills that I had acquired. Still I didn’t give it much thought and used teleportation to head for America.



    1. Well it would maybe be hard at first but if i were him i’d travel over all of the universe 🙂

  1. whats up with the massive change in stats? he shows us his strength after maxing out sage goes to 582 but at the end of tjhe chapter its then over 6000?

    1. Up until now he only showed the base stats before the massives multipliers from his other skills like Strenght increase, this is what his status actually look like

      1. Don’t forget about the multiplier for Herculean Strength that also went into his strength stat.

  2. Whelp, at least he is not the type of guy who gets irked by people who wants to control him like those Chinese bullshit manhua.

  3. This story more and more similar to ‘Death March’ for the ridiculous amount of skills minus team member and harem. for now.

  4. the mc is nepotistic sob in addition to a psycho criminal.

    He doesn’t want to help korea or china first. Why? coz they have some conflicts.

    So he flies to halfway around the globe to america.

  5. Is no one going to mention how America isn’t a country but two continents(that have countries other than the US)?

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