I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 39

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Survivor

The black energy headed straight for my body. I easily passed through my Barrier. The dark fog like energy upon touching my hands and shoulders started burning, soon covering my whole body in flames.

‘Is this a Combination Magic of Dark and Fire Magic!’

Shocked by the sudden development I completely forgot to that I could stop time, and instead decided to try putting out the flames with Water Magic. However, as you might have expect that had no effect and the flames continues burning ever so strongly, burning my skin and bones in the process.


While letting out a painful scream I fell to the ground, and started slowly losing my consciousness.

‘So this is what death feels like huh…’


The Immortal King showed some interest towards the person in front of him, who could compete with him in magic, however, in the end there was nothing that man could before his overwhelming magic. It was only natural, there was no way a magic being could lose to a mere human.

Just as he was about to go continue fulfilling his task…

“That sure was dangerous!!”

That man rose up. His clothes had already turned into scraps, however not a single wound could be seen on his body. The Immortal King was shocked by the sight that was in front of him.


‘I almost died there… Thank god I had Ultra Recovery otherwise I really would have died. Still to think I was able to completely recover even after my whole upper body was turned to ash… This sure is one hell of a good skill…’

[You bastard, what in the world are you…! You aren’t a normal human are you!!]

“I’m as normal as they come. Though you could say I’m a bit of a nutjob who threw his pay check numerous times at a shady gacha…”

I slowly raised both of my hands.

“When it comes to magic you win. I admit that with my current magic I cannot beat you, however…”

The Immortal King noticed that the stones around him were starting to move. Some kind of mysterious strange force was wrapping around his whole body.

“I cannot afford to lose here! Gravity Press!!”


A huge amount of pressure was suddenly put upon my body. My bones started cracking under the pressure, and my knees were about to give in at any moment. It was impossible for me to even move an inch.

‘This is…’

[Why does a human have the Unique Skill of the gods…]


He really was a high leveled monster… He was able to hold his own under the full force of the Gravity Manipulation which was usually really effective against Undeads.


I put my hands in front of my chest and started compressing the space within the region. The space around The Immortal King started slowly twisting and turning. He seemed to have realised the situation he was in, but it was already too late!!

The wider the radius in which I used Gravity Manipulation the weaker it got. At it’s smallest radius I could bump up gravity to a maximum of a 100 times. However, if I concentrated I could shrink that radius even more, allowing me to bump it up even more, easily surpassing even the 100 times mark.

The Immortal King was frozen in place, not being able to move at all.

[Wh-! What in the world is this!?]

“Gravity Cube!!!”

Not being able to withstand the enormous amount of pressure any more, The Immortal King’s body shattered into piece.


The Immortal King turned into black smoke and disappeared… He had Immortal attached to his name so I thought that maybe I would be able to kill him, but it seems I had somehow managed to defeat him…

‘Thank god I had Gravity Manipulation.’

Its downside is that it can only be used in a small area, but due to my opponent being the size of a human it was perfect.

‘Still, that was a tough fight… I guess stronger guys than me exist after all… I need to be careful from now on.’

 While thinking that something triggered my Detection.

After looking closely, just where the The Immortal King had disappeared there was a round, red bead kind of thingy lying there.

“This!? This looks just like the candies that came out of the gacha!! Were those actually some kind of monster cores?”

‘If that’s the case I already ate over a hundred of them you know…’

I suddenly felt sick in my stomach.

I picked up the candy and used Appraisal on it.

<Immortality> SSR

The owner gains an infinite life span, and stop aging.

However it is still possible to die due to external damage or illness.

“What did you say!!?”



  1. Yay Eternal Youth GET! 🙂Thanks for the Chapter!!! Lookin forward to the next Update!🙂

  2. I earlier said that mc is a psycho criminal.

    See here the mc admits it himself that he is a psycho: “…I’m a bit of a nutjob who threw his pay check numerous times at a shady gacha…”

    Most importantly, the mc is a person with low educational background which is why he was a waiter in a pub & later a construction labourer.

  3. So, if you get cancer, you will die even with immortality? Though, considering stop-aging part then it refers to cell and DNA mutations as well…

    1. Wow immortality he literally can’t die unless someone Atomatized him. Unless he drip a drop of blood somewhere and revive like that

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