Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~ Prologue

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot


In the Heavenly Realm, where the Gods of a particular world dwell…

In the furthermost end of that temple, the Evil God clutched his head.

“For the Creator God to bring a person from a different dimension and turn him into a hero to defeat the Demon King I raised, this is truly infuriating!”

Oppressive aura overflowed from the murmuring Evil God.

The girl, who was restraining herself beside the Evil God, answered, “It’s because all the people coming here from different worlds through summoning and reincarnation, such as Heroes, Sages, and Holy Knights, possess special abilities. Thus, they can easily defeat both the Demons and Demon Kings that Evil God-sama personally prepared.” 

She was one of the shikigami serving the Gods.

In the world governed by the Creator God, the Evil God collected negative energy, such as fear and despair, for his own consumption.

“How many times did I think of killing those heroes already?”

“The Creator God strictly forbids the gods from interfering with the humans, so I think it would definitely be bad even for Evil God-sama if you were to do that.”

“Well yeah, that’s right.”

“How about Evil God-sama reincarnating a Hero even before the Creator God does?”

“Is that even possible?”

“The only one able to unconditionally reincarnate or transfer a Hero is the Creator God. But if it is only an invariable condition, then it should be possible to summon a Hero from a different world.”

“Hmm… but what is the merit if I reincarnate a Hero?”

“The moment the Hero reincarnates in this world, it would be good to cast a curse on their soul. It would be a curse wherein they cannot fulfill a Hero’s duties.”

“I see. It means I’ll be purposely creating an unusable Hero.”

“Yes, that is right. When summoning a Hero to this world, it consumes a considerable amount of spiritual energy. The spiritual energy will be wasted with a useless reincarnation, and this will be an obstruction to the Creation God.”

“That will be great! Being always outdone by that old man—Creator God—makes me furious! Let’s do this. Can you make the preparations?”


Afterward, the Evil God intervened with a youth’s fate and stole his life, making him reincarnate into that world.



  1. I don’t know who you are but I love you already. I thoroughly agree with your views on the importance of edition. I’m currently learning Japanese, and am going at it quite slowly but once I get good enough at it I’d like to contact you as a translator. However I may be available as an editor in a few weeks.

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