I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 36

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Self-Defense Force’s Dignity

The Chief of Staff Hayashida couldn’t accept the existence of the man Gojo that was standing right before his eyes. Originally it’s the Self-Defense Force’s role to protect Japan’s citizens.

It is also their role to help them in times of crisis.

However this man, by using powers that went against common sense managed to defeat one after another the monsters that the Self-Defense Force couldn’t even touch.

He couldn’t accept that a person could be so powerful… An abnormal person that had appeared in this abnormal world… He wasn’t even sure if Gojo was actually human or not.

This time, once again he had used his abnormal powers to heal the wounded.

‘If he aims that power not towards the monsters but rather towards us… We’ll have to stop him with everything we can. Even if that means having to kill him…’


“I’m grateful to you… However, there is no way to prove that the magic you just used was really able to safely heal everyone. And despite our warnings you still decided to use it. This is an obvious act against the law. You’re under arrest. If you resist we’ll be forced to shoot!”

“Shoot me, with that gun? Do you think it’ll work!?”

“This gun was made with Magic Steel. Even if it’s a monster, if shot at close-range, it’ll be able to kill it with one shot. Do not resist.”

“Please stop it!! Isn’t he the one who saved us!?”

“He even healed the Prime Minister! Why do you need to point a gun at him!!?”

The people who stood up for me were the Self-Defense Force members who had helped me with the wounded just a minute ago.

‘I’m grateful, but is it really gonna be okay if you stand up to your superior like that? If it’s me, regardless of whether it’s a normal gun or a Magic Steel one, I don’t think it’s gonna work either ways though…’

“Stop it…!”

The voice of Prime Minister Tada could be heard from behind Chief of Staff Hayashida.

“It’s fine. Everyone, drop your weapons!”

Upon the Prime Minister’s order, the Self-Defense Forces lowered their weapons. The person with the highest authority within the Self-Defense Force wasn’t the Chief of Staff but rather the Prime Minister.

“Prime Minister… But…”

“With my right as the highest authority within the Self-Defense Force I dismiss you from your position. You’ll receive the official notice later.” (EDT/N: Good job Prime Minister!)


The Prime Minister Tada completely ignored the cries of Hayashida and while being supported by his bodyguards, slowly made his way towards Gojo.

“I apologise for the discomfort that we have caused you. Speaking for all of the people of Japan I humbly express my gratitude towards you Mr. Gojo, for the help that you have given us.”

“It’s just something that I did because I wanted to, you don’t need to worry about it. Oh but I did break the law so does that mean that I’ll really be arrested?”

After hearing my words the Prime Minister smiled. He looked at me with a serious face and answered.

“You haven’t committed any crimes whatsoever. If permission is what you need, then I as the Prime Minister give you that permission.”

“I may go around wrecking havoc everywhere you know?”

“I wouldn’t mind it at all. Please save Japan and Japan’s citizens!!”

After the Prime Minister said that Gojo let out a faint smile and turned around. He went ahead to help all of the other wounded.

“Gojo Masakado, we’ll bet everything on that man…”

On the same morning, Prime Minister Tada held an emergency cabinet meeting, in which he officially stripped the Chief Cabinet Secretary as well a portion of the Self-Defense Force’s executives from their positions. A cabinet decision was made which stated that the administration as well as the Self-Defense Force would give Gojo their complete support. The law which forbid the use of magic was abolished as well.

What that meant was that the Prime Minister was willing to put everything in the hands of that one man.


After using teleportation to return to the Gifu Airbase, I saw that Sakamoto and Shimizu were still panicked.

“I’m back.”


“How did it go over there! Were there casualties!?”

It seems like they had been really worried. I proceeded to tell them what happened in Osaka.

“I think there were a lot of casualties, but I did what I could do.”

“I see…”

“The question is, why did a monster like that suddenly appear… I can’t seem to think of an explanation.”

After thinking for a bit, Sakamoto began speaking.

“Previously, in a country called Georgia, just like in Japan there were monster running around causing havoc. However the military over there apparently managed to kill something that appeared to be the leader of those monsters. Afterwards, we heard that the number of monsters had rapidly fallen.”

“So there should be something like a Boss Monster in Japan? Does that mean that it’s the one that sent those Zombie Dragons!?”

“Apparently the Boss Monster in Georgia appeared in its capital of Tbilisi, inside of that darkish blue land. If there really is one in Japan as well then it would probably be in Tokyo. In Tokyo there’s an entrance towards that darkish blue land. However, the monster typically come out from there so we haven’t been able to enter… Some of the younger members were saying that it might be some kind of dungeon.”

“A dungeon…”

After hearing that word, I now know where I would have to go in order to save Japan from its peril.



  1. i’m glad the author didn’t go the route of making *everyone* annoyingly unreasonable. One of them is already more than enough

  2. Finally!! No anti hero!!(though its still good having one)
    Good thing the PM was injured then healed..
    .i wonder if MC can trade the job plates to other people, specially the hero class.
    Being a hero sucks, no freedom at all…leave it all to the masochist workers..
    And now, I NEED MORE CHAPS!!!!

  3. Lol that was a pretty quick shift… That unreasonableness only lasted for a short while. But I’m glad they changed their minds.

  4. this line proves that the mc has criminal tendencies: “Shoot me, with that gun? Do you think it’ll work!?”

    The mc should be kicked out of the country asap.

  5. Alright time to drop this, can’t stand the MC letting everyone step on his balls without the slightest complaint like a beta who enjoys getting cucked. He knows damn well how powerful he is yet he willingly waits for 20 minutes to ask permission from some corrupt organization like they are his parents to save people while they are getting absolutely slaughtered. This is one of the most betacuck MC I have ever seen.

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