I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 35

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The SSS Wall

I flew at high speeds in order to take care of the other 4 dragons that were wrecking havoc throughout the city. I focused mainly on using Fire Magic as it boasted the highest effect against the undead type monsters.

“Blazing Thunder!”

“Fire Dragon!!”

I continued using Fire Magic until the Zombie Dragons were burned to a crisp. Once their HP went down to 0 they would heal completely, however that only occurred once, so when I burned them down the second time they died.


“So that’s magic…”

The Self-Defense Forces were looking with admiration at the magician who was dispatching with ease the monsters that they couldn’t even lay a scratch on.

It might not have been known to the civilians, but between the Self-Defense Forces it was already public knowledge that magicians existed. After all the new law was created just because of one person.

Even though they knew that, the magic that they saw before their eyes still didn’t fail to leave them dumbfounded.

From that day onward Gojo Masakado earned himself the nickname of “Explosion Magician”… (TL/N: Our boy turned into Deidara)


“Okay! With this, I’m now done.”

After taking care of the last Zombie Dragon, I took a look at my status.

Priest Lv99

HP 1259/1259 1337/1337

MP ∞/∞

Strength 483 → 512

Defense 328 → 348

Magic Defense 737 → 765

Agility 365 → 381

Dexterity 667 → 682

Wisdom 1498 → 1560

Luck 505 → 534

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS Title Magician King

Healing Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank B

Magic Acquired Healing Magic (I) x 2

“Damn… Guess I couldn’t overcome it…”

Even though I maxed out the Priest, the Class Skill stayed at SS. All in all I had 7 Priest Class Slates and this was the last one. Which meant that I probably wouldn’t be able to raise my Class Skill to SSS.

If I were to judge from my experience up until now I would say that I would need to have 8-10 of one Class Slate in order to get the respective Class Skill to the SSS rank.

“Which means that I can only reach the SSS rank for a handful of classes…”

While thinking there was nothing I could about it, I headed to help the wounded.


At the time when the night was beginning to go back to sleep, and the sun was starting to show its face over the horizon, the temporary Prime Minister’s Official Residence was in an uproar. Apart from being used to house the Prime Minister, the Official Residence was also used to house all of the other Cabinet Ministers.

And currently due to the attack from the monsters a large part of it had been destroyed. Some of the people inside were saved, but the Prime Minister was yet to be found.

After a desperate search they managed to find him. He was still been breathing when he was found, however it was clear to everyone that he wouldn’t last long.

“Prime Minister! …We need to go to the hospital, hurry!!”

Just when he was about to be taken by the ambulance, I stopped them.

“Wait! I’ll heal him… Bring him here!”

While the rescue team was looking at me not knowing what to do, an enraged voice could be heard from behind.

“What are you saying! This is a matter of life and death. Hurry up and move!”

One of the politicians was yelling in the back, but I just ignored him and proceeded to use Healing Magic.

Light came out of my hands, which light then started to cover the body of the Prime Minister. In the next moment, like some miracle had happened, he was completely healed.

It really might have been dangerous if my Healing wasn’t at the SS rank that is.

“What’s this… Is th-… Is this magic…?”

“Magic is forbidden by the law! You haven’t gotten permission to use it!!”

“That’s an illegal act!!”

Some of the big shots amongst the Self-Defense Force didn’t forget to voice out their complains.

I of course ignored all of them and proceeded to heal all of the people that were struck by the Zombie Dragon’s poison breath.

While healing the wounded, a lot of Self-Defense Force members came and started helping me. Due to them dividing up and carrying the wounded to my side, we managed to help everyone in a short amount of time.

They were definitely a lot of deaths caused by the accident, however the fact that we managed to help even more casualties is a thing to be grateful about. In the midst of all of that…

“Don’t move!!”

A handful of Self-Defense Force members pointed their guns at me. (EDT/N: Seriously..)



  1. Now this is getting annoying…why arrest him? Why join him instead. Idk whats the author is thinking. Maybe turning to anti-hero tag?

    1. It’s very likely that a similar thing would happen if it was to actually happen. People in power generally don’t like it when a wild card appears even if said wild card is helping them

  2. What the actual fact!? Are they stupids that their brain cells became so small. The higher-ups in self-defense force want to apprehend for making the so-called ‘law’ when he just saved them. They almost did nothing except to order around. The lower position in self-defense force almost made the most work. While they just seat order around, so they can “save” Japan from implementing illegal use of magic.

  3. Due to recent events, I’m actually going to have to consider the actions of these idiots to be average intelligence. Unfortunately, humanity isn’t made up of smart people…

  4. No matter how much the typical japanese is as portrayed as a gentle sheep by the japanese authors, they have a wolf hiding inside just like the rest of the world.

    This is aptly displayed by the mc here. The mc is actually more of a psycho criminal who thinks he is a good law abiding citizen.

    The sdf should have shot him already instead of yelling ‘Don’t move’.

  5. Just leave the country you can help worldwide fuck this country. Unless hes another ill die for my country mc

    1. It’s becoming uninteresting ya know….it’s written forcefully making mostly all the characters stupid

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