I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 34

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Illegal Act

“We cannot have you acting on your own volition. You should already know that using magic would mean violating the law! Depending on the case, you might even be charged with treason against the country.”

“This is not the time for that! The citizens of Osaka are in danger. I must go and help them!”

“It’s just your imagination. If Osaka really was under attack we would have gotten a notification from the residence.”

“It’s precisely the residence that’s in a complete mess because of the attack! They don’t have the time to send report!!”

“There are a lot of Self-Defense Force members in Osaka! They aren’t people that will go down easily!!”

While Gojo and Yamamoto we in the middle of their argument, Sakamoto suddenly arrived.

“What’s going on? Gojo, did something happen!?”

“Sakamoto! Osaka is being attacked by monsters. I want to go and help them but…”

Gojo turned to look towards Yamamoto with a troubled expression on his face.

“We have received no such reports! Either way, Gojo we cannot have you running around as you please.  After all, we don’t know what problems might occur.”

Sakamoto was torn, but he didn’t feel like Gojo was lying.

“Is it really that serious?”

“It is…”

“…I got it, please go over there. I’ll deal with the consequences.”

“What are you saying! What right do you have to take the consequences!!”

Looking at Yamamoto, it was evident that he was about to spill over any moment. Even though he lashed out at Sakamoto, Sakamoto didn’t give in to his provocation and managed to keep his cool.

“Gojo I believe in you. Go and help the citizens of Osaka!”

“Thank you. I’m going.”

“What are you saying! I won’t allow you to leave this building. If you decide to resist then I’m afraid I’ll have to stop you by…”

Before Yamamoto was able to finish his sentence Gojo had already disappeared. Sakamoto thought while looking at the dumbfounded Yamamoto.

‘Gojo I’m counting on you.’


Using teleportation, I arrived at the sky above Osaka. As long as it’s within the range of my Clairvoyance I can teleport anywhere.

Standing on top of one of the buildings I looked at the scenery below me. The destruction caused by the Zombie Dragon was worse than what I had thought.

The dragons all had their bodies slowly decaying, creating a really unpleasant sight. There were 5 reactions to my Hostility Detection.

The Self-Defense Forces had brought out their war vehicles as well as their helicopters. However no matter how much they struggled, they couldn’t wound the monsters at all.

With it’s dragon breath the Zombie Dragon was causing casualties in wide areas, and the miasma left after the breath turned the skin of anyone who inhaled it bluish purple and short after that rid them of their lives.

I stopped time, took out a Priest Class Slate and tapped on it.

‘I might be able to max it out if I kill all of the Zombie Dragons. And I just need a bit more till I get the [Class Skill] to SSS as well…’

I resumed the flow of time, and gathered all of my magic in order to destroy the monster right under me.

“Roaring Thunder!!”

The lightning started moving throughout the body of the Zombie Dragon.


It gave of a terrifying roar. It started making crackling noises, and it’s whole body was charred black, however, apparently that wasn’t enough to kill it.

‘I guess it’s because of that Magic Resistance (V) skill that it has.’

When I landed on the ground, the Zombie Dragon shot it’s breath at me. However due to me having Complete State Immunity it had no effect whatsoever.

When I slowly started approaching it, this time it shot out shock waves with it’s roar. Everything in the vicinity was blow off by the shock waves but with the help of my Barrier I managed to block them completely.

“Gravity Press!!”

After getting close enough to it I decided to use Gravity Manipulation which worked really well on undead type monsters.

Just as I had imagined, the Zombie Dragon’s body started making cracking noises, and in the next moment it was squashed on the ground. However


The squashed bones and flesh rose towards the sky and started slowly regenerating.

“What’s this!? Is that some kind of skill?”

‘It’s strange… When I checked it with Appraisal it only had the Magic Resistance (V) skill…Why does it also have something like this!?’

“Oh well I guess its fine… Earth Magic / Stone Spear!!”

The rocks around the Zombie Dragon started forming together into an enormous spear. After it had taken shape, the spear lunged itself towards the Zombie Dragon’s body piercing it right in the middle.

“Now it should not be able to move. I should burn it down so that it doesn’t leave even a trace. “Combination Magic Fire Whirlwind!”

In the next moment the pierced dragon was surrounded by a flame tornado, and was burned down to nothingness.

I went all out with my magic so the citizens of Osaka and the Self-Defense Forces should have easily been able to see the flame pillar rising high in the sky.

“Well then! Four more left…”



  1. Let say ur the strongest person in the world
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