I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 33

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Creeping Despair

Five days after Gojo’s confinement in the Gifu Airbase, the law forbidding the use of magic became official. In the case of the use of magic, the following consequences could lead up to 10 years of imprisonment.

“Sakamoto! What’s going on… I was thinking that from now on we would focus on Gojo as our vanguard and have the Self-Defense Force act as a backup in order to reclaim Japan. And now the government is just trying to pull us back!?”

“It’s pointless complaining about it! I don’t agree with it as well!! I even tried opposing them numerous times.”

“Gojo still doesn’t know about the law right! Will you be the one to tell him?”

“No, Major General Yamamoto will take care of that. From now on they’re planning to make Gojo fight under the supervision of the Self-Defense Forces.”

“Do you really think everything will go as planned? He’s not a Self-Defense Force member you know. He’s just a civilian. He’s not obliged to listen to the government and fight for them!”


While laying on the bed in my room I was thinking what I would do from now on.

 ‘According to Mr. Yamamoto, if the government gives the permission I’ll be able to fight using magic under the supervision of the Self-Defense Force.

To be honest I want to go help out in Fukuoka and Tokyo as fast as possible, but it’s not a good idea to go and stir up trouble with the government and the Self-Defense Force.

I wonder what’s gonna happen…’

While thinking that suddenly…


I felt something. It came from really far away.

“Is it coming from Osaka…?”

It appears that my Hostility Detection had activated for a moment.



12:00 AM

 It suddenly occurred right in the centre of Osaka.

In the darkness of the night a small ring of light that looked like a crack appeared. The ring of light gradually expanded, transforming itself into a huge ring. In the next moment it started hovering above the ground and stopped when it reached the 10 meter mark, after which it started spinning.

Inside of the spinning ring of light something resembling letters could be seen. Unfortunately no one was able to read them.

Due to the huge influx of refugees, Osaka’s population was overflowing. The said rings of light appeared in a total of 5 places throughout Osaka. And from the inside of them a huge body frame was slowly starting to show itself.

Information about it immediately made its way to the Official Residence.

“Prime Minister! Wake up. It’s an emergency!!”

The Prime Minister Tada was abruptly woken up from his sleep by his secretary.

“A monster appeared in the centre of Osaka. The Self-Defense Force is currently fighting it. Please prepare to evacuate immediately!”

“…Is the situation so bad that it calls for an immediate evacuation?”

“Yes, they’ve apparently been driven into a corner. I’m afraid that this place with soon turn into a battlefield as well, so please!”

“Then instead of evacuating should we first get into contact with the Gifu Airbase and have them send over Gojo…”

When he was just about to finish his sentence, the Prime Minister looked out the window. There he saw an enormous monster, one so huge that it couldn’t even be compared to the ones he had seen before.

“Wh-!? What is that!”

The huge monster open its mouth, which seemed like it could devour the whole world. With a loud roar it blasted off the current Prime Minister’s Official Residence.


When I used Clairvoyance to scout over Osaka I witnessed an abnormal monster.


I tried using Appraisal on it

Zombie Dragon

Undead (Highest Rank)

Lv 98

HP 1028

MP 646

Strength 822

Defense 562

Magic Defense 1496

Agility 230

Dexterity 18

Wisdom 72

Luck 16


Magic Resistance (V)

‘This is bad… It’s not on a level normal people can beat.’

I thought of going there immediately with teleportation, but if I acted on my own volition it would probably cause problems.

I left my room and decided to first inform Mr. Yamamoto and Sakamoto, however I was stopped by the Self-Defense Force guards.

“Where are you going?”

“I have urgent news to report to Mr. Yamamoto or Sakamoto.”

“It’s currently pretty late, so can you do it tomorrow?”

“It’s urgent.”

“Okay. I’ll go call them so please wait here for the time being.”

Afterwards I had to wait for another 20 minutes…

 ‘I don’t have time for this…’

“What’s wrong? Calling me this late at night!”

The one who came was Yamamoto. He had a mean look on his face, so it was apparent that he had just been woken up.

“Osaka is being attacked by a powerful monster. I must go and help them!”

“We haven’t received such reports. For starters where did you hear something like that?”

“It’s hard to explain, so it would be best if you just assumed it’s one of my skills. I’ll be heading out so please inform Sakamoto for me.”

Just as I said that and was about to depart, the Self-Defense Force guards blocked me.



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  3. Can the government even handle the backlash of the citizens rioting for not sending MC to help earlier? The government honestly didn’t have the same bargaining power as MC. They would be earning the ire of the people and the awakened people. Uprising wouldn’t be startling honestly if this situation went on like this.


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