I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 32

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

A Bad Premonition

I had all of the wounded Self-Defense Force’s soldiers gather in an area, and cast a wide area Healing Magic on them. Due to my increased control over Healing Magic as well as it’s increase in power, I was able to completely heal even the heavy wounded.

And those that had lost a limb, I treated them individually. After the light surrounded them, their lost limbs were restored to their previous state, They were all full of smiles and wouldn’t stop thanking me.

“Amazing… So this is magic…”

“My wounds, they were healed in no time!!”

It did in fact take a really long time in order to heal every single one of the wounded, but I somehow managed to do it. Being thanked by such a huge number of people was a first in my life, so I was really happy about it.


‘Strange… The first time I used Appraisal on him, his class was certainly a Great Magician. However when I appraise him now, he’s a Level 99 Priest.

There’s no way I saw wrong… It definitely changed.’

After wondering for a while Sakuragi gave up and decided to just go and ask him directly.


“Excuse me Mr. Gojo… Can I ask you something?”

“Hm? Yea, what is it?”

‘If I remember correctly she’s the one that was standing next to Sakamoto…’

“My name is Sakuragi. I have a skill called Appraisal which allows me to look at people’s classes and levels… And to be honest I’ve appraised a lot of people but I’ve never seen anyone as strong as you! How should I say it, it’s like you’re a different breed. It’s like you’re from a different dimension or something… So I wanted to ask, how did you get this strong!?  Please tell me! I beg you!”

“That is… kind of…”

‘She’s asking me with such passionate and pure eyes… What should I do… If I tell her that I’m just a guy that dumped his entire pay check inside a random gacha, she’ll just think that I’m a nutcase…Hmm.’

“That is… how should I call it, I guess you could describe it as destiny I guess. I just somehow managed to get this strong…”

‘Ah what am I doing, that doesn’t make any sense.’


“Hey Gojo. Come here. A big shot from the Self-Defense Forces in Osaka has come to see you. I’ll lead you to him.”

“O-oh okay! I’m being called, so I’m afraid I have to go.”

‘Thank god… I don’t have the vocabulary to answer her honestly…’

It appeared as if Sakuragi wanted to tell me something else, but I hurriedly left.


The person who came to meet with Gojo was the Chief of Staff Hayashida.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. You should be Gojo Masakado correct? I must express my gratitude for the help that you have shown us, the Self-Defense Forces, on this occasion. This also includes the gratitude of the Prime Minister, who is currently residing in Osaka.”

“It’s just natural to help people if you can, please don’t worry about it.”

“Having you say that really lifts the burden from my shoulders…”

Chief of Staff Hayashida invited us to sit down, so I and Shimizu sat across him, while next to us sat the person in charge of the Gifu Airbase Yamamoto.

“Mr. Gojo… it’s true that with the help of your magic we were able to escape this predicament, however it has also created some other unexpected problems…”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Due to the circumstances being what they were during an emergency, it could be said that it was inevitable that the thing called magic had to be used… However from now on we should look into how we legally deal with magic.”

‘I couldn’t quite grasp what Mr. Hayashida wanted to say when he said legally dealing with magic, so I just continued listening to what he had to say.’

“By no means do we want to make this uncomfortable for you Mr. Gojo, but until the government has come to a conclusion on what to do, we would like to ask you to limit your use of magic…”

“I see… Understood. After all I don’t want to cause any trouble.”

“Thank you for understanding. We’ll prepare a place for you to stay inside the Gifu Base, so please do take your necessary rest!”


“Gojo! Aren’t you pissed!? Those bastards are trying to take control of you, you know!? I think you should be angrier at them.”

‘Honestly I was pissed. The one who saved this country was without a doubt Gojo. And they come barging in here telling him not to use magic!? Aren’t they just spitting in the face of the Self-Defense Force’s pride?’

“It’s fine… I don’t have the intention of causing trouble with the Self-Defense Forces.”

Was the thing Gojo said to me, but I was afraid that things would go in a really bad direction.


“What does that mean!? We’re putting him under house arrest?”

“Correct. Make it so that he doesn’t notice.”

Sakamoto couldn’t believe Yamamoto’s words… They were treating the person who had saved Japan, along with the Self-Defense Forces as a criminal.

“Why? There’s no need to do this is there?”

“Think about it Sakamoto! If a power of that magnitude goes out of control, no one will be able to stop it!! The government plans to use us, the Self-Defense Forces, to control him.”

“Control him?”

“Soon there’s going to be a congress in Osaka, in which a law in regards to magic will be implemented. When that happens, using magic would in itself be considered a violation of the law. It means that if they don’t have our permission they won’t be able to use it.”

“Do laws really hold any power with the way the world is now?”

“If by any chance he disobeys, Sakamoto you will be the one that will have to deal with him! Use this…”

Yamamoto reached out and took out a gun from the wooden box which was right next to him.

“It’s a gun made with Magic Steel. I have already handed out several of them to certain people, if the worst happens use it. In the end he’s just a human, if he’s shot at close-range he won’t get out unharmed.”

Sakamoto was lost for words. He could only stand there frozen.



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