The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man Chapter 17

Translator/Editor: TastefulSardine

Goblin Raid Conclusion

I teleported back to Tote with Ceasar on my back.

As expected, his associates had helped suppress any goblins that infiltrated inside the village; they had probably aided from the shadows. Also, aside from the small cuts from Judo’s group due to their slow response, there were zero casualties from such a large raid. What a miracle. Oh, and by the way, the village was in total chaos for a bit because I teleported the captured women back to Tote, but the situation seemed to get back in control once Sebastian returned.

And so, I’m currently drinking tea inside the village chief’s house.

Caesar broke the silence. “Grey. You’re really bullshit.”

Don’t say that so seriously. You make it sound like I’m a weirdo.


“Yeah,” Caesar said. “In what world is there a mage who can punch an awakened Goblin Lord to death?”

I shrugged. “I just got lucky.”

“Look here,” he leaned forward. “he dazed me, a swordsman, with just a single hit. Lucky my ass.”

“That so? So what happened to captured women?” I forcefully changed the subject, after which Sebastian launched into an explanation with a quick nod.

“The captured women were the daughters of nearby villages and peddlers visiting the Millard territory. As each and every one sustained heavy psychological wounds, some help is necessary.”

No wonder: there’s no way you could maintain your sanity among that tragedy. Everything should work out if we send them back to their respective hometowns after they calm down.

“What about the winged pair?” I asked.

“I advised them to return to the 『Ancient Forest』, but unexpectedly they wanted to live in the village.”

They’ve probably at least heard from the villagers that I’m protecting the village. But what is this sudden change of heart? They were so scared of me before.

“Is that strange?”

I shrugged. “A little.”

Caesar heaved a sigh in amazement. Even if it was me that said it, my statement seemed to have struck a nerve.

“Grey, they seem to want your protection.”

“What? My protection?”

“The villagers told them about your deeds, and it seems their fear began budding into piety.”

“But are the villagers okay with them?”

“Yes,” Sebastian answered in Caesar’s place. “They said, ‘If Saint-sama so decides.’”

“I see.”

Well, if that’s what the people in question want, then I don’t really care. Besides, I’ve a little interest in the coexistence of different species.

“By the way, don’t you have any desire to become an adventurer, Grey?” The moment Caesar finished his sentence, his associates all bent forward in anticipation, bewildering me, so I carefully picked out my next words.

“Once I leave the Millard territory at 13, I plan to register.”

“I see, I see.” Beaming, they clapped my back as they breathed a sigh of relief.

I knit my brows at their eccentricities as Ceasar stood up from his chair.

“See ya later. Contact me once you’re an adventurer,” Caesar said frankly and exited the village chief’s house with his associates in tow.

“Do you really intend to leave this land, young master?” Sebastian asked in a strange turn of events.

“Yeah. There’s no way in hell I’ll become the puppet of that stepmother(wench).”

“Even if—No, nevermind. I’ve asked something strange. Please forget I said anything.”

Sebastian bowed once towards me before exiting.

I followed suit and teleported to Straheim since I should go meet up with Satella and Carla anyways.



  1. If he don’t want to be a puppet, why not be the lord himself? Too much of a hassle is not a problem with Sebastian handling them, so why not right?


    1. Maybe he would just rather leave for a better place than try to build this place from the ground up and get rid of all the corruption, although he might end up doing that before he turns 13 anyways.

    2. Getting to that point would kinda be hard with the step mother constantly trying to block him from becoming the next head of the family. She already has the current head in the palm of her hand. She already manipulated that Tote village elders to kill off people and tax them to death. So im sure she can scheme up other things to prevent Grey from ascending to the head position.
      And his cut off date is when he turns 13 since he will be kicked out then. So he has to weather all her schemes and also get approval of the millard elders that arent already corrupted to become the next head.
      I feel like thats waaay too much of a hassle for Grey.

  2. Noice chapter. Thx. And also, there is slight hints to him becoming the Lord, removing corruption, etc. I say this bc, there is no way the author is putting these questions and implications that they want him to be the Lord. Like, think about it, how many books, movies, shows, etc. have put hints like this without building upon them? Not many, if any. Now, not to say that it’s impossible for him to become an adventurer, on the contrary, it’s most likely, based on the evidence so far, that he will become an adventurer, but it’s been hinted several times that he may do something about the state of his territory. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk, and have a good day/night. Also thx for the great chapter as always. I don’t know what I would do without you. Well, I would probably go about as usual without this, but just keep the sentiment. Stay state during this time of unrest, whether you’re living in a country that is not doing too well or otherwise. But seriously, the US isn’t doing too well. There’s a lot of idiots going about in the US. Apparently, there’s also people defacing many national monuments that depict important parts of US history. Not a great time to live in the US to be honest, unless you’re living in those parts of the country where there’s like only your town near you and it’s small then you’ll probs be fine. Well anyways, stay safe no matter which country you live in, take precautions, get through this like you’re an old fashioned cop staking out some territory, but it’s your house and you’re not gonna get killed by some idiot that says something like they don’t care about the virus because the chance of getting infected is small, if you live where it’s like this of course. It’s always good to take precautions, it’s just even more noticeable in these times.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    I’m really liking the story so far. A protagonist that doesn’t get turned into an idiot every time he talks with a female or turns a story about another world into a cooking show is a rare find. Now if ONLY I could find something similar but without the unoriginal trail of groveling females it would be perfection. But anyway, even with that Overlord was great so I’ll stop complaining about it.

  4. So… I had posted a huuuuge comment, though that has obviously not been posted, and I will not be doing that again. So, the comment was how he may become the Lord of at least have large influence over the territory and that he may fix everything, and then he may leave and do what other things that have already been in the workings, e.g. him becoming an adventurer. Though, of course he may not do this etc.

    1. Did you just not submit it? I can’t find anything in trash or spam.
      Edit: it was in spam, storm found it for me.

  5. The stepmother’s days are numbered, not by the MC’s hands but by everyone else gunning to take her out of the picture for a brighter future.

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