I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 30

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Golden Dragon

I could more or less grasp the position of all the monster by using Detection. I headed towards a huge pack of monsters in order to intercept them!

“Combination Magic Crushing Tornado!!”

A great number of monsters were swept up by two enormous tornadoes. However they weren’t just any tornadoes. The inside of the tornadoes was filled with pieces of stones that would constantly shred apart whatever came inside.

I could have easily blasted all of the monsters around this area, however the defense wall as well as the barricades were spanning for several kilometres, so just blasting the monster in this area wouldn’t change the whole situation much… so I decided…

“Flame Wall!”

I created a wall of flames that spanned for several km as well! If a monster touched the wall it would be engulfed in flames and burn to ashes.

“I’m lucky that it’s cloudy today.”

Saying that I raised my hands towards the sky and started focusing. All of the moisture within the sky started gradually transforming into ice.

“Ice Bullet!!”

Numerous amounts of ice bullets started shooting towards the ground. The monsters hit by the bullets would explode, while some would turn to ice statues.

‘There’s a lot… If I don’t use a stronger Combination Magic, there’ll be no end to them. I guess I’ll try out some.’

I flew to a place where a lot of monsters were gathered and used a combination of Fire and Earth Magic.

“Scorching Lava!!”

The ground beneath the monster’s feet gradually started turning red. The monsters started struggling to get away when they noticed it, but it’s too late!

Several thousand of the Undeads were sucked into the lava leaving nothing behind. This was the best type of magic to take care of a lot of enemies. Sure Gravity Manipulation was strong, however it’s range was limited.

In the process of massacring monsters I noticed something.

“Oh! I’ve maxed out the Great Magician.”

‘I guess the existence of the High Rank Undeads, mixed within the horde of monsters must have boosted my exp a lot.’

My Class Skill changed like this…

[Class Skills]

Magic Combination Rank D → Rank B

Magic Acquired Lightning Magic (I) x 3

‘Cool!I went up to B. Now it’s time to choose my next Class. I guess I’ll go with Priest this time. After all I need to rank up my Healing.’

I don’t know why but not being able to heal Shimizu’s leg, was still weighing on my chest.

In order to get rid of that feeling the only thing I could do was rank up my Healing and restore it.

I took out the Priest Class Slate from my inventory and tapped on it!


The Self-Defense Forces who were in Aichi that day, couldn’t believe their eyes.

Just when they were about to crumble under the mountain of monsters, one of the Self-Defense Force’s soldiers looked up towards the sky, only to notice something similar to bird, flying their way with unbelievable speed.

At first he had thought it was a bird type monster, however, upon it’s arrival that bird started spewing enormous flames and burning down the monsters. A person had just used an unbelievable type of magic in front of all of the Self-Defense Force’s soldiers.

“What in the world is that!?”

“It’s coming towards us! Is it an enemy?”

“It’s killing the monsters!? What the fuck!”

When that man raised his hands, huge tornadoes which swept up and shredded the monsters appeared. He manipulated fire, turning it into huge dragons that would burn down the monsters!

The ground shook and from inside of it a Lava Dragon submerged. With its mighty jaw it proceeded to tear the monster’s bodies… And an Ice Dragon with a dazzling silver glow which would freeze the monsters whenever it passed by them.

“Combination Magic Exploding Shells!”

As far as the eye could see, explosions started occurring. It seemed as if the monsters had brought down upon the rage of the skies! It shouldn’t have been possible to destroy monsters like this with normal explosions.

However it was obvious to everyone that these explosions weren’t ordinary…!

The several tens of thousands of monsters were slowly but surely losing their numbers. Even the four legged monsters know as the SDF Killers were mercilessly slaughtered with one raise of that man’s hand. Even if they tried to turn back and run they were incinerated by a blast of fire.


Nagoya General Staff Headquarters

Major General Hasegawa was lost for words at his subordinate’s report.

“A person flying in the sky is using magic to kill the monsters!? Do you realize what the fuck you just said!”

Hasegawa lost his cool for a bit upon hearing his subordinate’s ridiculous report. He opened the window and looked towards the sky that had become a battlefield. It was at that moment…

A blinding light covered the whole sky for an instant, and afterwards a sound that shook the whole ground sounded throughout the land.

From the thick clouds a golden something that looked like a single strand of string could be seen heading towards the ground.

“What is that!?”


Upon reaching the ground the gold light revealed itself in front of the eagerly watching Self-Defense Force’s soldiers.

It was an enormous Water Dragon whose whole body was covered in lightning. It had a long body, like the dragons you’d usually see in Chinese mythology. Looking at it up close, everyone was overwhelmed by it’s size.

The Dragon started moving through the ground like a snake, swallowing everything in its path. The monsters who touched it were sent flying, never to get up again.

In the minds of the Self-Defense Force’s soldiers, the sight of the Golden Dragon trampling down on the monsters would be forever engraved.


‘It appears it went well…’

This was the Combination Magic that I had thought of in order to deal with the horde of monsters


It had been my first time using it, but with the help of the rain clouds it become really powerful!

Due to defeating several tens of thousands of monsters, I managed to max out the Priest Class 5 times.

“This sure was a good grinding spot.”

I decided to check up on my status…

Priest Lv99

HP 847/847 → 1259/1259

MP ∞/∞

Strength 334 → 483

Defense 227 → 328

Magic Defense 584 → 737

Agility 268 → 365

Dexterity 592 → 667

Wisdom 1200 1498

Luck 355 505

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS / Title: “Magician King”

Healing Rank C → Rank SS

Magic Combination Rank B

Magic Acquired Healing Magic (I) x 7

My Healing’s rank went up to SS.

 ‘With this I should probably be able to heal almost every wound. And I also killed most of the monsters so there shouldn’t be any problems anymore…’

While thinking that I headed to the place where I had left Shimizu. You might ask why. And the answer to that would be that I wanted to test my improved Healing as fast as possible.



  1. Thanks for the chapter.
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  2. If right here and now he claimed to be a god who descended from heaven to protect Earth from monsters who escaped from hell, then most of the people would most probably believe him.

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