I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 28

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Chance Meeting

The large sized monster was coming towards me to finish me off.

I didn’t feel fear… I was completely prepared.

However, no matter how long I waited it didn’t come… When I opened my eyes and looked up…

“What in the world is this…!?”

The monster’s whole body had been pierced by some kind of ice spears. It was frozen in place unable to move an inch.

I couldn’t comprehend what had happened.

I noticed that there was something above the monster hovering in the sky.

‘A flying human…?’

From the clear blue sky countless lightnings were falling down and striking the monsters!  Surrounded by vigorous flames, and letting out numerous screams of agony, the monsters began losing their lives.

It was then, that I realized…

That was the man I had been searching for… The only ray of hope left for Sakamoto and the Self-Defense Forces.


‘There’s around 30 of them. There seems to be a number of victims as well. I’d better finish this fast.’

I raised my right hand high into the sky, and summoned a huge amount of flames. The flames were dancing in the air, changing their shape slowly. The form they took was that of a huge flame dragon, which then flew down to the group of monsters on the ground.

The monsters that didn’t even have the time to escape were surrounded by the vicious flames and turned to ash, not even leaving their bones behind.


I was completely lost for words… The man that I had my eyes on suddenly raised his left arm. Afterwards cracking sounds could be heard from the surroundings.

When I looked closely, ice crystals were forming in the sky and on the ground. In the next moment those ice crystals flew to one another and combined into a whole. After combining they started twisting and turning, finally taking the form of an ice dragon. The dragon turned towards the monsters who were coming this way, and plummeted towards them with unbelievable speed.

The monsters which had been touched by the ice dragon immediately began freezing, and stopped in their tracks, unable to move any more. Afterwards, the dragon flew high into the sky, and the ice scales that had been attached to his body could now be seen hovering around it. The scales changed their shape mid air, turning into ice lances, which then flew towards the monsters.

While masterfully controlling both the fire and ice dragons, the man slowly descended from the sky.

‘It is way better than what I had imagined… I never thought that such an amazing Magician could really exist. Sakamoto thought that the reason the monster numbers were low in Nagano was because of several magicians taking care of them. But he was wrong! If we have this man then it’s possible. If I manage to bring him back there’s no doubt that he’ll become a huge asset!! Sakamoto’s hope, his wish, I’ll be able to make it come true… Even though I lost my leg I have no regrets!’

The remaining monsters were swiftly dispatched by the fire and ice dragons.

The man came closer… He had a completely unsurprised look on his face, it was like killing monster had been his every day activity.

“You’re losing a lot of blood… Are you okay?”

“Yea… Leaving me aside… there’s something I need to ask of you!”

“Ask of me?”

“I was searching for you.”

“Searching? For me?”

“Yea, I want you…”

“Wait, wait. First…”


I put my hand on the person’s wounded body and used Healing Magic. A warm light came out of my hand and surrounded his whole body, stopping the blood and closing the wounds. However due to my Healing being a low rank I could not restore his missing limb.

“Forgive me… I can heal your wounds, but I can’t bring back your leg.”

When I tried to apologise the man laughingly stopped me and said.

“What are you saying! It’s more than enough that you even managed to heal my wounds. But still you really are amazing, you can even heal wounds huh.”

‘If only my Healing’s rank was higher I might have been able to bring his leg back… Did I mess up in choosing my classes?’

I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that.

“I’m a former Self-Defense Forces member, my name is Shimizu Toshiro. What’s yours?”

“I’m Gojo Masakado.”

“Gojo huh. Do you always go around helping people?”

“I try to help out as much as I can…”


‘If it’s him he might actually come…’

Thinking that, I made up my mind and decided to ask him!

“I come from Gifu. We would like to ask you Gojo to come and help us! Won’t you come back with me to Gifu’s Self-Defense Force base?”


“Do you know that Tokyo’s been annihilated?”

“So I’ve heard…”

“Afterwards, the government’s central facilities as well as the people from the Kanto region were evacuated to Osaka, however, the monsters that were in the Kanto region slowly started making their way to Kansai.”

“The monsters did?”

“In order to stop that, the Gifu base and Aichi’s Self-Defense Forces joined together to form a defense line, however unfortunately it won’t last very long.”


So that’s how it was huh… I had no idea on how the situation in Japan was progressing. I guess the Self-Defense Forces and the refugees probably knew about it, but since I was massacring monsters I didn’t have the time to ask them.

“I came here on a request from a Self-Defense Force member of the Gifu Airbase. I was told that with the several tens of thousands of monsters approaching they won’t be able to last long. It was then that… we heard of rumors regarding you Gojo.”

“Rumors regarding me?”

“Yea… Ones about a great magician.”

‘I guess that if the SNS networks still work, then It’d be easy to spread rumors… But to think that rumors are still spreading even in this situation, it just feels kind of strange.’

“Got it, I’ll help you! If I’m able to be of help, then I’d gladly do it.’

“Really!? Thank you. You’re a lifesaver!”

“Since you’ve agreed already we must not waste any time and go! My car’s over there. I may have lost my leg, but it won’t affect my driving. Can I ask you to lend me shoulder?”

“It’s fine. That won’t be necessary.”



Gojo took my hand.

“We’re going like this! If it’s Gifu then it won’t take that long.”

While he was saying that, I felt my body leaving the ground. It was like I had become weightless. It felt just like I was in those zero gravity space regions that you hear about on TV.


We were bursting through the skies with unbelievable speed. It felt like I was leaving all of my anxiety and fear behind.



  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    One question though, near the start in the protagonists pov he’s summons a Dragon of fire and turns the remaining monsters to the Ash.
    It then swaps to the former sdf member and states that an ice dragon appeared.
    I was a little confused when I read that.
    Did the author just forget when he was writing it?
    Having fun with the story otherwise, so far it feels like a combo of Korean “hunter” novels and Japanese “isekai” novels, can’t wait to see how things progress.

    1. It seems that he summoned two dragons? In a later paragraph, it says controlling both fire and ice dragons.

      Thanks for the chapter.

      1. I just noticed my mistake after scanning through it, though the authors partially at fault for how confusingly they wrote the pov.

        It stated that he raised his right hand and summoned a fire dragon.
        Switches to other guy and says as he was watching the magician and he raised his left hand to summon the ice dragon.

        So instead of doing something in the main pov and then switching povs and seeing it from a “bystanders” pov like most novels I’ve read that use this technique, it’s MC pov to SC pov with the battle still progressing. Which I must admit threw me off there.

        I Gotta pay closer attention when reading the later chapters.

    2. It might have been a mistranslation on my part perhaps. But yes as splash said, he did in fact summon two dragons: a fire and an ice one.

    1. It’s Masakado. Toushirou is the former member of the Self-Defense Forces that was sent to look for our protagonist. Hope this helps clear your misunderstanding :3

  2. I’m dying just reading this stupid over flowing righteousness please do tell me if this is that kind of story where the protagonist is a hero with op power then goes around saving people for the rest of his life because if it is then I’m dropping this…reading this kills me

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