The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man Chapter 15

Translator: TastefulSardine

A New Title

Now then, we’re approaching the best part of my research.

A two-meter long golden box appeared upon selecting【Goblin Slayer】. I placed the required ingredients inside and infused some magical power as well, upon which I immediately received a book.


  • Spell Name: 【Goblin Slayer】
  • Explanation: Upon use, obtain the title, Goblin Slayer. However, the grimoire will disappear after use, and you cannot create the same grimoire again.
  • Chant: —
  • Rank: Title Bestowment Grimoire
  • Proficiency: —


Um, the rank says Title Bestowment Grimoire. So if I use it I can probably acquire a title, but is it really okay calling this a grimoire?

Well, I guess that’s how it is; I can think about that later. Anyways, I won’t get anywhere if I don’t use it.

When I touched the book, it emitted a black haze which rapidly diffused into my body. 

I groaned as a pain that warped my vision ran through me. I grit my teeth  and somehow endured it before sitting down on the stone chair that the small macho oni had been sitting on before. 

After a few minutes, I confirmed that my body was back in working order and began analyzing the title.


  • Title: 【Goblin Slayer】
  • Explanation: Acquire absolute superiority over the goblin race.
  • Passive Effect—Goblin Slayer: Gain a considerable all-stats up against the goblin race and always crit against them.
  • Special Effect: Usage of 【Oni-Slaying Vision】is possible. However, you can only use it once per day and the passive effect of this skill will be lost for the rest of the day.


Unlike my Brain Monster title, I can actually analyze this one. As expected, it grants absolute superiority over the goblin race.

I don’t really understand the 【Oni-Slaying Vision】special effect, but I’m not fond of losing the passive effect on use. It’d be dangerous to use it without knowing anything so I should analyze it as well.

In any case, I should be able to fight at least evenly with the monster in the deepest part of this cave. 

From here on out is the real deal: a real fight. I should brace myself. But before that–.

“Come out. Peeping any more than this would be in bad taste,” I threw out, fixating my gaze around the room’s entrance.

“Oi oi, are you serious?” a voice said. “That’s the first time I’ve been spotted.”

By the entrance stood a red-haired man in his prime with an unshaven beard.

I’ve got some idea who this man is; the recent goblin attacks and Sebastian observing Tote despite its situation only meant one thing.

“I know who you are. You’re related to Sebastian, right? An adventurer, perhaps, or some related profession.”

The man was lightly dressed, wearing so-called Light Armor which was extremely easy to move in. Even while he was talking to me, he was always focused on his surroundings and didn’t have a single opening. He’s the first powerful person I’ve seen in this world. 

“That’s a good guess,” he said. “Really, you’re a disgusting brat.”

“I have no interest in your useless impressions. Let’s hear your objective.”

“Even if I don’t tell you, don’t you already have a good idea?”

“Sebastian asked you to investigate the goblins?”

“Why do you think that?” he amusedly asked.

“Needless to say, there’s just too many goblins in this cave,” I began.

Before, Giresse had explained to me in the carriage that the largest a goblin nest would get was 30-40 goblins. Around 10, or 20 at best, was more common. However, the number of goblins that attacked Tote easily surpassed a hundred, and not to mention the several rare goblins that could use magic in the cave, Goblin Mages. Furthermore, it was too unnatural for a Goblin Leader and Gobuzu and Gobura from before to inhabit such a sparse area. 

Even an idiot would realize that something weird was happening with this cave’s goblin nest.

“Yeah, the goblins’ boss is probably a Lord-class monster,” he explained. “It’s not very strong right now as it’s still an egg, but even I wouldn’t be able to manage if it hatched.”

This man had an average of D+ stats, and he was even C in Strength and Agility– unmistakably powerful. The ragtag goblins wouldn’t even stand a chance. Basically, a Goblin Lord ruled over the cave, and it was a monster that could even put a man as strong as him on guard.

“So you want to fight along with me?” I confirmed.

“That’s right. I know about your strength and abnormality,” he said before pointing at me. “You’re good at magic, and me, at the sword. How about it? Don’t you think that’s an appropriate division of roles?”

He was a stalker who had been peeping at me until now, so I have some doubts whether he can be trusted, but his strength is probably the real deal. At the very least, even if grouping with him was to my advantage now, it wouldn’t become a detriment.

“Okay. I hope to work well with you, if only for a short time, Gloomy Stalker-san,” I mocked. 

“Yeah, me too, Ruthless Killer-dono,” he said right back, and we shook hands while veins were bulging on both our foreheads.

As we ventured deeper and deeper, the cave soon emerged into a large passageway as the scenery completely changed.

“A pantry, I see,” the red-haired man, Caesar Carlos, knit his brows as he stated the obvious.


Looking at the mountain of meat stuffed on the shelves, there really wasn’t anything else it could be.

“Look at that,” Caesar said as he paled.

I looked over to see,

“Wha-?” I let out a dumb sound. I mean, you couldn’t even make this up.

“I see……Hahaa, so that’s how it is,” he let out as if he had already given up. The enemy was a goblin. Originally, goblins were known to eat humans, so it was only to be expected. 

But it was no use. I absolutely couldn’t permit this. I mean, this feeling didn’t come from logic, but from a more primal instinct.

“O-oi, Grey! Calm down!” he yelled impatiently, but his voice sounded strangely far away.

“I am calm, Caesar.”

–I aimlessly stared at the heads of children, all lined up systematically.

“I was too late. Sorry.” I patted one of the heads on the front row.

I think my meaning of this fight changed at this very moment.

“Let’s go, Caesar.”

“Yeah,” he replied as we went even further into the passageway.

“Hey, Grey,” Caesar began.


“I’m sorry.”

“What’s this, out of the blue?” I asked.

“You’re not a ruthless killer.”

“Of course I’m not.”


“Then don’t say I am. Look, we’re almost there.”

A large, uncouth stone door towered in front of us.

I kicked it open and entered into a space large enough to fit a classroom, and on a desk in the middle of the room a green-skinned youth was biting into some meat.

I heard a war cry before tens of goblins surrounded us, and I diced them into pieces with 【Whirlwind】. Suddenly, there was only me, Caesar, and the green-skinned youth left.

 “I am in the middle of dining. Make yourselves scarce,” the youth said.

He brought another piece of meat to his mouth with a wooden fork and knife, not batting an eye even though I killed all his subordinates.

How composed. Although that wasn’t unreasonable.


  • Snake Oni
  • Status
    • HP: D (—/100%)
    • MP: D- (—/100%)
    • Strength: C (—/100%)
    • Endurance: D+ (—/100%)
    • Magic: D- (—/100%)
    • Magical Endurance: C- (—/100%)
    • Agility: D- (—/100%)
    • Luck: E+ (—/100%)
    • Wisdom: E- (—/100%)
  • Race: Goblin Prince
  • Title: Goblin Prince[1]


He was overwhelming. If he attacked the Millard territory, it would be completely destroyed in just a few days.

Not only were his stats higher than mine, his Magical Endurance was C- so he countered me pretty hard.

Good thing that Caesar was here with me.

“I refuse,” I said as I enchanted my dagger with 【Wind Enchant】and cut through the table like it was butter.

His meal having been interrupted, the green-skinned goblin, the Snake Oni, finally looked at me in displeasure.

“I have no malice towards you, but you’ve broken my unwritten rule. As such, I will hunt you in the worst way possible.”

The Snake Oni stood up and gazed at us in disinterest.

“So skinny, not delicious at all,” he muttered to himself. 

“Die, man-eating goblin!”

Caesar unsheathed his longsword and struck him.

And like that, our battle began.

[1] The Race and Title are actually written differently, but in the end they both translate to Goblin Prince. I’ve decided to not make this distinction in the text but rather in a TL note.



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