I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 27

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Class Skill’s Limit

In around a week I managed to max out two of the Magician Class Slates. As expected, the Class Skill went up to S.

After another week and another two Magician Class Slates maxed out, the skill’s rank went up to SS. With the way things are going, I’m certain it would reach SSS.

I decided to max out the remaining 3 Magician Class Slates. It took me over 10 days but I finally managed to do it. My status after maxing out 7 Magician Class Slates looked like this.

Magician Lv99

HP 766/766

MP ∞/∞

Strength 299

Defense 202

Magic Defense 525

Agility 241

Dexterity 542

Wisdom 1040

Luck 306

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank SSS / Title: “Magician King”

Healing Rank C

Magic Combination Rank F

Magic Acquired: Wind Magic (I) x 5 / Fire Magic (I) x 4 / Water Magic (I) x 8 / Earth Magic (I) x 5

My Sorcery’s rank went up to SSS!  And also some kind of title was attached to it so there’s no doubt that SSS is the limit.

‘But still Magician King huh… Has a nice ring to it.’

I was wondering which class I should become next but Magician King just had such a cool ring to it that I just feel like raising Magic Combination even more, so I decided to become a Great Magician again.

I had already maxed out the Great Magician once before, so this time it would only take half as long. And there is also the advantage of being able to boost the control of my Lightning Magic even more.

I took out the Great Magician Class Slate and pressed on it.

‘When I max out this one I’ll head towards Tokyo. After all, it seems like the casualties there are pretty bad… There are definitely a lot of people in need of help.’

I continued hunting down Undeads for a couple of days, however recently apart from just the monsters popping out from Nagano, new waves of monsters started surging in from the Kanto region as well.

While flying and searching for monsters to hunt, one of the shelters was attacked by a huge mob of monsters.

‘It’s definitely the monsters outside of Nagano!’

 I immediately headed there.


“Shit!  They’re way too much… We’re done for. Several of them headed towards the shelter!”

“Get the kids inside! Don’t let the monsters in!!”

We, the Self-Defense Forces were desperately trying to hold off the monsters, but we were gradually pushed back.

Especially by those bigger ones. No matter how many times we shoot them it has no effect.

This shelter is definitely done for… there wasn’t a doubt that evacuation is our only option, but the problem was exactly how to evacuate everyone.

If it had been just us we would have somehow managed to escape, but the other people were a different story. And it’s not like we could just abandon everyone and leave. Before we knew it we had been cornered.

It was then that…


Suddenly a random vehicle appeared and after running over several monster, it headed towards us.

“Hey! Toss me a gun!!”

The guy behind the driving wheel said something unbelievable.

“There’s no way we can hand over a gun to a civilian! What the hell are you thinking!”

“I’m a former Self-Defense Forces soldier! This isn’t time to be worrying about stuff like that. I want to help you so please give me a gun!!”

Was it due to his vigor or something else I didn’t know, but I reached towards my belt and handed him my pistol.

“Don’t bother with the big one. That one’s known as the SDF Killer! We’ll deal with the small ones and make a break for it!!”


While retreating we would mainly focus on the human type monsters. If we shot them around 10 times they would eventually die, so we were able to decrease their numbers.

‘Still what the fuck am I doing. Sakamoto asked me to come here in order to search for a Magician and here I am helping people in this place. But it’s not like I can just stand idle while there are kids being assaulted in the shelter… Taking up Sakamoto’s request and fighting here… I really am an idiot aren’t I. I’m not a Self-Defense-Forces member any more. I’m a normal commoner. Even if I were to escape like everyone else no one would blame me, and yet…’

Just when I ran out of bullets, the large monster caught up to us and stomped down with its tree-like leg. Three people, including me, were sent flying.

The guy that had passed out right next to me was the one that had given me his gun.

He was leaking enormous amounts of blood and it didn’t appear like it had any signs of stopping.

I hurriedly tried to get up and run away, but my legs wouldn’t move at all.

When I looked down, I saw that below my right knee there was nothing there.

‘So that’s how it is… I’m gonna die here huh… Forgive me Sakamoto, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to keep our promise.’



  1. the last guy what does he think he is? Does he think he is the epitome of righteousness & hero?

    It was fine that he was thinking of helping people on the way to fulfill his objective. But when his leg got damaged & he thinks he is about to die, he should feel good coz he is righteousness hero who helps people in distress rather than care about the mission. But instead he asks for forgiveness as he can’t do the mission? What a hypocrite.

    He should be slapped & punched for being a 2-face.

    1. My thoughts exactly. We arent comparing nobles and normal people, its soldiers and normal people so it really should be civilians instead. No soldier would ever call a non-combatant as commoner.

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