I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 26

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

An Unbelievable Sight 

After reaching the shelter, I looked around to confirm the number and the position of the Undeads. There were around 10 of them surrounding the shelter. It was still early sunrise so I couldn’t clearly see them, however I could tell that they were walking on four legs, and even though they had the head of a person their body was similar to that of a spider, their length was also around 3 meters.

“Shit! Our bullets don’t work at all!!”

“They went over there as well. If we ignore them, even more casualties will appear!

The Self-Defense Forces were slowly retreating while continuing to fire at the monsters. If it’s Low Rank Undeads then they can somehow kill them using bullets, however the High Rank ones were completely immune.

The Undeads kept assaulting the Self-Defense Forces and used their claw-like legs to stab through them.


“Roaring Thunder!!”

Several flashes of lightning came down upon two of the Undeads and send them flying. The Undeads cramped up and rolled on the ground.

“Are you okay?”

When hunting I’d usually use Stealth in order to not be found out by others, but now isn’t the time for that. There is also the fact that when I attack, the effect of Stealth weakens.


The Self-Defense Force’s member looked at me like he had seen some kind of god.

The Undeads that I had send flying before were starting to recover.

‘If it was the usual Low Rank Undeads they would have already be done in by that attack. After all, controlling Lightning Magic got way easier after I learned Magic Combination. On top of that, Lightning Magic is the one with the most fire power out of all of the magic that I have.’

After completely recovering, the Undeads began running towards us again. The reason magic didn’t work as well on them is also probably due to the effect of their Magic Resistance which increases their Magic Defense.


I faced one of the Undeads who were trying to frighten us with their roars, and quietly chanted.

“Combination Magic Blazing Thunder!!”

After first being struck by a powerful lightning the Undead suddenly caught on fire. Even after being set on fire they continued to writhe for a while.

But in the end it completely stopped moving.

 ‘If they have Magic Resistance then I just need to hit them with even more powerful magic.’ Afterwards…

“Gravity Press”

I easily dealt with the other one. On that one I decided to use Gravity Manipulation. Since it was a type of Unique Skill and not a type of magic, Magic Resistance didn’t affect it at all. It seemed that when it came to taking care of Undead, Gravity Manipulation had no equal.

Even so I felt that if I only relied on Gravity Manipulation to take care of the Undeads, my magic wouldn’t progress at all, so in the end I decided to use magic to take care of them.

The outside was getting really noisy, so the people sleeping inside the shelter naturally started to wake up.

 ‘If I don’t finish this fast even more casualties might appear.’

I immediately took to the skies and headed towards the remaining Undead.

“Hey! What’s that in the sky!? Is that a human!?”

“Are the monsters attacking us!?”

There was a bit of an uproar.

‘Oh well I guess it won’t take me that much to take care of the remaining Undeads…’

The people within the shelter witnessed an unbelievable sight that day.

Large monsters attacking shelters is an unbelievable sight in itself, however what was even more unbelievable was the sight of a person flying in the air, and using magic to take care of those large monsters.

At first you would see several lightnings strike down the monsters, afterwards you would see flame spears piercing them.

One by one the monsters were massacred under the barrage of attacks.

“I’m not dreaming right?”

Even the Self-Defense Forces stopped their fighting and just looked with open jaws at the scene unfolding in front of them.

The man was suddenly surrounded by the monsters, and was sent flying by one of them. Even though he was sent flying the man immediately got up without a scratch and raised his hand towards the monster that had hit him. In the next instant, strange cracking noises could be heard coming out from the body of the monster, and afterwards it was completely flattened to the ground.

Afterwards, a huge lightning came crashing down on one of the monsters, turning it pitch black. After the lightning, a strong gust of wind appeared and in it’s tracks all of the monsters were left in pieces.

After dealing with the 10 plus High Ranked monsters the man just flew off without saying anything,

The refugees and the Self-Defense Force members who witnessed this unbelievable sight could do nothing but just stare at the place where that man had flown off too.

“That was close!”

I had only let my guard down for a second, but in that moment I was sent flying by one of the monsters.

‘After all it seems like Magicians really aren’t fit for close hand combat. I need to be even more careful in those kinds of situations…’

After going back, in the afternoon I continued my usual Undead hunt, and with its help I managed to max out the Great Magician within that day.

 ‘I guess killing the High Ranked Undeads helped a lot.’

My updated status looked like this.

Great Magician Lv99

HP 306/306 → 388/388

MP ∞/∞

Strength 125 →160

Defense 79 → 104

Magic Defense 177 → 238

Agility 95 → 122

Dexterity 212 → 262

Wisdom 317 → 478

Luck 123 → 173

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank A

Healing Rank C

Magic Combination Rank F → Rank D

Magic Acquired: Lightning Magic (I) x 2  Wind Magic (I)

With the SR Great Magician Class Slate my status went up around 500 in total. If I were to look only at distribution it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Classless really was the most balanced one.

However the fact that I became able to use Magic Combination and that Lightning Magic got way easier to control cannot be sneezed at as well.

‘I guess with my status the way it’s now I won’t have to worry about the monster attacking me anymore, but still… I was thinking of heading for Tokyo after I had max out the Great Magician however now with the appearance of the High Ranked Undead it might be better to stay and level up for a bit more. Which Class should I pick now? My weakness is close range combat so it might be a good idea to pick something like the Knight or the Fighter.’

Testing out a lot of Classes and compensating for my weaknesses wasn’t a bad idea…however… there was one thing that wouldn’t leave my mind.

That was the question about the max rank of the Class Skills. Would A be the max or would it go as far as S?Or maybe it might even go up to SSS.

If it went up to SSS I couldn’t even imagine how strong I could become.

If I didn’t try it out I wouldn’t even get to know the answer. I guess it’s just my character, but I just couldn’t stop until I had completely finished with something.

So in order to do that I decided to pick the Class which Class Skill I had already raised up to A. The Magician would be the way to go. And I still had seven of the Magician Class Slate’s left.

I would use all of them to see exactly how much I could raise the Class Skill’s rank.

Thinking that I took out the Magician Class Slate and pressed the Y option.



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