The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man Chapter 13

Translator: TastefulSardine

Editor: SmugCrusader

Running from a Monster — Goblin Leader

The Goblin Leader, Gobukin, frantically ran to escape from that monster in the shape of a human. 

What was that thing?

A human? No, that was impossible.

Among his family, Gobukin had skin harder than steel that could repel all sorts of magic. At least, it had been so until now. Gobukin’s skin repelled most magic even from his family’s proud Goblin Mage. There’s no way inferior magic from a lowly human would break through.

That’s right. Gobukin was supposed to be invincible, but that guy’s power didn’t just break past skin–it turned Gobukin’s entire arm to cinders. And yet. AND YET. Even though there were so many goblins, he wordlessly reduced them to mere clumps of meat with that mysterious power of his.


Above all, when he was killing the goblins, his pupils were dyed crimson for but a split second. With just a glance, Gobukin understood—that was a repulsive thing under the guise of a human.

Gobukin focused solely on his nest. Surely, the great king and those around him could stop that thing. Believing that, Gobukin raced forward with reckless abandon.

“I MADE IT.” Gobukin collapsed to the floor as dizzying relief set in.


The lookout goblins inquisitively approached Gobukin, who had tears and snot streaming down its face.


The lookout goblins nodded a couple of times, before hurriedly advancing deeper into the cave. 

In the blink of an eye, several lines ran across their bodies, and they slowly slid apart. 


As the sight of the lookouts diced to pieces reflected through his retinas, Gobukin despaired. It was because it understood. It understood that the nightmare hadn’t even begun.

“Good work,” a voice came from behind, bringing about a pressure so intense as if to squash his entirety.

It couldn’t look behind him. Even though that was obvious, Gobukin turned around to the voice.

The moment Gobukin saw that childish figure, it shrieked.

A red haze flickered over his entire body, his eyes were dyed blood red, and he wore a smile up to the ears. He was literally a monster.

“Now, let’s begin the devastation.”

It was now that Gobukin understood its fatal misunderstanding.

It wasn’t a matter of winning or losing against this guy. He was–.

“Ahh, I just remembered,” Grey said. “Here’s your reward for guiding me here. Sleep tight,”

Gobukin’s gaze slowly fell to the ground before completely losing consciousness.



  1. I love the subtle nod throughout this chapter about his race not being human, but it being a combination of symbols, as if to state that the monsters, or at least the intelligent ones, had some sort of inkling, whether it be instinctual or otherwise, that he is no mere human, and more of a monster than even them.

    1. I’m not sure which part you’re talking about. If you’re talking about his race do you mean the part in the prologue?

      1. Though, of course my guess could be completely wrong and he’s not a monster literally, but figuratively. Either way, it’s really interesting to think about, whether he’s closer to human or monster.

  2. Thanks for the great quality chapter. Note that this is coming from someone who doesn’t read light novels rarely, or often at all. I seriously am enjoying your quality work.

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