I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 24

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

A Miraculous Day

 I decided to become a Priest next. The class skill this time was… 

  Healing Rank F

 ‘So it’s Heal for the Priest huh…’ Up until now I hadn’t used my Healing Magic spell all that much. One of the reasons was that I already had Ultra Recovery, so I just didn’t have the need to use it on myself, the other was…

 I once had stumbled upon a wounded kitten so I had decided to use my Healing Magic on it. It did in fact heal it, however, after that the kitten died.

 It might have been to the fact that at that time I couldn’t control the output of my Healing Magic. And because of that I was scared to use it on people, so I hadn’t used it at all after that.

 However now with Healing it might get easier to use, so I finally might be able to use it to heal wounded people!

 After that I used Clairvoyance to look for monsters, and just killed everything I could find.

 When I had stopped for a bit to visit the shelter, I heard talks that the Self-Defense Force had come to help.

 “Tokyo’s apparently in dire straits. And all of the other places where the new land appeared are suffering a lot of casualties as well…”

 “Is that so?  Compared to them Nagano’s casualties are on the low side… I’ve seen monsters a couple of times, but after a while they just disappear.”

 ‘Oh, I guess the reason why there aren’t any monsters is because I’m killing all of them… Well it’s not like I’m doing anything bad so I guess it’s fine, but still Tokyo’s in dire straits huh… I should go and check up on it after I’m done leveling here.’

 After that I just continued massacring monsters.

 In around a week I maxed out the Priest And my status had changed like this…

 Priest Lv99        

 HP 225/225 → 306/306           

 MP ∞/∞              

 Strength 95 → 125      

 Defense 60 → 79

 Magic Defense 147 → 177

 Agility 77 → 95

 Dexterity 199 → 212

 Wisdom 255 → 317

 Luck 96 → 123 

[Class Skills]

 Sorcery Rank A 

 Healing Rank F → Rank C

 Magic Acquired: Healing Magic (I) x 2

 “Okay Healing went up to C. Now I should probably be able to control my magic output.”

 Thinking that I headed towards the nearest public hospital. Due to the earthquake and the monster invasions, most of the hospitals inside the area had been destroyed, so I decided to head for the hospital that the Self-Defense Forces were guarding, and help out there.

 After entering the hospital I saw numerous beds with wounded people sleeping on top of them. Even though Nagano has fewer casualties than other regions, that doesn’t mean that they’re none. There were certainly a lot of people falling victim to the monsters.

 In front of me I saw a girl who looked around 10 years old, who had a wound on her leg and wasn’t able to walk because of it. She was sitting on her bed reading a book, and her parents couldn’t be seen anywhere…

 “Does your leg hurt?” I asked her in a very blunt manner.

 She made a strange face, after which she looked at me.

 “No, it doesn’t hurt at all. The doctor told me that I’d get better in no time.”

 “I see. Can you please lend me your hand for a sec?”

 I used Healing Magic. After grabbing her hand I could immediately tell where the wound was. It was clearly way different than before.

 “Hey you!  What do you think you’re doing!?”

 A person that looked like the girl’s mother yelled while coming this way.

 “Oh shit!”

 No matter how you looked at it I seemed like a suspicious fellow. I immediately stopped time and retreated. ‘I should make sure to Stealth next time.’


 “Are you okay?  Did he do something to you?”

 “No, I’m fine.”

 While her mother was letting out a sigh of relief…



 The girl got off her bed and stood up.

 The mother had been told by the doctors, that her girl had sustained damage in her spinal cord so it was deemed that she wouldn’t ever be able to stand up or walk again.

 That day, around the hospitals in Nagano a strange phenomenon of patients miraculously recovering occurred. And that doesn’t include only patients with light wounds, even people with serious wounds had recovered completely.

 This strange day became know in Nagano as the “Miraculous Day”.



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