I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 23

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Sorcerys Rank

I tried using Appraisal on myself.

Magician Lv1

HP 122/122

MP ∞/∞

Strength 48

Defense 33

Magic Defense 63

Agility 40

Dexterity 81

Wisdom 105

Luck 56

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank C

“Yes! Just as I thought!!”

My stats and Sorcery’s rank had remained the same, the only thing that had changed was my level.

And I still have nine of the Magician Class Slates left.

‘Time to start leveling up!!’

I started massacring all of the monsters that were coming out of the darkish blue land!

Even if a lot of monsters headed my way I would just use Earth Magic to change the ground around their feet and lock them in place, after which I would use Fire Magic to finish them off.

Compared to before I had better control over my magic, I can now prevent the flames from spreading anywhere else, and burn down only the monsters.

And by using Water Magic I created fist sized ice pebbles that freezes the monsters upon contact, effectively slowing down their movements.

 ‘…Isn’t this like really useful?’

And if by some chance a monster managed to get close I would just punch it.  There were way more monsters than I had imagined.

Even though my Class was a Magician and didn’t raise my strength that much, with the use of [Skills] I could compensate for that, and was actually pretty strong.

…But even so I just didn’t like touching the Zombies.

While going through thoughts like that I realized that my level was going up pretty fast. The leveling rate was almost double to last time.

 ‘Can it be that if I max out a class once, the second time I level that same class it becomes easier?’

I managed to max out in 3 days. These were the changes.

Magician Lv99

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank C → Rank B

Magic Acquired: Wind Magic (I) x 2 /  Earth Magic (I)

Sorcery’s rank went up to B.

‘Is it perhaps going to be even easier to level up the third time?’

 Thinking that I took out the third Magician Class Slate and used it…however…

“It’s not any different from last time huh… I guess this is the fastest I can go.”

I managed to max out in about 4 days. And these were the changes after the third time.

Magician Lv99

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank B → Rank A

Magic Acquired: Fire Magic (I) /  Water Magic (I) / Wind Magic (I) / Earth Magic (I)

Sorcery’s rank went up to A this time.

After maxing out 3 times, using magic became way easier and now I could aim at a spot and shoot my magic there accurately.

Before I used to just kill the monsters with huge waves of magic, but now I could freely control the power output as well as the form of my magic.

‘I guess this is enough for the Magician class’

I opened up my space region and took out a Class Slate from the inside.

“Next up it’s this one!”

I tapped on it, after which I checked my status.



  1. Wow, levelling up the second time is actually easier?! What is this cheat?!
    Thanks for the chapter!

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