I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 22

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Kris

Class Slates

Due to leveling up to 99 as a Classless that meant that my status had gone up as well so I tried comparing it to the one I had when I was level 1.

I had written down what my status had looked like on a piece of paper in my house, so I went back and dug it out from underneath the rubble, afterwards I compared my raw statuses without including any of the stat increasing skills.

Classless Lv1                          →                    Classless Lv99

HP 44/44                                                         HP 70/70

MP ∞/∞                                                         MP ∞/∞

Strength 14                                                     Strength 24

Defense 10                                                       Defense 19

Magic Defense 16                                     Magic Defense 23

Agility 11                                                        Agility 20

Dexterity 13                                                    Dexterity 25

Wisdom 18                                                      Wisdom 25

Luck 21                                                             Luck 32

Looking at this it appears that if I max out as Classless  all of my stats go up by around 10, while my HP goes up by around 30, which means that my stats goes up around a 100 in total. My MP is infinite so I don’t know how that has changed but I guess it wouldn’t have that much of an effect either way.

‘Well now, I think that if I use a Class Slate my status will go up way more, so let’s test it out…’

After touching the Class Slates of all the classes the only ones that had the Y/N sign appear were the “R” rated ones. That means I could choose from only these 10 classes.

Knight / Magician / Priest / Fighter / Beast Master /  Blacksmith /  Thief / Archer / Explorer / Hunter

After thing for a while which one I should choose I finally made up my mind.

 ‘It has to be this one.’

 I touched one of the Class Slates and pressed the Y that popped up.

Magician Lv1

HP 70/70

MP ∞/∞

Strength 24

Defense 19

Magic Defense 23

Agility 20

Dexterity 25

Wisdom 25

Luck 32

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank F

I became a Magician. I went back to being Lv1, but my stats had remained the same, the [Class Skills] thing appeared as well.

‘I wonder, if I raise the rank of Sorcery, will it become easier to control my other spells?’

After making up mind to level up I immediately flew to the skies and started killing monsters, when suddenly… I saw something flying my way.

“Is that thing a monster as well!?”

It was a big bird. Due it’s flesh being rotten here and there though I managed to figure out that it was probably a bird type Zombie.

I thought I would hit it with Lightning Magic, but in the end I couldn’t land a hit!  I soon gave up and got close to it, after which I used Gravity Press to squash it to the ground.

After killing some more of the bird type Zombies I descended to the ground and continued killing tens of the human type Zombie, however leveling up wasn’t as fast as when I was Classless.

In the end I went to the shelter to grab some lunch, and after continuing my monster killing spree for over and hour I finally managed to max out the Magician class.

 ‘I wonder if this would be considered fast as well? It’s all because of Growth Speed I guess.’

My status changed like this.

Magician Lv99

HP 70/70 → 122/122

MP ∞/∞

Strength 24 → 48

Defense 19 → 33

Magic Defense 23 → 63

Agility 20 → 40

Dexterity 25 → 81

Wisdom 25 → 105

Luck 32 → 56

[Class Skills]

Sorcery Rank F → Rank C

Sorcery’s rank went up to C, and my status went up by around 300 in total.

And due to raising Sorcery’s rank I figured out 2 new things.

First, the magic which the Sorcery skill affects and makes easier to control are Wind / Fire / Water and Earth, only these four.

Second, with the increase of rank in Sorcery the levels of Wind / Fire/ Water and Earth rise as well.

Which means that by using the Magician class and leveling it up I can acquire any of the Wind / Fire / Water and Earth magic candies.

‘In that case this would mean that I can acquire different [Skills] and [Magic] candies by using other Class Slate. If that’s the case then the Class Slates which I originally thought were misses, might actually turn out to be even more useful than the [Magic] and [Skills].

And the last thing that I wanted to test out, the one that had me wondering for a long time, the question of whether I could become the same class twice.

If it’s possible, that would mean that I would be able to use all of the slates that I had piled up until now, and that I might be able to even further raise the rank of Sorcery which had currently stopped at C.

While thinking that I took out another Magician Class Slate and after tapping on it the Y/N screen appeared.

‘However there is still the possibility that even if I’m able to become a Magician again, my status or my Sorcery’s rank my just reset to when I first became one…

Oh well even if that’s the case I’ll just max it out again…’

Saying that to myself I touched the Y option.



  1. Oh God.
    He has a lot of class slate.
    If he can Lvl up as many class as he wants, isn’t that a cheat!!!!
    Anw, thankz for the translation…

  2. Finally he can use those class slate… but leveling classless to 99 is near impossible without cheats, how can a normal person do that?

    Also Thanks as always…

    1. As meowthank said it’s the pure stats without the skill boost. I should have explained it in the translation so it’s my fault. Hope you’ll forgive me

  3. Thanks for the chapter!!

    So all those slates will just be for himself? I thought that he would be giving some to the people with powers, but I guess I was wrong.

  4. Hmm, wouldn’t he save a lot of lives by just stopping time, exterminating all enemies, find everyone to evacuate, find the source of the monsters, then spawn camping them for however long? Of course letting time pass while he eats or stocks up food.

    Man, this could be even more op …

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