I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 21

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Kris

Thank God I’m Sturdy

Let’s go back in time several months, on the day of The Calamity.

Due to the huge earthquake a lot of houses were left in ruin.

“Pheew…! I though I was a goner!!”

After getting rid of the roof tiles that were on top of me, I checked to see if I had been hurt anywhere.

“It seems I’m completely fine. God bless the gacha god that blessed me with this sturdy body.”

As I looked around, the only thing that could be seen were destroyed houses.

“An earthquake huh… I was sleeping so I didn’t feel it, but it appears to have been a pretty big one…”

For now I took a change of clothes from underneath the rubble and went to check up on the situation outside. Outside there were people who were trying to flee from their ruined houses, as well as those ones who were stuck under the countless amounts of rubble.

Using Detection I scanned the area for survivors. I was able to immediately figure out the location and the number of remaining people.

“Up we go!”

Due to having Strength Increase as well as Herculean Strength moving the rubble was a piece of cake.

“Are you okay?”

It was my neighbour. I didn’t know his name, but I had seen him a couple of times.

“Yea, thank you… you really helped me there!”

After that I saved some more people and along with everyone we headed for the closest shelter. The place that was designated as a shelter in this area was one of the Elementary Schools. After dropping of the people I had saved at the shelter, I started looking around to see if there were any other people that needed help.

After walking for a while I noticed some kind of abnormality.

There was a reaction from my Hostility Detection skill. And it wasn’t just one but numerous. Looking around I discovered people, or rather I should say Zombies, that were slowly coming this way.

“What is that? Are they really people…!?”

My Hostility Detection started reacting wildly!

“Doesn’t seem like it! In that case I won’t be holding back!!”

I raised my hands towards the monsters.

“Gravity Press!”

The monsters were squashed under the pressure and were unable to move. I guess it’s because they were pretty fragile to being with but the effect of Gravity Press was huge.

I didn’t quite get it but I had this glooming eerie feeling so I immediately used Stealth to hide my presence and flew high up in the skies to look around the city.

As far as my eyes could see everything was in ruins, there were also several fires reigning free. The road was cracked in several places, and some building were straight up missing, however the thing that shocked me the most was…

“What… is that?”

A darkish blue land that wasn’t there before, was taking up a huge part of the city. And close to it, things similar to the Zombies I had just defeated we constantly popping up.

I descended slowly and afterwards squashed all of the rising Zombies with Gravity Press.

I also tried using magic. Facing a couple of Zombies I fired off my Wind Magic, which simultaneously blasted all of them off and turned them into shreds.

The unfortunate thing was, that all of the pillars and houses around the Zombies were blasted off along with them.

After using Fire Magic, the Zombies immediately burned down to a crisp, however due to the fire being way to strong it started spreading and covering the surrounding area as well.

I panicked so I hurriedly tried to put it out with Water Magic but this time due to the force of the water being too strong, it scraped off the concrete of the roads. I was left with the impression that magic certainly did pack a punch, however it was difficult to control.

Compared to it, I can easily control the power output of Gravity Manipulation, so it’s easy to control… Currently within the skills I had the one with the highest effect was Gravity Press so I just continued using that.

After repeating the same process for a while I felt a certain change in my body.

“What’s this strange feeling…?”

I decided to try using Appraisal on myself.

Classless Lv99

“Ah! My level’s gone up. Furthermore it’s 99? Is it due to the effect of Growth Speed? Or is it just easy because I’m still Classless?”

Either way the thing that’s certain was that I had managed to max out my level by killing those monsters.

“Which means….”

I opened up my space region which I normally used as an inventory and pulled out a Class Slate.

“That I’m finally able to use this right?”



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