I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 20

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Kris


“I have a request to make.”

I told Major General Yamamoto about the things I had heard from Nagano’s refugees, as well as everything I knew about the so-called magic.

“Currently we’re not able to get into touch with Nagano which is why I want to dispatch a search squad over there.”

After listening to what I had to say and thinking for a bit Major General Yamamoto spoke.

“Sakamoto, are you in your right mind?”

Wrinkles appeared between his eyebrows as he was angrily staring at me.

“You should know that there are tens of thousands of monsters currently approaching this defense line from the Kanto region! Self-Defense Forces throughout the whole country have their hands full with helping the refugees. Furthermore, we don’t have nearly enough personnel needed for the Magic Steel’s excavation as well!!”

Major General Yamamoto stopped to take a deep breath after which he looked at me again.

“And you expect me to dispatch a search squad for a person that probably doesn’t even exist?! There’s a limit to your bullshit! Stop daydreaming, Sakamoto. There’s a mountain of other more important stuff that you have to do!”

The Major General was right. Since I was working at the front lines, I could tell better than anyone that we were lacking people.

However, if I were to look at this realistically with the way things were going, getting wiped out was just a matter of time.

After leaving the General Staff Headquarters, I took out my phone and called a certain person. At least the communication network inside of the Gifu Airbase was still working.

“We must do something. Like hell am I just going to stand around and wait for death!”


“You calling me out like this is a first.”

“I’m sorry Shimizu.”

The person I called was Shimizu. An old colleague of mine who left the Self-Defense Forces 2 years ago. I proceeded to tell him everything that had happened until now, all in hope of earning his cooperation.

“Is it really that bad?”

“Honestly speaking it’s hopeless. If we continue like this, the line will be broken through in a matter of a few days.”

“Even so, you are still asking me to leave Gifu and go to Nagano which is known to be even more dangerous just to search for a guy that might not even exist you know?! Just so you know, I was planning on evacuating towards Kansai in a couple of days!”

“I’m really sorry, however, I cannot command the Self-Defense Force to go. And it’s impossible for me to leave my post as well. I’m dead serious. You’re the only one I can rely on!”

I deeply lowered my head towards him.

“Do you really believe there’s a guy who can use magic!?”

“I’m not sure if it’s only one person, or a whole group….however I do believe he or they exist!”

Letting out a sigh and scratching his head Shimizu spoke……

“Guess I’ll have to do it….It’s your request after all. Just so you know you owe me one!”

“Thank you! I’ll definitely pay you back!”

“So… what’s my time limit?”

“The monsters will likely break through the defense line in a week.”

“A week huh.”

“Once we engage in fighting we won’t be able to last more than a couple of days….Please do your best to bring him here within a week.”

I said to Shimizu with a serious face.

“I think you already know this but, even if I find this guy and bring him here, there’s no guarantee that he’ll change the outcome of the battle. Rather it’s pretty unlikely that he’ll be able to change it. Even so will you wait?”

“I know. I’m completely aware that it seems hopeless but even so…”

“Haa… a hopeless mission with a strict time limit huh. To think that I’d have to do stuff like this even after I went back to being a commoner.”

Shimizu stood up, turned around and started walking.

“I’m off. Don’t expect anything!” While sending him off, I sincerely thanked him from the bottom of my heart. However at that time, I still didn’t know that Shimizu would later encounter something that would surpass even his wildest dreams.



  1. Why commoner?…u can just used civilian right?…are we in another world?…
    any way thanks for the chapter but plz make it a longer chapter

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