Translator: Jiro

Editor: Kris

June’s Pay day [Part 2]

And with this it’s all over huh. Now that I have “Complete State Immunity”, I’ll never get sick again. Due to “Goddess’s Blessing”, my luck is now 100 times better. To be honest, there’s nothing more I could want, but…

I took all of the candies I got from the gacha, alongside the Class Slates, I threw them all in the white space that I used as an inventory. Afterwards, I tiredly got up and headed home.


I suddenly  got a certain idea.

“With Goddess’s Blessing, my luck is now 100 times better! And the rank of my Divine Protection is high as well!!@”

Currently I still had 10,000 YEN, which I was going to use for my living expenses!

‘I’ve never tried my hands at gambling, but with my luck, won’t I be able to make a killing off of gambling?’

If I were to think rationally, it was definitely the wrong thing to do, however, if I didn’t do it now, then when would I!

‘If I don’t do it now, I’ll definitely regret it later. This is something I definitely must do!’

But considering that I had never even bought a lottery ticket before, I couldn’t decide on what would be the best way to gamble!  


Horse Racing?


‘No, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have the time!!’

After pondering for a while, I decided to go with Scratch Offs!

I wasn’t really versed in this kind of thing, so after looking it up on my phone, it appeared that I could buy one for around 200 YEN. If I won I could immediately get my money from any place that sells Scratch Offs. If it was a large sum, I could go to a bank and get my money from there.

It was just before 12:00 PM, so if I rushed, I would probably be able to buy them. However, if I happened to win, I would have to go to the bank. I decided to limit my buying until 3:00 PM. After that, I would scratch them all and see if I had won anything.

‘This is gonna be tough.’

I immediately hurried to the closest shop.

4:30 PM

While holding my newly acquired 1,430,000 YEN, I stood in front of the ruined building.

This was my final money. I had no more time in order to go and get more… I inserted my money and prayed with all of my heart. I started spinning.

The capsules that came out were…

Barrier SSR

Ultra Recovery SSR

Herculean Strength SSR

God Eyes SSR

Class Slate: Hero SSR x 2

Class Slate: Alchemist SSR x 3

Class Slate: Great Sage SSR

Class Slate: Demon King SSR x 3

Fire Magic (I) R x 4

Wind Magic (I) R x 2

Earth Magic (I) R x 3

Water Magic (I) R x 3

Lightning Magic (I) R x 4

Light Magic (I) R x 2

Dark Magic (I) R

Summoning Magic (I) R x 4

Healing Magic (I) R x 3

Strengthening Magic (I) R x 2

Magic Aptitude (I) R x 2

Growth Speed (I) SR x 6

Physical Resistance (I) R x 2

Magic Resistance (I) R x 2

Detection (I) R x 6

Strength Increase (I) R x 3

Clairvoyance (I) SR x 2

Appraisal (I) R x 2

Agility Increase (I) R x 3

SP Increase (I) SR x 2

Mind Defense (I) R x 2

Stealth (I) R x 6

Divine Protection (I) SR x 3

Coercion (I) R x 4

Precise Repair (I) R x 2

Cold and Heat Resistance (I) R x 3

Hostility Detection (I) R x 3

Telepathy (I) R x 2

Imitation (I) SR x 2

Thought Acceleration (I) SR x 4

Class Slate: Knight R x 2

Class Slate: Magician R x 3

Class Slate: Priest R x 2

Class Slate: Fighter R x 3

Class Slate: Hunter R

Class Slate: Magic Knight SR x 3

Class Slate: Monk SR x 2

Class Slate: Sage SR x 3

Class Slate: Beast Master R x 3

Class Slate: Paladin SR x 2

Class Slate: Archer R x 3

Class Slate: Thief R x 4

Class Slate: Blacksmith R x 4

Class Slate: Assassin SR x 2

Class Slate: Great Magician SR x 2

Class Slate: Explorer R x 2

I felt fulfilled… and I also managed to get 13 SSRs.

[Unique Skill] Barrier SSR

[With you as the centre, creates a barrier with a 2 meter radius.]

After appraising it, it appeared that the barrier had 5 times the durability of my Defense and Magic Defense stats combined. However, it couldn’t protect me from any close-range attacks.

‘So it’s not completely flawless huh…’

[Unique Skill] Ultra Recovery SSR

Heals any damage done to the body with ultra speed.

Even if you lose 90% of your body, you’re still able to completely recover.

‘So I should try not to lose more than 90% huh… Still under normal circumstances, losing 90% would mean instant death. Seems like a really handy ability!’

[Unique Skill] Herculean Strength SSR

[Increases you Strength and Defense stats by 5 times.]

‘Aren’t I basically cheating at this point?’

[Unique Skill] God Eyes SSR

[Allows you to see into the past and future. However you can only see a short span of time.]

‘If only I had gotten this earlier, I wouldn’t have had any money problems.”

In the Class Slate corner, “Demon King” came out.

‘That’s a disturbing one. Is it really gonna be safe?’

And with this, my gacha life came to an end.



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