I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 13

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Kris

June’s Pay day [Part 1]

It happened unexpectedly. I had developed the habit of checking on the gacha regularly, however, one day around the end of June, I noticed that there was a piece of paper stuck on gacha.

<Thank you for using our services. We apologise but we will be removing the gacha on the 30th of June at 12:00 PM>

…I had already known from the start that it would be removed one day, but when I had to face the truth, it really was hard to believe.

However, I managed to strengthen my will and decided what I would do. I would get a loan. I had avoided it up until now, but if I didn’t do it now, I’d probably regret it!

I immediately got to handling all of the paperworks needed. In order to get the money as fast as possible, I opted for a consumer credit. The interest was pretty high, but I didn’t have the time to worry about that!

After loaning money from 2 companies, I managed to get 1,000,000 YEN!  

Tomorrow would be the last day of June, so while holding my last paycheck, as well as the loaned money, I had a total of 1,140,000 YEN. I headed for the gacha.

I also took a day off from work because spinning the gacha so many times would probably take a while.

June 30th.

The day that would mark the end of the gacha. On that day, I went to the gacha first thing in the morning.

Approximately 10 months…

Thinking how today would be the last time I could spin the gacha got me a bit emotional.

I started off by first inserting all of my paycheck. The capsules that came out were…

Fire Magic (I) R

Dark Magic (I) R

Summoning Magic (I) R

Magic Aptitude (I) R

Detection (I) R

Strength Increase (I) R

Imitation (I) SR

Thought Acceleration (I) SR

Divine Protection (I) SR

Precise Repair (I) R

Class Slate: Explorer R

Class Slate: Great Sage SSR

Class Slate: Beast Master R

Class Slate: Priest R

“Ohhh. Great Sage came out!”  

‘I’m also glad that I managed to get “Divine Protection” as well’

I immediately ate “Divine Protection” and continued with the rest of my money!

However… even after spinning for 80 times, not a single SSR skill came out…

Getting depressed at my luck, I continued spinning. On the 88th spin, I widened my eyes!

Goddess’s Blessing SSR

[Increases the Luck stat by a 100 times]

“Ahhhh!!!” A loud scream came out of my mouth.

I finally got the SSR that I wanted, but…

“I wish I’d gotten it earlier!”

I only had 12 chances left.

‘If it had appeared around the first pulls, it would’ve been great…’

 Still getting depressed over it wouldn’t change things, so I got my grip and ate the “Goddess’s Blessing”. After which, I continued with my last 12 pulls.

Out of those 12, a single SSR came out.

Complete State Immunity SSR

[Your body gains complete resistance to any kind of state, including diseases, etc.]

‘It seems that the effect of Goddess’s Blessing really was huge. If only it had appeared earlier…’

In the end, this was the summary of all of the capsules I pulled.

Goddess’s Blessing SSR

Complete State Immunity SSR

Fire Magic (I) R x 2

Wind Magic (I) R

Earth Magic (I) R x 2

Water Magic (I) R x 2

Lightning Magic (I) R x 3

Light Magic (I) R x 2

Dark Magic (I) R x 4

Healing Magic (I) R x 2

Strengthening Magic (I) R x 2

Summoning Magic (I) R x 2

Magic Aptitude (I) R x 3

Physical Resistance (I) R

Magic Resistance (I) R x 2

Strength Increase (I) R x 2

Clairvoyance (I) SR

Appraisal (I) R x 2

Agility (I) R

SP Increase (I) SR x 2

Mind Defense (I) R x 3

Growth Speed (I) SR x 2

Stealth (I) R x 2

Coercion (I) R

Divine Protection (I) SR x 3

Precise Repair (I) R x 2

Cold and Heat Resistance (I) R

Hostility Detection (I) R x 4

Telepathy (I) R x 3

Imitation (I) SR x 2

Class Slate: Knight R x 3

Class Slate: Magician R x 4

Class Slate: Priest R x 2

Class Slate: Fighter R x 4

Class Slate: Hunter R x 2

Class Slate: Magic Knight SR

Class Slate: Monk SR x 2

Class Slate: Sage SR

Class Slate: Beast Master R x 3

Class Slate: Paladin SR x 2

Class Slate: Archer R x 3

Class Slate: Thief R x 2

Class Slate: Blacksmith R x 2

Class Slate: Alchemist SSR

Class Slate: Assassin SR

Class Slate: Great Magician SR x 2

Class Slate: Explorer R x 3

With this, I had completely inserted all my money and could do nothing else, but just stand there in a daze.



  1. That was a great idea! Getting a loan to get as many skills and class slates!
    I still wonder how he is going to use the class slates and how many are there by now?
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. In chapter 15 there will be a list of all the Class Slates gathered up until now, so look forward to that 🙂

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