I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-life Gacha Chapter 12

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Kris

May 29th

When May came along, I decided to use my skills and go on a world wide trip. With teleportation, I was able to visit 2-3 countries on my days off.

Because I had never had the necessary money, this was my first ever overseas trip.

I was even able to fly across the sky of every country I visited. I hadn’t noticed until recently, but if I use “Stealth” while flying, I never got noticed!

I was able to visit a lot of tourist spots like the Statue of Liberty in America and the Pyramids in Egypt. I was moved by all of the sights that I had only seen in pictures or TV.

Even so, I didn’t slack off at work. In the end, I was still able to save up to 140,000 YEN, which I used to spin the gacha 14 times.

The capsules that came out were…

Water Magic (I) R

Earth Magic (I) R

Lightning Magic (I) R

Healing Magic (I) R

Magic Resistance (I) R

Physical Resistance (I) R

Detection (I) R

Appraisal (I) R

Agility (I) R

Thought Acceleration (I) SR

Class Slate: Knight R

Class Slate: Fighter R

Class Slate: Monk SR

Class Slate: Hunter R

Looking at the infinitely increasing Class Slate replicas, to be honest, I really felt like all of them were useless. By now, I had already gathered numerous Knights and Magicians.

However, I was yet to realise exactly how important these Class Slates would turn out to be in the future.

After eating everything, my status changed to this!

Classless Lv1

HP 44/44

MP ∞/∞

Strength 21

Defense 14  15

Magic Defense 24

Agility 16.5 → 17.6

Dexterity 16.9

Wisdom 23.4

Luck 25.2

[Unique Skills]

Space and Time Manipulation

Infinite Magic Power

Gravity Manipulation

[Skills]                                                                              [Magic]

Appraisal (IV)                                                             Wind Magic (V)

Detection (VII)                                                         Earth Magic (VII)

Strength Increase (V)                                                Fire Magic (V)

Clairvoyance (IV)                                                   Light Magic (III)

SP Increase (III)                                                 Summoning Magic (III)

Cold and Heat Resistance (IV)                            Lightning Magic (V)

Physical Resistance (V)                                        Water Magic (V)

Magic Resistance (VI)                                         Dark Magic (III)

Magic Aptitude (V)                                      Strengthening Magic (IV)

Growth Speed (III)                                             Healing Magic (III)

Stealth (IV)

Agility Increase (VI)

Precise Repair (III)

Coercion (III)

Thought Acceleration (III)

Telepathy (III)

Hostility Detection (III)

Imitation (I)

Mind Defense (II)

Divine Protection (II)

After June, my destiny changed…



  1. ok i do believe that this novel has some good points, but its also getting boring in each chapter more or less the same setting. as a advice, you should use bold letters in all the variations that the mc has, and not just skill. that way one can see his grow
    hope to get soon to action

  2. Thanks for the chapter…

    Also from that last line looks like the preparation stage will end, and the real story will finally start. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  3. [However, I was yet to realise exactly how important these Class Slates would turn out to be in the future.]
    Hmm, will he be able to grant others access to skills or something like that?
    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. it’s been like this for a while so next chapter I better see something i don’t even care if he kills a monster and gets a harem I just want something to happen next chapter

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